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Bill Chinook / Bruce Springsteen
My issue with Springsteen, in general (and his politics in particular) is that IMO his political awakening moved him radically away from his greatest musical strength. Those songs on the first three records, with their stories of triumph over long... 
Top Five rock Bass players
Props to Steve Chamb for the call on Jah Wobble.  He had an amazing run back there in his day.  I haven't cued up one of his records in forever, but that changes today! 
Songs that have stood the test of time.
Speaking further of Dave Mason, he's out touring right now (with Bekka Bramlett, daughter of Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett).  I love Mason's guitar playing and I've got tix for his local show here in the SF Valley on December third. 
Top Five rock Bass players
Add John McVie, Rick Grech and Jack Bruce (Bluesbreakers + Fleetwood Mac, Blind Faith and Cream, respectively).  If you're looking for guys talented with string instruments, IMO it's always a good idea to start with the Bluesbreakers. 
Top 5 Highly recommend Bluetooth Speaker under $50 (All 5 stars)
These may not be the speakers of choice for critical listening sessions, but I use them for quick guitar practice sessions. I stream some backing tracks from my phone when I have a few minutes and it’s a great way to be up and running in 15 seconds. 
Songs that have stood the test of time.
If the test here is that the song invites reinterpretation, I'll nominate two from Todd Rundgren.  I love both songs and both reward a great voice:Pretending to CareLove is the AnswerBoth have been covered to great effect many times - but Love sti... 
Wilson Audio. Gray market?
Without comment on whether this is a good deal, I agree with rlawry that Wilson would have a tough time denying warranty service on this basis.  Grey Market warranty issues are real with some imported goods where warranty service is provided by a ... 
Tell Us about an Album That Took a Long Time to Grow on You
Three that jump to mind:"The Good Earth" by The Feelies. It was a very different application of a similar musical idea to the one that underpinned "Crazy Rhythms", the prior (debut) record from that band. At first, I just didn’t hear that or "get"... 
Who is the best singer of the world ?
At the moment, I'll nominate Jackie Evancho.  Ever?  That's a tough one.  
Can someone recommend a few Joni Michell albums?
One idea is to start at the beginning - Song to a Seagull.  Just Joni and her guitar.  Unfortunately, it's poorly recorded, but - in many ways - it's the most essential record she's made.  Blue, Hejira and Court, and Spark are all great, too. 
Townes Van Zandt Road Trip
Have you watched the great biopic about him (sorry, I’m blanking on the title)?   I’m sure you could get some ideas there. 
List of musicians changed career with better success...
The "better" or "worse" thing is not going to get anyone anywhere, so I'll go with both "different and interesting" after a change in bands.Karl Wallinger made very different music after leaving The Waterboys to found World Party.Jeff Tweedy did s... 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
I'll addRichard Thompson's "Two Letter Words". Great set, great performance. 
A thin and elegant system?
You could probably build a nice $6k system around the Essence electro stats ($3400ish pair) plus a sub, with modest electronics and source components.  The speaker is 4' tall by 5" deep and wide and produces excellent sound, tho little bottom end. 
Long lost songs
2channel8You're a stud!  I was 100% certain that I'd never find anything by Froom (or even any info about him).  Also, I hadn't heard of music stack til this thread.  I just ordered it.  Thanks so much for posting.