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Snort(of derision) 
Stereo Tube amp driving r/l Tweeters ?
Assuming the crossover sections can be separated: Are the amps identical? If not: I wouldn’t biamp with them. If so: Yes, to the Y connectors. Happy listening! 
Restrictions, behind the 8 ball.
First Post- what not to do
Don't make eight banalities your third post(BORING)! 
The truth about high end speakers MUST READ
I have no doubt, that’s the OP’s, "truth"(THEIR reality), based on THEIR viewpoint(Analopticalitis does exist, as a condition in some, often aggravated by fatalism). The majority seems to view things more clearly. 
tubes4hifi SP14 preamp and Psvane CV181 Tii tubes
Get plastic standoffs/spacers, to raise your top cover a bit. Any hardware store should have those, for pennies each, and the longer screws you’ll need. ie:     I... 
Help! Will lubricant affect spkr.cables?
Just another situational awareness test(flunked again). 
Carver, THE standard of excellence IMO
@davekay-  Ever heard of Bob Carver? 
Carver, THE standard of excellence IMO
Carver’s company, back in the late Seventies/early Eighties, attained variations of, ’PHLAME or FLAME Linear’, as it’s moniker, among the electronics repair community. That was the result of the frequency, with which they(400s and 700s) showed up ... 
How to replace hardwired stock power cord ?
Here's hoping you'll realize somewhat of an audible improvement, using that cord, in either gauge.    Far as AC plugs, Parts Connexion has a variety:  
How to replace hardwired stock power cord ?
I should have mentioned; observe where the existing cord's, "hot"(narrow) and, "neutral"(wider prong) conductors are connected, just to cover the bases.   
How to replace hardwired stock power cord ?
Soldering: Yes. Just follow the existing cord, to it’s connection points. If there’s a star ground, the new cord’s ground conductor to that(perhaps you’ll need an eyelet/ring terminal). If not, try a point on the chassis. If that creates a ground ... 
How to replace hardwired stock power cord ?
As far as your unit’s capacitors: if it were me, any electrolytics would be replaced with the exact same values, in either Elna Silmic II’s, their Cerafines or Sanyo OS-CONs. Most DACs have regulators that can be upgraded, as well, to great effect... 
How to replace hardwired stock power cord ?
Unfortunately, there’s no, "standard" size for IEC connectors, so no one makes knockout punches, for those animals(to my knowledge, at least). Some rectangular punches are available, but- the prices typically aren’t realistic for limited usage(ie:... 
Help! Will lubricant affect spkr.cables?
Talc is actually an abrasive.  That's why it'll make a TT's belt grab better.  and