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Luxman 590axii ventilation
I own a Luxman 590 AXII and I agree with those that say you need more room for ventilation, especially above. I have mine sitting on top of one of my racks. 
Helping a kid out
Mentoring youth is awesome :-) 
Dedicated 20a lines, 125 feet distance, which gauge wire to run?
***+1 gs5556*** 
Fun With Cable Risers
Definitely build a prototype and audition it vs your current design. Can't hurt to try it and have some fun at the same time. After testing cable risers in my various systems many years ago I'm a firm believer in using them. 
Fun With Cable Risers
@tonywinga, ingenious design, very well done ;-) 
If I could afford, I’d purchase 100% Oswald Mills Audio gear
Very impressive! 
older CD transport vs newer ones.
I totally agree, take a very close look at the Pro-Ject RS2 CD BOX Transport. I truly believe it will improve your system. 
Power cord supplied with Luxman L-509X Integrated Amp
I can hear an improvement with my Luxman 590 AXII. I suggest trying this power cord: https://zavfinousa.com/collections/power-cables/products/the-majestic-occ-power-cable-12awg?variant=... 
Thanks for sharing...Customer Service at its best!  
New cables - To judge now or after burn in period?
I agree with those that say give them at least 200 hours of use and leave them be, in other words, no movement at all. 
Power conditioning. Equi-Core
I think you will be happy with the 2400. Please let us know your impression when it arrives and you have had a chance to listen. 
Power conditioning. Equi-Core
I own an Equi Core power conditioner and they work very well. That's not to say that other products don't work as well or perhaps better. which model are you thinking of purchasing? 
The Raven Has Landed
Millercarbon, congratulations I know you have been waiting a long while for this purchase and thanks for the review. 
Any Allnic integrated (or separate) amp owners out there?
Thanks for the update Oz and enjoy the music :-)  
Any Allnic integrated (or separate) amp owners out there?
@ozzy62, did you receive your T-2000 yet and how is it sounding?