Spam Prevention

In the past few weeks the forums have been targeted by a ring of spambots. As frustrating as it was for our Forum users, know that it was equally as frustrating for us. We appreciate every user who reported Discussions or wrote into Support to alert us. We have implemented several safeguards along with real-time machine learning to monitor for fraudulent users. We are now able to be more efficient at banning spam accounts before they abuse the forums, and even preemptively ban associated accounts to mitigate any further nefarious attempts. The spam issue appears to be under control, but we will continue to monitor closely. Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for keeping this site from being over run by various things.
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Much appreciated. Thank you very much!
Thank you! It can't be fun for you to have to manage problems like this, but obviously many of us appreciate your efforts.
KUDOS(it's getting better)!
Thank you Tammy and the Admin crew!  
A spam free site is a good thing, indeed.

All the best,
Many thanks. There's been improvement each day on the forum.
Thanks, let's hope it lasts.
I actually found the counterfeit bills spam rather amusing.  
Thank you.  Well done. 
Thank you Tammy you guys are great!
Many thanks to the Mods.
Thanks so much
the Bombay physic predicted just that !!!!!!
and a new phono preamp...
Thank you Tammy +

We all appreciate your hard work!

Thanks Tammy

I know you didn’t relish all those mornings of cleaning out the spam.  Appreciate all your effort.

Thanks AG for your diligence in keeping your site as pure as possible. Interfering with the operations of legitimate sites by spammers or malicious parties is a threat to any person or business using the Internet. There are very cleaver operators out there who can find loopholes in just about any site. Sad.
Just a tidbit that may not help users of this site, in particular, but is very useful for general Internet use. However spammers gain use to personal info in a numbers of ways. A simple add on that I have found effective is Ublock Origin. It is an add on that I use with the Firefox browser but can be used with others.
Not a fail safe against spammers and the like but not a bad tool to use. More info......

Thank you Tammy! Thank you AudiogoN!
Thank goodness, job well done Admin team!
Thank You Admin Team!
Much appreicated, thanks ;-)
Oh no! No more "Keep wife happy in Bangalore"?
Uh Oh. Spam returned to the forum in a big way Sunday night.
I wonder if they found a workaround.

It’s back with a vengeance!