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Luxman Integrated - What do they sound like
Erik, you asked a good question and I'd also be interested in some answers. Also for anyone that has actually heard the following I'd be interested in the difference in sound between the following:Luxman 507 UXII, 505 UXII, 509 AXII, 509 X. 
Duelund RCA interconnects...opinions
Good news, the Duelund interconnects will sound even better after break-in. I don't want to debate the break-in process...Just saying theres more to look forward to ;-) 
Bi-Wire with two pairs of speaker cables
FYI: I've used the method with good success that williewonka suggested above. Give it a try... 
Duelund RCA interconnects...opinions
IMO the Duelund 16 ga. shielded or unshielded RCA interconnects are very good for the price however if one wants to spend more money there are definitely better interconnects available that allowone to hear more details in the music. 
Power conditioner and high end power cord
There are definitely many others much better qualified than me to answer that question. I believe if my memory serves me correctly its been brought up in other threads on Audiogon and it was frowned upon. Hopefully, those other individuals will ch... 
Core Power Technologies
Agreed, Walter has always done exactly what he said he would do and has a very good track record ;-) 
Power conditioner and high end power cord
A 30 amp circut breaker (even with 10 gauge wire) sounds dangerous to me. 
BUY Bryston!!!!!
Good to know! 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
I'm glad to hear the good news.Hopefully Mark and Lynn can make things right and feel releaved. 
Core Power Technologies
Yes, I saw that also. underwoodwally58 posts01-16-2019 9:31pmUnder normal circumstances I never post anything other than ads on Audiogon. I’m making an exception as most of you will find out soon enough that I have purchased the Assets of Core Pow... 
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
 I have a matrix 12 foot power cord and I do not notice a deterioration of music with a shorter matrix power cord.  
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
@littlecx, your question might be more beneficial if you were to specify which Matrix cable you are talking about and what cable length. 
Jumperless jumpers
Yes, you can do that no problem.I've used that method in the past with the Duelund 16 and 12 gauge wire. 
Speaker Cable Advice
+1 dorkwad (I also agree) 
Power conditioner and high end power cord
I have always found that upgraded power cords improve the sound of each of my components. Some components more so than others.This is the order of my preference:DacTransport or CDPPreampAmpI'll also add that this subject is very controversial so o...