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Magnepan MMG........amazing
IMO, MMGs and the low end Rega RB tone arm variations are probably the great values in high end (a hobby not necessarily known for great values).   
Quote of the century.....
My choice for quote of the (last) century concerned amplifiers:"These go o 11" 
Interview with Ian Anderson-Jethro Tull- Early Tull on Vinyl
Thanks.  Good read 
Vinyl noob needs help with cartridge
If you're using the Audible Illusions preamp phono section, you're pretty much locked into an MM.  I happen to like it a lot (I had one for years), but it is (or, at least, was) optimized for MM/MI without the flexibility to adjust capacitance or ... 
I think I've Just Seen Absolute Proof That Audiophiles Are Insanely Gullible
Well...You will get some added value if you also use it as the pepper mill that it appears to have been in its previous life. If a nice selection of peppercorns is included in the purchase price, you’d have to view this offer in a different light.... 
Your favorite BEACH BOYS LP besides PET SOUNDS
After only Chuck Berry, Brian Wilson is my second choice for "Most Influential Artist (Rock n Roll Division)".  At the end of the day, "Smile" seems (to me) to offer the greatest insight into Brian Wilson's creative process.   On that basis, it's ... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Elvis,Are you referring to Joe Tex's"You've Got What it Takes (To Take What I've Got)?"That song was my first dance with my wife.  Obviously a special lyric for me. 
Another musician has died
I just saw that.  Sad.. Great band, cool guy. 
What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?
The "hookers and Coke" line was a reference to a recent Fox News attempt to play up the Lotto fantasy during a live interview.  You might want to "Google Fox News lotto interview hookers and Coke" if you get a second.   It's hilarious. 
What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?
Hookers and coke. 
$15,000 Speaker Does Not List Freq Response Specs
Fmalitz,Thanks for the post. I have no idea how good this speaker is or isn't, but you do have to love the ambition behind the design.  Best of luck with the venture! 
I am really disappointed with the hip-hop enthusiasts on Audiogon
Now that this post has taught me that Blowfly (undoubtedly insightfully) covered Otis wth "Shitting on The Dock of the Bay", I'm even more intrigued.As to Grandfather/Godfather of hip hop, I'm not sure what that means.  Gil Scott-Heron and/or Joe ... 
How can it be that some old recordings sound sublime?
The point of the whole thing was different, too.  Getting a good reproduction of what was being played used to be a priority.  Getting the listeners' attention in a crowd seems to be more important now.  Different equipment, different approach, di... 
I am sick of Adele
The debate about who is the "better singer" brings to mind a relevant IMO story.Take the example of a great technical vocalist: Barbra Streisand.  She had a great voice,  NO DOUBT,  but IMO she could also miss the point of a song like few others. ... 
When I have seen people listing their systems lately
Fliz16/44.1 is not literally perfect. It may be good enough (or even overkill) for the intended purpose (human listeners), but it's still an approximation of the signal. No analog or digital reproduction can claim to be "literally perfect".Had you...