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Speaker cabels for dark sounding speakers?
What are you current speaker cables? You may try Chord Epic which are silver plated OFC if you want to explore cables. As you have figured out, room furnishing and set up can bring a massive difference. It's good that you moved the carpet and reso... 
Should I use long interconnects, or long speaker cables?
How long is long? 5 to 7m length speaker cables is still manageable. Some amp manufacturers such as Naim actually recommend to have longer speaker cables for optimum results (better sound).  
Integrated amp -- Pass Labs vs Luxman vs McIntosh
Third the Luxman L-590AXII. All good recommendations which include the top Hegel integrated and top Pass Labs. The Luxman will give its best if you use balanced connections (interconnects) and quality power cord. It’s quite sensitive to cabling an... 
Harbeth P3ESR vs the new XD
My dealer also said the original is better, and this include the C7ES3 and SHL5+. The XD version is more expensive but has a different sound. Only you can judge whether the sound is better by comparing both in the same room.  
Furutech GTX NCF receptical break in, how long
Right, I can’t believe I’m updating this thread. A little update. Just today I’m hearing a change with the system. The bass is hitting lower and sounds fuller with better definition and detail. More defined. Midrange and treble also sound fuller a... 
Luxman integrated for Harbeth Compact 7's
Oh yes. The Luxman Class A amps 550AXII and 590AXII are very good.   
Vandersteen 3A Sig vs Harbeth vs Spatial OB
Jjss49, Based on this thread on Vandersteen vs Harbeth, I thought the latter would suit the OP better if digital music and tweeter sound sharp. The overall consensus is the Harbeth is a superior speaker. The C7ES3 is one of the strongest favourite... 
Vandersteen 3A Sig vs Harbeth vs Spatial OB
I'd get the Harbeth C7ES3 and call it a day.  
$7000 preamp vs $700 receiver - Is the difference THAT significant?
Just to add, if the sound quality of the Mcintosh doesn't wow you too much, the high build quality will likely do. You will then realize you are getting your money's worth.  
$7000 preamp vs $700 receiver - Is the difference THAT significant?
I wanted to suggest something else from the likes of Pass Labs, Luxman, Accuphase etc. other than Mcintosh but after reading this remark of yours "I’d like... no, want... no, desire... to add "Blue Meters" to my setup. McIntosh haunts me. For doze... 
has anyone tried chinese cables?
It’s amazing that the power cord sold on Aliexpress costs less than $50 but from the looks and build quality it looks more like $500, or more. Haven’t really tried any since I already own some pretty costly cords in my main system but may be tempt... 
Pass Labs int 60 vs. Luxman 590 uX ii
Larseand, what a nice problem to have. Can’t listen to the amps in your system and asking us to pick one for you based on our experiences. Looking at the responses here, it appears that most only have experience with 1 amp and that’s the only amp ... 
Proud Harbeth p3esr owner - need help tweaking/troubleshooting
Obviously there are 2 camps here, more power/current amps, or flea-powered amps for the Harbeth. If one predominantly listens to mellow stuff or vocals such as Jennifer Warnes, a low powered amp would do fine. However, for music with a lot of dyna... 
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
Safeblayer, Mammothguy54 got it right. I used to be a cynic as well but there is a difference with different grade cords. The main difficulty is differentiating quality cords built by good honest companies from high priced voodoo cords.  
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
According to my dealer, the Furutech Nanoflux NCF which is the top of the line is the one to get. It’s very good. One of his customers initially bought 5 for his system and added 1 more after hearing the improvements that these cords brought to th...