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Dahlquist DQ-1LP crossover owners
I used a modded DQ-LP1 for better than two decades and wish I hadn’t sold it. I’m not certain if a 5dB boost at 20Hz is enough for what you need, but the DQ-LP1 does offer that, via it’s EQ setting. Mentioned under, "controls and adjustments" on p... 
Mills MRA two types of different brand ?
Vishay bought Mills in 2011 and they have been making them ever since, in brown. There were four, color/finish versions of the older, made in the USA, Mills wire wounds: Dull(flat) in either black or brown / shiny and smooth in either black or brown. 
phase linear amplifiers
Those of us that repaired them, loved Phlame Linears(they kept us busy). 
Mills MRA two types of different brand ?
Some vendors still have a supply of NOS, USA made Mills resistors.  Vishay bought the company, in 2011, and moved production to Mexico. 
audio :the crazy room where they DONT WANT YOUR BUSINESS
What ghosthouse said, ebm said, "WHAT?" 
VT4-B Westinghouse
No clue here either. I’ve never seen one with a yellow top.   Perhaps these guys can answer that: ( 
VT4-B Westinghouse
That's a military designation for the 211 tube,  more commonly seen as VT4A or C .    Value would depend on overall condition and test measurements. 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
Fascination found by fuse fanciers, followed by the ubiquitous fractious, foisting their fractured, "facts." A pause, to proffer preferred recorded programs, and a descension into an alliteration altercation. Pity the poor audio pupil, trying to t... 
Synergistic Red Fuse ... 
Converting Solid State to Tube Rectification on a Preamp
If you haven’t already, try some ultrafast/soft recovery HEXFREDs first. Much simpler, and may satisfy your desire for improved sound. ie: ( &( 
Best interconnect burn-in method 
Amperex 6SN7GTB
The only Amperex 6SN7GTBs that I’ve seen, had bottom getters(on one side/from Europe). Apparently, there are other iterations out there though, per these pics. No info though(sorry): 
What drugs do you use to enhance your listening experience?
Good thing you can't lose your sense of direction skydiving, right cz?  
MRI grade vs Hospital grade electric outlets
OR- a religion? Some must be experiencing Nirvana(literally means, "blown/blowing out", in Sanskrit).  Maybe Naive-ana? 
Hearing is believing?........power cables.......
It appears that some think(or hope) the more they type, the more deaf we, or the more correct they, will become. There are phenomena(correct plural) that occur every second, all over this universe, that no one can yet explain. We can hear, "differ...