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Synergistic dealer?
 The Cable Company. Can’t beat their customer service! Of course, there may be an amount of bias on my part. I’ve done enough business with them, I now get a substantial(Frequent Flier) discount.  ( 
Does it ever bother you
"Only when condensation creeps in does it get a bit old."     Yeah, I just hate it when conversations get drippy.      
What's happened to Taters ?
You CAN have him back(some assembly required): 
Technical question on phase inversion.
If the issue is really bothering you, buy a copy of the  'CHESKY RECORDSJAZZ SamplerandAudiophile Test Compact DiscVOLUME 1'.  It includes a few Absolute Polarity tests, to enable you to see if you can detect the difference(s) with phase inverted,... 
Where Do you buy TRANSISTORS?
A couple years back, I needed Toshiba MOS-FETs to repair a Hafler 9505.  Bought a bunch of them from an eBay seller in Israel.   Brand new, perfect and in the original packaging.  One must know how to shop, on the Bay.   This is the guy's store: h... 
Quicken the burn in time for new speakers by using a cheaper SS amp?
The Irrational, But Efficacious CD has Pink, White, Brown, Mono Brown and out-of-phase Brown Noise tracks. I’ve used it a number of times(with a $50.00 CD/DVD player), to put hours on things. I just set those tracks to repeat and let it roll. http... 
Quicken the burn in time for new speakers by using a cheaper SS amp?
@nycjlee-  Correct!  As I said, " out of phase(with each other)".     
Quicken the burn in time for new speakers by using a cheaper SS amp?
What jea48 said, plus 1.     Buy an old stereo receiver and tune it to a rap station(a heavy bass genre).    Place your speakers close together, hook them up out of phase(with each other) and facing one another, with a blanket over them.  Much of ... 
Question about valves running hours
On/off cycling during listening sessions is ridiculous.   Absolutely turn off tubed gear, when not enjoying your music.   I didn't mean to imply otherwise, in that first post. 
Question about valves running hours
On/off cycles are much harder on any electronics, than hours.   Outside of heat, a tube's biggest enemy.    
Frequency band of sibilance
You're welcome. 
Frequency band of sibilance
Capacitor Burn-In Method
Hello Brad-  I sent an AudiogoN private comm.    Let's see how that works. 
Moto_Man's Scam Of The Week
"You can put them in the wrong place."   +1