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I agree with Keef
By self-sensoring, the Stones have let cancel culture win. How? Because the catalyst for the self-censorship IS the cancel culture. They’ve been playing the song for about 50 years, and all of a sudden they had an epiphany? Baloney! They caved due... 
Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus 804 vs 804s
I had N804s for a long time.  Light in the bass department, even when driven by 225 wpc. Metal dome tweeter became quite harsh over the years. Traded them in for JA Pulsars, and am very happy. 
MFSL Eagles Self-Titled
UPDATE ... as of today (9/2/21), the MoFi website states that the Eagles S/T is out of stock. Whew, that was quick. 
BAT VK-53se vs 43se
Have heard them both ... they both are excellent. However, I’d go with the 53se over the 43se because the 43se, being solid state, sounds a bit "dryer" to me than the tube-based 53se. Quite frankly, I would go with a VK-33 or an older VK-3i since ... 
MFSL Eagles Self-Titled
@tomic601 Glad you enjoyed the review. 
Should I trust movers with my equipment?
Absolutely NOT! 
Steely Dan Recordings: Best Versions of Each 1972-1980
The thing about Steely Dan is that most of their work is very well recorded. Those guys were manic about ensuring excellent recording quality. So, you really can't go wrong with most versions. 
What is wrong with my system?
B&W with Bryston is a very clinical and harsh combination. I would get a tube preamp (I love BAT), and would sell the B&Ws to get speakers with a soft-dome tweeter. I sold my B&W N804s a few years back, got speakers with a soft-dome tw... 
Best tube preamplifier for under $15k
BAT VK-33 ... 6922 based and you can tube roll to your heart's desire. Wonderful sound, built like a tank, reliable, and won't break the bank. 
So damn hard deciding which tube preamp to buy!
Buy a BAT and be happy. 
Sonics? All Things Must Pass -50th Anniversary
The vocals are dry, and the album sounds smaller due to an attempt at "de-Spectorization." I don't like the remix at all. 
All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary sets due to be announced tomorrow
I've heard the remix and find there to be a heavy emphasis on bass with the vocals sounding very dry. To me, it appears that Dhani has attempted to "modernize" the sound instead of tastefully improving it. I'll stick with the 2014 remaster as my "... 
New to Music Fidelity A308 A couple of questions
Perhaps a ground loop hum. 
Manley Amp is humming - troubleshoot :(
Could it be a ground loop hum? 
New to Music Fidelity A308 A couple of questions
As far as I can tell, the connection should be CD output into DAC input ... then DAC output into preamp input.