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Focal Headphones with Linear Tube Audio
Not sure if this thread is dead or the OP found something, but Elear + MZ2 is my setup. It's fantastic. Very dynamic, extended, involving. I also own a Violectric V200, a highly regarded SS amp, and I prefer the MZ2. I've also heard my Elears with... 
Mogami speaker cables?
I'll just say, my observation is that Mogami wire is fairly cheap to get online from many dealers. Unless this seller is cryo treating or doing something special, he is over priced, IMO. I bought Mogami interconnects by a professional recording co... 
REVIEW: Meng Yayi KT88 Monoblocks
Thanks for a very nice post and refreshingly honest review. A little "oh well!" attitude was also refreshing to read. Thank you very much, wish more posts were this unpretentious. Good luck with the rest of your amps... until there are no more lef... 
Upgrade from Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE
You could keep the pre and go tube amps, assuming they're SS now. I really enjoy this pre and for me, I would side on upgrading around it. I run W4S amps as well, and while I do enjoy the combo, I feel that good tube amp + the STP-SE could be magi... 
Comparions? CEC TL51XR versus Ayre CX-7e
Just stumbled upon this. I was hoping to replace my CEC with the Ayre as my 'last cd player ever' type scenario. Floored when the CEC won for me. The Ayre was flat and unengaging. Bass via the Ayre (supposedly a strong suit) was not as low or conv... 
Onda Cables? Yes
09-05-12: Snofun3Yawn......Snofun3 (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)+1 
Selling dispute. Please comment.
It's been well over a week since this thread got started. Has there not been resolution by now? 
Balanced preamp with HT pass-thru needed $2K
Post your impressions of it. Give it some break in time 
Zu Omen Defs vs Tekton Pendragons
Holley, thanks for the thorough write up. I have been interested in Zu stuff for a while. To be clear, you ran the Zu's with the W4S SX-500 mono's? 
Balanced preamp with HT pass-thru needed $2K
Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE. New for $2k. Excellent pre. 
Speaker Placement Issue/Thoughts
Hi Peterayer,Using strong tape to attach the yarn to the floor along the centerline, I measure to the inside front and rear corners of each speaker and get each the same (ie front = front, rear = rear). This works twofold: for both distance and to... 
Speaker Placement Issue/Thoughts
My apologies -- "Peterayer". I misspelled your username. 
Speaker Placement Issue/Thoughts
Peternayer, I disagree with your assessment of the yarn measurement approach. I find I can actually get a more accurate measurement that way then with tape measure, laser pointer, etc. Once you have established your center line, the yarn method wo... 
Speaker Placement Issue/Thoughts
It's unfortunate the room setup seems compromised from the get go. But dialing in your speakers is the absolute first step before you do anything else. Once that is done and if you are still hearing anomalies, then you can address them. Good luck!... 
Ais Ophiopogon 3.1
Horchai, by your pictures I see you dissected one. What are your thoughts on using it? I just bought one on auction for $20. Hard to lose at that price. If all it does is control vibrations I'll be happy.