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Bass traps - too many choices!!
Another vote for  Auralex LENRD Bass Traps.  They do a great job of breaking up the reinforcements that occured in the corners of my room.  eBay lists a version that is much cheaper and I see no reason that they wouldn't work as well.  Note the c... 
aes / ebu digital cable choices
I do know what I heard and that's what I passed on, as requested by the OP. 
Removing faceplate from Hafler 9300
There may be double-sided adhesive strips holding the same joints as the bolts you removed(between the heat sinks and the faceplate's flange). 
aes / ebu digital cable choices
I owned two Kimber Orchids, some years back.   The .5M was unlistenable, I suppose because of digital reflection.  The 1.5M was wonderful.  If I ever need another AES/EBU, I'll be looking for another 1.5M Orchid.    
Stylus cleaner
About 36 years using Stylast and either their small brush, or the brush that Dynavector provides, prior to each listening session.  Then, I use the brush after each LP side.   
If a gear is dirt cheap, do you think it is no good?
Lots of folks are thrilled with their iPhone/earbud audio.  Long as your system floats YOUR boat, what's there for me to think about? 
Upgrading tubes
Absolutely, upgrade your fuses(per davidpritchard’s recommendation) and the power cord, as well. Make your changes one at a time, keeping notes on your observations and(please) let us know of the results. Have fun!  BTW: Parts Connexion has Hi-Fi ... 
treasure kt 88 vs vintage tung Sol 6550
@xti16 -  The clarity and lack of unnatural coloration are exactly why I prefer and have all NOS tubes such as Siemens, Telefunken, Sylvania, and Tung-Sol in my system.  presently- I have(what were NOS) 1970's GE 6550A's, performing the output dut... 
Upgrading tubes
The 6N1P draws more heater current than the tubes in the 6DJ8/6922/ECC88 family, so anything in that group should be interchangable in a component designed for the 6N1P.   There are a plethora of NOS, vintage tubes available in both that and the 1... 
treasure kt 88 vs vintage tung Sol 6550
"The treasures are not as clean sounding, but considering what is available today, they may be the closest to NOS."  No- regarding what's being manufactured today, the closest to the original Tung-Sol, is the EAT KT-88.  Nothing else comes close, ... 
System Enhancement CD 
Where Do you buy TRANSISTORS?
"Yes for the better nearly every time, it’s called evolving." What good is, "for the better", if the, "evolving" SS transistors are so hard to locate and OEM replacement parts are virtual unobtainium(the OP’s and my point)? The crappy, new product... 
Where Do you buy TRANSISTORS?
That’s another reason I prefer tubed equipment over SS. Both types of gain devices wear out/go bad, but tube designations and availability have historically been far more consistent than the ever-changing and constantly obsolesced plethora of sand... 
Creating space between interconnects & keeping cables off the floor
Actually, there's nothing wrong with crossing cables.  Problems can arise when when cables are run parallel and electromagnetically induce currents in each other(  Distance is your friend, in... 
Hype, Hyperbole and high price!
I'll bet some of you REALLY miss your messiah, Julian Hirsch.