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Do you admit that you ever enjoyed listening to:
Hey, his name is Dash Crofts and I'll listen to anything by a guy called "Dash".  Besides, Summer Breeze was a great (ok, lightweight, but still great) track. 
Is this a disgrace to the Industry ?
I think that's what they call a "lifestyle product". Nothing in particular to do with the audio industry, so "no harm, no foul", in my book.  Plus, the dancing chick is kinda hot. 
Same song different artist. Which ones do you love? LP
Slaw's mention of Alejandro Escovedo brings another cool one to mind - his cover of Mott the Hoople's "All The Young Dude's".  I'm not sure that he's ever recorded it, but he sometimes ends his live show with an audience sing along version of the ... 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
Without comment on the accuracy of the graphs supplied here...I’ve measured my Ohm 100s with several software packages (including, among others, the custom designed, high-Rez Studio Wizzard package and Audyssey pro). I have never seen anything lik... 
New in 2017
New Feelies?  Wow - I am officially excited.  I thought they had hung it up, but....Looks like they're sticking to their long-held regimen of one new release every five years.  
MBL 101E MKII tweeter attenuation
Ron,You might want to hold off on decisions re: EQ until you've heard the speakers in your listening space.  Few speakers that I've heard sound as radically different in different rooms as do the 101s.  It's not merely room interactions, but the s... 
New in 2017
The Fleetwood Mac record is now a Buckingham/McVie record.  No Stevie Nicks.  I'm think I'll prefer this line-up (and record) to one that included Nicks.  I do wonder if they'll tour behind this album and, if so, with what line-up and under what n... 
Rythmik subwoofers?
I've had a pair of 12" Rythmik son bs in my main system for +/- 10 years now.  These are very good subwoofers.  There may be many other very good choices out there, but the Rythmiks are certainly among them. 
Same song different artist. Which ones do you love? LP
I probably should have mentioned "You Got What it Takes (to Take What I Got)" by Joe Tex, later covered as a duet by Marti Jones and her husband, Don Dixon. My wife and I used the latter version as our first dance.The Feelies used to end their liv... 
Same song different artist. Which ones do you love? LP
The first one that always comes to mind:"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Dylan and the cover by Warren Zevon (done as he knew he was losing his battle with cancer).  The latter is almost painfully poignant.I also have a weak spot for "Oops, I Did it... 
New in 2017
I lived on 8th St between Broadway and Mercer. The Bottom Line was at 4th and Mercer. They usually has two shows a night, the latter was doors open at ten, music at +/-10:30. I was single and working in investment banking at the time and my work d... 
New in 2017
BDP,Actually,. I agree with you across the board - Bring the Family, Stolen Moments, and Slow Turning was an astounding triple header from  Hiatt.  PPG wasn't quite in the same league.  However....That PPG tour was just a startling live show.  Sti... 
New in 2017
Bdp,IIRC, Sheryl Crow opened for John Hiatt on the Pefectly Good Guitar tour. I saw the show at Irving Plaza in NYC. I, too, hadn’t heard of Crow and, when she took the stage, I laughed at this little lady who was barely visible behind a big dread... 
New in 2017
A new one from Fleetwood Mac is scheduled for this year.  First Mac studio album with Buckingham, Nicks, and Christine McVie since Tango In The Night (1987). 
(Fun music)
Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves) is the first song that comes to mind.