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Digital Room Correction For Speakers
Any high end pre-pro (Marantz Onkyo, NAD Maaster, McIntosh, etc) equipped with Audyssey will work beautifully.    
Bookshelf speakers for near-field (desktop) use
These have a 10” square footprint (big for computer/desktop use) but they’re excellent coaxial near field monitors with good bass extension 
Bottle Rockets- Great unknown Band- Still Exist???
Great band.  Henneman was the guitar tech for Uncle Tupelo.  I call it the unknown nephew band, with Wilco and Son Volt being the better known spin offs from the Uncle.The first two records are flat-out great, it’s been good but spottier since. IM... 
One Only Please- Your Favorite Track from which album and Artist please
The Christians and The Pagansfrom the album “Mortal City”by Dar Williams 1996 
Bands with great second albums
I may have missed 'em, but two that I haven't seen:The Reivers "Translate Slowly" is an early alt-country  gem.  In my book, it remains at/near the top of the heap for that genre thirty years on.Graham Parker's "Heat Treatment" was a great R&B... 
Help for a Greenhorn: Devialet Phantom Reactor vs. KEF LS50 powered vs. Audio Pro Drumfire
If I were in your shoes, I’d also check out pro monitors. Focal, Genelec, and Adam (as well as many others) all make interesting options in your price range.   
Which band IS really America's Greatest (rock & roll band)?
Most of the better bands from before the British Invasion have been mentioned. The point here seems to be (I think) great performances, rather than great records....rock n roll energy. On that basis...The Feelies, The Bongos, Television, Talking H... 
Favorite musician(s)
I usually refer to ths as "playing in service to the song".  The opposite idea is wrapping a song around your playing.  Clapton is a good example of the former, Jimi (in my far from universal opinion) the latter.Some guys who shine for me in this ... 
A song murdered by someone.
My selection features a great voice/skilled singer who fully "180 degrees" missed the point of the song. The song is "Pretty Women", from Stephen Sondheim’s musical "Sweeney Todd".  It is about lust and the singer’s desire to kill and eat the girl... 
New speakers for my system
It sounds like you want to combine a digital x-over to a subwoofer with a minimalist signal path. You might consider any loudspeaker using this full range driver 
Best Songs To Sing In The Car To Embarrass Your Kids
“Walk on the Wild Side” should do the trick  
What makes a speaker sound great at low volume?
IME, active, near field, studio monitors are probably the best bet.  Get the x-over ahead of the power amps and you’re most of the way home.  The best examples are quite expensive, but even many of the modestly priced units are very good at lower ... 
Danny Kirwan has passed away
Terrific songwriter and guitar player.  In some ways, he was the most influential member of Fleetwood Mac, they really broadened their approach from straight up blues when he joined for Then Play On.  Mick Fleetwood credits him for introducing har... 
A little confused on how to properly integrate my sub
I hadn't ever considered it, but Lewinski's idea strikes me as potentially very cost effective.  If I understand the proposal correctly, you'd only need to add the DAC and a multi channel power amp of your choice.  However, the one caveat here is ... 
A little confused on how to properly integrate my sub
If you’re concerned about the amp section of an AVR, go for a modest Pre-pro and a stereo power amp of your choice/budget.IIRC, NAD makes a higher end integrated with these features that’s pretty costly. DEQX and Lyngdorf make excellent products, ...