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Tube Mono block recommendation.
@pkvintage, I just read your other post that contained a lot of necessary information. You should consider deleting this post. 
Tube Mono block recommendation.
I think it all depends upon what sound you are looking for (variety of different tubes), size of the room and what speakers you need to drive. More information is needed. 
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
I can't wait to read the name of the company ;-) 
You know it's a great day when...
Awesome finds! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Imelda May, Life Love Flesh Blood  
Jump off the upgrade carousel for a moment and listen to this
I agree. Very nice and refreshing, highly recommended. 
Insiders check in
Personally, I don't think there is a need for a forum such as this one. I would not have paid to be involved, I really don't see a need. Bottom line is one never knows until one tries new ideas. 
Perfect Path Tecnologies ‘The Gate’
@Oregonpapa, What am I missing here? What is the new Stop Its? 
Tammy Holt ......She's what holds it all together.......Never gives up
Triangle Theta vs. B&W 805D3 with Luxman tube amp
I would think almost any speaker in the db range of the high 90's and up would work well with the Luxman SQ-N150. 
Triangle Theta vs. B&W 805D3 with Luxman tube amp
Looking at the specifications below for the B&W 805D3, I'd be leary of the Luxman having enough power to properly drive the B&W 805D3's. specificationsTechnical featuresDiamond tweeter    Continuum™ cone bass mid    Anti-resonance plug    ... 
Please name this speaker cable!
Looks like a DIY speaker cable to me. 
Hum Super Sleuth Needed
Glad it was an easy fix! 
My Speaker Journey and Focal Sopra 2
I think the Focal Sopra 2's would sound awesome with a Luxman 509X. 
Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable
Results/outcome should be interesting.