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Personal amp evolution
I posted in Nov 2017 how I picked up the Ayre VX-5 Twenty but I sold it the following July, so it didn't really work for me.  I then picked up a Magnus Audio MA-400, which has worked well with my current setup.  I'm in the process of selling my sp... 
Balanced Preamp recommendations up to $5,500
I'm replacing a Rogue 99 Super Magnum with the RP-7.  I am really happy w/the sound using an Ayre VX5-Twenty and looking forward to the balanced configuration. 
Personal amp evolution
I see this thread hasn't quite died out, so I'll add another update.  I enjoyed the rebuilt GAS for a good four years but in addition to simply wanting more volume, I wanted better speakers too, so I once again picked up another Ayre, the VX-5 Twe... 
Advice on what preamp to select.
As for a TT in your price range, I would suggest looking at an idler drive.An audio bud just picked up a Lenco and is thrilled with its performance, which doesn't happen too often.I was looking at some a few years ago but got a stupid good local d... 
Review: Luminous Audio Axiom Preamplifier
Hi baddog,I don't frequent the site nearly as often as I have in the past, hence the delay in responding.  The Aleph P is a great preamp, so you can't go wrong with it but it is on the warmer side of neutral.  The passive is neutral, so it all dep... 
Personal amp evolution
I'd like to say a few words about my latest amp, as it is somewhat off the beaten path. This summer I picked up a vintage GAS Son of Ampzilla. Part of the decision to go with this unit was that Mike Bettinger, who runs GAS Audio, is located nearby... 
What's the best buy for 2nd hand at 200 USD?
Where are you located? Several people I know locally have decent tables in your price range but prob. won't ship. 
How to add second receptacle to the same line?
In all seriousness, call the electrician. In the end it's easier than trying to explain to the insurance company how your house burned down. 
DIY subwoofer cable, RCA, 30 feet long?
DH Labs DIY bulk cable (Sub-Sonic) made for subwoofers. I made a set & the copper braid is very thick. I combed it out & soldered on both sides of a Cardas RCA. It made a nice improvement.Audioquest makes a sub cable w/a ground conductor y... 
Anybody find themselves revisiting old threads?
I was trying to make a Hendrix reference!Looked at the "what time do you wear" thread a few days ago-wow, along w/the "personal amp evolution" thread, are never ending! 
Anybody find themselves revisiting old threads?
Hey Joe, you shot my thread down.Gee, the way I remember, it only seems like a few days ago. 
Virginia Music Collectors Show, more ...
That's the one right next to the bypass, eh? Thanks for the info! 
Review: Ayre Acoustics V-3 Amplifier
I just now saw you made a comment & will follow-up saying that I did move up the line & purchased a V-5x and followed that w/a V-1xe. I decided to downsize my system & the first thing I sold was the V-1xe. Since I remembered how good t... 
The issue of lowballing... What does that mean?
+1 on the anger management.Congratulations on retiring early. Don't waste it being mad at the world. 
Anybody find themselves revisiting old threads?
Oh, now I get it! (I think) re: DopogueI know I've said (written) things that are incorrect & possibly caustic. Definitely over on AA-not so much here.The good thing is I'm not PC & won't ever be.