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Burning-in as a non-linear experience
@serblinfan I have experienced what you describe with the Furutech NCF outlets and I believe the culprit is the Rhodium used in the outlet. I have also experienced the variations in sound when using some products that have been deeply cryogenicall... 
My new review for The Absolute Sound comparing AGD GAN amps with BHK300’s
Very nice review I enjoyed watching it. Very professionally done :-)    
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
1970: Scott receiver, Gerrard turn table, AR4 speakers. Unfortunately I no longer remember the model number of Scott receiver or Gerrard turn table.  
Heavy speakers: How to be able to reposition?
I installed 2" swivel rubber wheels on my large heavy speakers and I can easily move the speakers into position, or out of the way to use different speakers. I cannot detect a difference in music using those wheels vs spikes on the speakers, which... 
Extra sets of Cables to switch up system?
Not enough outlets
@deone Audio Envy makes a OKTA Power Pro and a Quad Power Box that should fix your concerns. I attempted to copy and past the address however I got blocked by a new device that Audiogon has implemented.  
To loom or not to loom?
Within my 53 years of being involved with high end audio I have come to the conclusion that it's all a matter of trial and error without a solid answer that is always correct. Trust your ears and experiment, then go with what sounds the best to yo... 
Pre-amps for Leben CS-600x
@markimiller Is the preamp section of the Leben CS-600x passive?  
Handling Heavy Amps
Several good suggestions, if I live in your area I would definitely help you. I also use sliders on the bottom of the amp legs to slide when on the rack and then remove.  
Pre-amps for Leben CS-600x
I don't believe you would be disappointed with this preamp, excellent workmanship with great sound: https://www.coincidentspeaker.com/preamps.html  
Pre-amps for Leben CS-600x
A lot depends on how much you want to spend on a preamp? How about a link to the preamp you purchased?  
Hugh Masekela
My favorite Hugh Masekela album is "hope".  
Power cable Advice...
Here is another suggestion: Audio Envy make good power cords that are very flexible and light weight, and I like the results. https://audioenvy.com/store/  
where I can buy tubes to my ALLNIC PRE (3A/110A and 3A/109B)
I agree, contact Allnic or one of their dealers in the the USA (I assume).  
Lii Audio open baffles vs Forte 1 vs Heresy IV
Thanks for the post, very interesting.