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Fat, tight Jazz: Trombone Shorty
Long-time fan here.  I took my wife to a Shorty show several years ago and she became a big fan.  The, she converted a bunch of her friends.  So....When Shorty came to SoCal a couple of years back, and did a show at Pepperdine University (not too ... 
Did Pomona Ever Have Heart?
Whatever the lyric, it’s a question that’s certainly appropos to Audiogon - Pomona is east of/at the eastern end of So Cal’s "Inland Empire". It’s a dense suburban mesh of towns that feature (among other things) a large Asian (and Chinese, in part... 
Wireless speakers for a second room?
On Sonos you can take an analog out from your preamp and run it into a Sonos zone, as you desire.   You'd need a second zone for wireless transmission of that signal.   Not 100% sure about Bluesound. 
Wireless speakers for a second room?
Bluesound or Sonos will work.  The former is a bit pricier, but features (purportedly) better SQ. 
Best divorce album?
Not an album, but the song "Come" from Fleetwood Mac "Say You Will" is a pretty good split-up lyric:"Think of me every time you don't come". 
What are the best speakers for 80's hard rock?
Atma,This was a million miles from a controlled A-B; different systems, different rooms, different source material - tho each has been auditioned on multiple ocassions.  However, the two speaker systems sounded consistent in character over time de... 
What are the best speakers for 80's hard rock?
To clarify,In my example contrasting MBL vs Soundlab, it was not my intention to suggest that Soundlab would fo a poor job with Van Halen.   It WAS my intention to suggest that the big MBLs would do a better job (at least to my taste).  The delta ... 
What are the best speakers for 80's hard rock?
Conceptually, it's hard to argue with Atmasphere.  As a practical matter, I completely disagree with his point.  At a given budget, I'd almost certainly choose different speakers were my listening preference 100% chamber music as opposed to 100% V... 
Do you admit that you ever enjoyed listening to:
Hey, his name is Dash Crofts and I'll listen to anything by a guy called "Dash".  Besides, Summer Breeze was a great (ok, lightweight, but still great) track. 
Is this a disgrace to the Industry ?
I think that's what they call a "lifestyle product". Nothing in particular to do with the audio industry, so "no harm, no foul", in my book.  Plus, the dancing chick is kinda hot. 
Same song different artist. Which ones do you love? LP
Slaw's mention of Alejandro Escovedo brings another cool one to mind - his cover of Mott the Hoople's "All The Young Dude's".  I'm not sure that he's ever recorded it, but he sometimes ends his live show with an audience sing along version of the ... 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
Without comment on the accuracy of the graphs supplied here...I’ve measured my Ohm 100s with several software packages (including, among others, the custom designed, high-Rez Studio Wizzard package and Audyssey pro). I have never seen anything lik... 
New in 2017
New Feelies?  Wow - I am officially excited.  I thought they had hung it up, but....Looks like they're sticking to their long-held regimen of one new release every five years.  
MBL 101E MKII tweeter attenuation
Ron,You might want to hold off on decisions re: EQ until you've heard the speakers in your listening space.  Few speakers that I've heard sound as radically different in different rooms as do the 101s.  It's not merely room interactions, but the s... 
New in 2017
The Fleetwood Mac record is now a Buckingham/McVie record.  No Stevie Nicks.  I'm think I'll prefer this line-up (and record) to one that included Nicks.  I do wonder if they'll tour behind this album and, if so, with what line-up and under what n...