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Acoustically Treating a Bomb Shelter
Thread title reminded me of a song on Donald Fagen’s album The Nightfly. If anyone has this album check out the lyrics to the song "New Frontier". Romance in a fallout shelter plus Spandex jackets for everyone.  
Audiophilia: Is it the pursuit of audio excellence or just a desire to tinker.
Tinkering is kind of fun but I don't have the electrical knowledge or experience to do it seriously.  
CEC CD Transports on eBay: Are they fake?
I must add, I've owned a CEC transport* for years and have had no problems. * legally imported  
CEC CD Transports on eBay: Are they fake?
1. No warranty 2. Wrong voltage 3. No service USA  
XLR cables for a reasonable price?
What do you consider "reasonable"?  
Bricasti M3 vrs Meitner MA3
I’ve owned both DACs as well and preferred the Meitner in my system. A kinder gentler system could benefit from the Bricasti while an edgier or brighter system might go better with the Meitner. As always YMMV.  
Aesthetix Romulus, still competitive?
+1 jl35  
Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
The Audio Note UK transports are worth a look although a bit pricey. I would consider the TEAC but the limited number of digital outputs put a stop to that. I appreciate TEAC CD transport mechanisms. Good looking unit too and with more outputs I ... 
Meitner MA3 vs Bricasti M3?
ddafoe, Very interested in your opinion on the Weiss 205.  
Meitner MA3 vs Bricasti M3?
Right! This was in my system, in my room at a specific time. As always, everything is subject to change.  
Advice needed with Tube Power Amps
I would take a serious look the Qualiton P200 power amp or X200 integrated.  
Here’s an interesting CD transport story. I purchased a Wadia 270 transport in 1999. A year or two later I had it upgraded by Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. While he was in there he replaced the transport mechanism with a new transport fro... 
Hey hybrids, I could like those too (with a second mortgage on my house). I am using an Audio Note UK CDT2/II though and I like it just fine.  
Meitner MA3 vs Bricasti M3?
Well, to answer my own question, having owned them both. I prefer the Meitner MA3 slightly over the Bricasti M3 in my system. In another system my opinion could easily be reversed. To my ears the Meitner MA3 is just a touch more relaxed (warmer? w... 
How to prevent visitors from touching your system
Place axe next to stereo system with sign, "Hands Off Audio System".