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DYI upgrading B&W N805 to Diamond 805?
When I pulled the factory caps and resistors out of my N805 speakers, they matched exactly with the values from the manual. 
DYI upgrading B&W N805 to Diamond 805?
Alex,  I provided a link in my above post to get the manual for the N805 which shows the cap and resistor values. Here is a copy from the page:    1) LF CrossoverR1 5R6     11W   Ceramic Wirewound    BENNIC ResistorC1 6u8    250V  Polypropy... 
DYI upgrading B&W N805 to Diamond 805?
The Mills MRA are the best "bang for the buck" resistor for a crossover. The Claritycap MR series are also excellent and will far outperform the ICW polypros that B&W put in there. What's interesting is ICW makes the Claritycap line.   The cur... 
DYI upgrading B&W N805 to Diamond 805?
I have a pair of N805 in a second system that I recently replaced the caps and resistors only in the crossovers( There are two crossover boards in each speaker, one for the mids and tweeters and one for the woofer). Huge improvement! I didn't touc... 
Dunlavy crossover upgrade? Who is the best to do this?
Here’s a review from a member who modified his Dunlavy speakers using expensive Duelund caps and resistors: 
Acoustic Zen Crescendo speaker crossover capacitors ... who makes them?
I spoke with Robert Lee at Acoustic Zen recently because as I was attempting to extract the crossover boards out of my speakers(Adagio), there was so much hot glue under the boards that I damaged the boards to where they were no longer functional.... 
How can I punish this Chinese audio dealer
Yes, if Chinese dealer isn't responding, get Paypal to intervene.   Note: Not all Chinese dealers are bad. I bought a defective Psvane tube from a Chinese dealer and he told me to return defective tube. Once he received tube he would send new tube... 
Acoustic Zen -- Tsunami II OR Tsunami Plus
Alycat,    Try it on both and see where it sounds best. I'm assuming it has been previously used so I would give it a few days on each component listening to familiar music. Have fun! 
How about a list of speakers that are time and phase coherent? Thiels and what else?
I think that Reference 3A speakers are time and phase aligned. 
Anyone listen to the new Audio Horizons VRX preamp?
As far as I know, Joseph Chow is a one-man show. His marketing man, Victor Comerchero, passed away back in 2014, so I don't think Joseph has replaced him yet. Joseph told me his primary business lately has been tuner mods and upgrades as well as u... 
Anyone listen to the new Audio Horizons VRX preamp?
Yes, I still own his original TP 2.0 preamp, but I have modified it somewhat to make it sound much better. 
How Is MQA Fareing?
Here's another man's opinion. Note: Very long 
Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?
UPOCC copper cables from Audio Envy in Colorado. 
Clarity Cap CMR Impressions
Actually, the Audyn TC goes up to 4.7uf. I have a pair I'm going to put in my Reference 3A Dulcet. I already have a 3.3uf TC Max in my Ref 3a Master Control and it sounds very good. The sound is very balanced from top to bottom so I'm not going to... 
Clarity Cap CMR Impressions
Has anyone compared an Audyn True Copper cap to a Claritycap CMR in a tweeter crossover ? I would like to know what differences you heard after break-in of each cap in that location.