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Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies 1800
I agree;Sometimes we need to just relax and enjoy the music...More often than not LOL! 
Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies 1800
Ozzy, I agree with your findings.In general, I know there are a lot of audiophiles prefer to run their amps directly out of a dedicated outlet, without conditioning. 
High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Waveguide and Total Contact
While I understand both sides of the debate I do find it interesting that this thread was started by the OP because he was sharing in his case the positive effect of TC on the MC-0.5's, who would have thought that would be effective?Has anyone tri... 
Electrical - Romex Wiring and Other Recommended Enhancements
@thankful, much has been written in various threads that answer your specific questions.Here is an example that I found: upon the length of AC wiring you need to run, and th... 
HFC MC-.05 Magnetic Wave Guide
dlcockrum,Let us know how it works out for you with the one or possibility two different power strips. 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
Not everything in audio or life can be scientifically proven.I'm with calvinj if it sounds good to you, and you like it, buy it.There are many threads that debate this very issue and there are no winners just debaters. 
HFC MC-.05 Magnetic Wave Guide
t_ramey, I fully understand the balancing act. I have 20 MC-05's and I've done it both ways. I can't hear a difference; 3 to 1 adapters vs power strip. 
HFC MC-.05 Magnetic Wave Guide
@dlcockrum, both aniwolfe, and 68pete made some good suggestions as to some inexpensive power strips and I'll bet for a product like the MC-05's they would work as good as a more expensive audiophile type power strip. The only reason I'm using a h... 
HFC MC-.05 Magnetic Wave Guide
Here is another option for using the MC-05's, I use an outlet strip with a short power cord run into my AC outlet. I have four duplex outlets or a total of eight locations that I can plug in MC-05's or eight locations where I can plug in 3 to 1 ad... 
HFC MC-.05 Magnetic Wave Guide
The MC-0.5's (Magnetic power Conditioners) are an add-on and in many cases improve the sound achieved by the MC-6 Hemisphere, MC-6 Power Distributor, or an AC outlet. If plugging them into an outlet many will use a three-way Grounded Outlet Adapte... 
The Method of Tuning
This should be an interesting thread to follow and/or take part in especially when it further develops :-) 
New TEO Audio ICs, who has them?
I put my pair of Ultras into my system this morning after 270 hours on a CDP for break-in. A very open dynamic sound with nice details. 
How much difference could a simple Banana plug make?
I totally agree the KLEI Bananas work well, are easy to install and sound very good. My only concern after using twelve pairs of the KLEI Bananas is when the KLEI Bananas are used, depending upon the size of the female amp/speaker terminal opening... 
Looking to Upgrade Outlet
ronrags, please let us know what you end up purchasing, and eventually how you like it.  
Looking to Upgrade Outlet
@ronrags I really believe all the above brands mentioned in this thread are good, and many others that have not been mentioned.I personally have switched to all Furutech outlets. So if you wanted gold plated I personally go with Furutech GTX-D Gol...