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What should I expect moving from MM to MC?
You asked about the connection of an external phono preamp and just to clarify that point it would need to be connected to any other analog input except the phono input.  
Best Dedicated Streamer
I would agree with @newtoncr that you should consider or research the Wolf Audio Systems Alpha 3SX or Red Wolf.  I have had my Alpha 3SX for 3 years - Stereophile Class A.   
One turntable with two arms, or two turntables with one each - which would you prefer?
One turntable with two tonearms is what I currently use.  I absolutely agree with @ghdprentice on his comments about the need to invest in a quality phonostage.   
Am I Better Off With Limited Low Frequency Speaker In A Small Room?
Listened to the new model stand mounted Vienna Acoustic “Hayden” speakers last week in a dealers large room.  I was surprised at their performance as far as musicality and the range they projected.   I heard a previous Hayden model a few years ago... 
Moving Magnet & Moving Coil Cartridges Question...
There are two issues that need to be viewed within your question.  If you have a low output MC you can purchase a stand alone phono preamp that does all the required amplification and has the RIAA equalization curve.  In this case you do not use t... 
Best tutorial for cartridge setup
Fremer’s video is a good resource. IMHO you must set the Vertical Tracking Force (VTF) first.  This only needs to be “close” but as you go about the other initial adjustments you do not want a cartridge that tracks at 2 grams bearing 6 grams of we... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Grant Green - The Latin Bit    
Brillianze Acrylic cleaner.  Available on amazon.  Used by museums for thier plexiglass display covers.  I have used it on a fine microfiber cloth for years on my acrylic TT covers with excellent results.   
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@cleeds It is very possible since Jay purpose built his audio room (the construction was included earlier in this thread) that the power is already on dedicated lines and these observations are in addition to that situation…   
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@slaw Thank you sir…  Stan Getz  “Captain Marvel”  
Roon Core Server Player
I use a Wolf Audio Alpha 3 as both my Roon core and endpoint connected to my Gryphon DAC by USB.  Excellent performance and reliability.  Replaced a stand alone Roon core connected via ethernet to an Ayre QX-5/20 DAC.  Stereophile has published a ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Oscar Peterson & Nelson Riddle - Verve original pressing  
Network Acoustics ENO USB III -vs- Sablon Panatela Reserva 2020
I also use the Sablon 2020.  Replaced a WireWorld Platinum and Audience frontRow.  Very pleased with the presentation that this cable provides in my system (Wolf Audio Alpha3sx > Gryphon).   
What are the top 3 USB cables being used today in reference systems?
Sablon 2020 USB replaced a few in my system the were much more costly.   
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Awesome addition to the system.  Glad you have local support as you integrate the Kronos into your system.  This TT is capable of competing with your digital, but a few additional variables are now present.  Cartridge choice and setup will ultimat...