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Is Morrow Audio gone?
@desktopguy I almost wish they were gone. At least once a week I get an Audiogon ad for Morrow cables, which is annoying. at the bottom of the email that you get from Morrow Audio there is a that and you wont get any more ... 
Is Morrow Audio gone?
 That makes me wonder if they've gone out of business? Or are they simply upgrading all their lines and putting everything current on clearancemaybe one should do a little research before assuming that the company is going out of business. 
Main vs. sub panel for dedicated lines
here is some reading  Dedicated Lines - Sub panel or no? | Audiogon Discussion Forum  
Flotsam & Jetsam
Probably not many posts on this! little to heavy for me......but you like them and that is all that matters.   I am sure there is stuff I listen to that you dont care for.enjoy..... 
Is D for Dry? Class D...
Class D sounds dry and lifeless... thats all, carry on just because you didnt like the sound of the class d amp in this setup, doesnt mean that class d doesnt work in another setup.   i have used class d amps a few times and one time it sounded... 
B&W Nautilus 802 woofer cuts out
or is the amps getting to hot and shutting down to protect itself ……as you did say mid to high volume ?what amps are you using? 
Seller ants my credit card info
" Seems strange a guy was selling a pair of Raidho D2 fairly good deal. Now he wants my credit card info and he’s not a dealer. I should be concerned?"would you just give anyone your credit card number ? if he is not a dealer that would raise a lo... 
Samsung flat screen TV’s
@jasonbourne52          Samsung and Sharp are not the same tv. 
Center Channel Speaker Conundrum
think you need to post this a few more times……as 4 wasn’t enough 
Streaming SiriusXM is awful
so lets try this again....since the mods deleted the first reply and will choose another word Sirius radio isnt known for its sound quality....its meant to give you an alternative to fm radio. you cant make chicken salad out of chicken crapthere ... 
Why is the USPS Kearny distribution so incompetent?
@stereo5 +1if one is going to complain ( like we can do anything about it ), then at least say why you think USPS sucks. 
Lightning and electronics and my Macbook Air
“Please keep in mind that in either case, they do NOT cover electronics, only major appliances and internal wiring. “and that is what i thankful it was just a laptop.   it could have been much worse. 
Lightning and electronics and my Macbook Air
“Power company is not going to cover anything. They have zero responsibility”if the power company offers protection then it depends on what protection. one purchased as it could meter based or individual surge protection.the meter based protection... 
Lightning and electronics and my Macbook Air
your whole house surge protection, is that covered by the power company? 
recommendations for virtual reality hrlmet or vr goggles
why not ask this question on a different forum ?     have you forgotten that this is a audio site ?