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Review: Audio Research Ref-3 Tube preamp
Common for aging preamps.  You can send it in to Audio Research and get fleeced or get an honest competent tech to check the tubes and B+.  If both channels wheeeeee and you swap the tubes from left to right channel and it stays the same then the ... 
Y No YG ?
Haileys are indeed very bright and current hungry. I have some luck pulling them all the way out and placing them at 72” from the front wall to get room-coupling bass out of them to neutralize the brightness. The conventional wisdom of trying to g... 
What was your first big eye opener with regard to audio? @blindjim no biting required. Listen without prejudice. 
What was your first big eye opener with regard to audio?
Getting a pair of Technics SB-C700 and comparing them with my YG Hailey and Avalon Eidolon Diamond. 
Primaluna or Rogers for YG Acoustics Carmels
I’ve owned Hailey for a while now.   Been using Stax 40w class A solid state and Tenor 70w OTL Monos with OK results as long as I don’t play Carmina Burana.  
I Recapped my Conrad Johnson PFR. Wow! Some of the best $$$ I've spent
Where are the manufacturers' fanboys today?  "No you shouldn't even open the cover yourself!"  "Only the manufacturer knows what's supposed to be done!"  "you are just altering the sound, that's heresy!" 
Speaker Thoughts - YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 vs Magico S5 MK II
I have a pair of Hailey 1.2s. They are not that easy to setup.Needs lots of current and room treatment otherwise they sound lean.The dispersion characteristics of the tweeter makes them very open but also exposes the problems with the room.Also ra... 
Replacement Amp For Audio Research Classic 60
D115... not just the bias which is outright dangerous to adjust due to lack of space.    The diff amp driver balance of the 6FQ7s takes a lot of patience to tweak whenever you swap small tubes.  2 meters eachwith fine clips required.   
Counterpoint SA-5000 with two monoblocks Threshold SA2e
The SP10 is a full tube preamp the FETs are used for the last-mile regulation of B+ for each triode. You wont have to match them as they are not in parallel. Whoever tells you otherwise just wants to fleece you bad. I recently bought a few of them... 
Counterpoint SA-5000 with two monoblocks Threshold SA2e
No longer available fromaudio research’s stock pile but still available everywhere on Mouser Digikey Newark and Allied.  “but it’s not Audio Research made to spec?!” Worshippers whine on.   
Anybody out there re-cantilever their cartridge with a Soundsmith Contact Line diamond ?
Audiogon has no shortage of naysayers who will defend “manufacturers’ original” against everything.  
2019 300B tubes that are worth the money?
Some tubes like a lower bias. Some tubes like a hotter bias. You owe it to yourself to experiment lowering and raising the bias from nominal by 10-20ma to see if it gets you the sound you like vs flushing money down the toilet. Those Psvane Sophia... 
Super tweeters, are they worthwile?
Roberjeman you are the kid who called out all the royalties’ new and old clothes here. All psycho-acoustics. Unless we are looking at Lowther or Diatone that measurably roll off at 8k supertweeters just give confidence to the listener. Most people... 
Looking for my first DAC
@ bob7296 dont sell the 9038Pro DAC   just change out the 8 "elna" 47uF lytics aound each OpAmp with film cap    It's just MKS2B051001N00JSSDWIMA Film CapacitorsUS HTS:8532250070 ECCN:EAR99 COOEREPLACING the 8 47uFcaps and the 2 10uF exiting reg... 
Looking for my first DAC
Generic Chinese 9038Pro DAC on eBay.  It follows the reference design spec'd by ESS Tech.  Easy to mod too.