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People took Hafler's amplifier modules, combined them with their own power supplies, then claim the result had no dynamics or bass response(which heavily rely on the power supply) and it's Hafler's fault?  That's kinda cute!   In the 80's, Hafler ... 
RMAF 2016 "No Schiit?"
"NO Schiit?"   Sounds like there's a lot of new Schiit. 
Telefunken in Disguise?
Tele’s diamond is actually an embossed(raised/molded) emblem, rather than engraved. If it doesn’t appear as shown in these pics- the tubes aren’t genuine Telefunken: 
Direct Digital Amplification
Heard of it, quite some time back(around 1998): ( 
Will changing gain affect frequency response?
Seems I missed(spaced) the part where you brought the volume back down, at the listening position.    Kinda obviates Fletcher-Munson from the conversation(sorry). 
Will changing gain affect frequency response?
I suppose looking at a Fletcher-Munson graph may be a good idea, as well: ( 
Will changing gain affect frequency response?
This article may offer some insights:  ( 
Output threshold using a Dynaco ST-70 amplifier with passive pre.
Contact Joe Curcio.  There are a plethora of upgrades, that can be done to the ST-70's power supply(simple and complex).  He's an expert on the piece. (    
How do you deal with absolute polarity?
Both my CDP and phono stage have phase reversal switches.  I've marked the discs/cuts, on which the Wood Effect is obvious and play them accordingly. 
We recap, why not re-sist?
There are two main reasons people recap electronics.  One, regarding electrolytics(specifically), is that they dry out over time(increasing their internal resistance or ESR) or can leak their electrolyte.   The other is presentation and that some ... 
Calling all room treatment type specialists...
geoffkait-  That's a great, creative and artistic idea(KUDOS)!   
my speakers hum
Unless your speakers are self-powered, they can't create their own hum.    
Magneplanar speaker terminals. is there an adapter to....
BTW: Some of WBT's & Furutech’s binding posts have set screws to retain the leads in the ends of the threaded posts. I’d personally prefer solder, but- there’s another option, if you don’t want to do any soldering and don’t mind their price. (... 
Magneplanar speaker terminals. is there an adapter to....
smotojo- Don’t believe you’ll find any 5 ways with crimp connection. Many come with a terminal/soldering eyelet that fits over the threaded part of the post and is held by the mounting nut. The end of the threaded post should have provision for so... 
Magneplanar speaker terminals. is there an adapter to....
The spacing and hole size of the stock Maggie post is standard, so- changing to Vampire or WBT 5-way binding posts(I've done both), is simply a matter of assembly, tightening the nuts on the new posts and soldering the leads to the new terminals, ...