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Sonnet Audio Morpheus
I appreciate your comments on this thread. I have never heard a Metrum DAC. For the last fives years or so I’ve been enjoying an Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse w/volume control and decided to try something new just for fun. So I purchased the Morpheus ... 
Anyone considering not buying Chinese products anymore?
Should we blame China as in, "look what the Chinese have done!"?Or should we blame ourselves? 
is it possible to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl
Mentioned this in a previous post.Weiss DAC 501 & 502.DSP - Vinyl Emulation Mode"Get that special sonic character of a record player based playback chain." 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
My answer to OP: I don’t care!They’re just reviews.It’s certainly no great revelation that there are expensive things in this world.Let’s move on. 
Do You Care About AESTHETICS? What Are Your Gear/Listening Room Preferences?...
Mid-century disheveled eclectic.Works for me. 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
"In the middle of a pandemic Stereophile reviews - $30K equipment."And so? 
is it possible to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl
Didn’t I read a recent review of a DAC that has a analog turntable filter? Was it the Weiss?Don’t know how it works or if it works.Probably need to develop a program to inject static, clicks and pops too, if anyone wanted them. 
Sonnet Audio Morpheus
Bought a Morpheus recently and I’m liking it. Might consider the Hermes when it becomes available. Would anyone recommend the MQA card? 
Renaming The Forum
Now let's paint a happy little cloud. 
What CD cleaner to use?
Another Shinola guy here.Been using it for years. 
CD Treatment
I occasionally use Shinola. It makes no claims other than being an effective cleaner.I believe it is now a Mofi product. 
Do expensive cables/wires REALLY make a difference
All I can say is: Sorry cwby 8115.Better luck next time. 
cec tl-5 oem usa version
When I purchased my CEC CDT the North American distributor was in Canada.I believe there is now a USA CEC distributor. 
Sonnet Audio Morpheus
Yes, that statement in the review intrigued me as well.Now of course I’m wondering about the timeline and price point of the "upper echelon" DAC. 
Who are your favorite A'gon posters?
Forget the beers, a chicken in every pot!