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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
I feel so old ’cuz I have never heard of most these bands. Nonetheless: Ben and Jason ... Emoticons The Tourists ... Reality Effect The Three O’Clock ... Arrive Without Travelling      
Joseph Audio Perspective2 vs Harbeth SHL5+
I have the Pulsars (non-Graphene), and can tell you that they are balanced up and down the entire sound spectrum. They are wide and deep in soundstaging, and their bass (without a subwoofer) is incredible, particularly for a standmount. I audition... 
Creem Magazine is Back!
If Boy Howdy returns, then I'm in.  
Marantz SA-KI Ruby vs Denon DCS-A110 Anniversary Edition
Here is my review of the DCD-A110, which I got a little over a week ago ... I hope it’s helpful: The Denon DCD-A110 Anniversary Edition is a terrific piece of gear. Yes, I know, the SACD/CD formats are purportedly dead and streaming is all the ra... 
Room treatments for a lively sounding room
Contact GIK Acoustics. They'll set you up right.  
Beautiful Music That Reduce You To Tears
Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell  
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Almost kicked the bucket from COVID this year, so treated myself to a brand new BAT VK-33 preamp to go with my BAT VK-225se power amp. An awesome combination that has expanded my enjoyment of music and has given me great joy during my convalescenc... 
Band Member Changes Over Time
The Beatles without the original Paul ... although "Faul" did an excellent job of it.  
Questions for Joseph Audio Pulsar (I or 2) owners about stands, and spikes/springs.
Pulsar (v1) ... use Soundanchors stands made for the speakers specifically. Heavier is preferable, and I like spikes on the bases.  
Is the Audio Ref-6SE worth 7K more than the BAT VK-80?
If you're looking at both purely from parts quality and quantity perspectives, then the BAT wins, hands down. As for sound, I find ARC to sound thin and sterile. I have a BAT VK-33 preamp mated to a BAT VK-225se power amp, and the combo sounds gre... 
Audiophile Fuses - Are We Certain They Provide Protection?
If one is going to start messing around with boutique fuses (which I don’t recommend), then don’t forget to adjust the flux capacitor resistor output so that the conditioned power intake is aligned properly with the faraday cage.😉  
Preamp recommendations for my system please
I have a BAT VK-33 (non-SE) and it is an amazing sounding, bullet proof pre-amp. Being a non-SE version, you can roll 6922 tubes to your heart's content.  
Joseph vs Legacy in 7K range?
As an owner of the JA Pulsars (v1), I can tell you that a sub is unnecessary with them in a small to medium sized room. In fact, I am considering selling my JL Audio e110 subwoofer because the bass of the Pulsars is plenty in my small room (10x9x8... 
Adding an ignore list feature to audiogon
What the OP proposes exists already ... just ignore the post you don't want to see. There's been enough systemic cancel culture ... A'Gon doesn't need a cancel button.  
Musical Fidelity
At one time I had a MF a3cr preamp, a300cr power amp, and Nu-Vista 3D CD player. I still have the Nu-Vista CD and it sounds great. Most MF gear, before the Tri-Vista and Kw lines, was really, really good, particularly since it was made in England....