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GaN-based Class D power amps
Good to hear from you, @mikepowellaudio !  I cannot edit the original post to include this updated information. Per Forum policy, one cannot edit a discussion's original post that includes reply posts.  
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
With respect to an alleged incompatibility issue between a DS cable and class D amplification, I suspect it only arises as a very rare exception for poorly designed class D amplifiers. The allegation is largely based upon the DS cables passing far... 
Spectron Audio Out Of Business?
@snsmore I think we corresponded about this by PM, regarding Deltronics repairing your Exact Power unit. They have repaired at least two of the EP15-A models I've owned--all for a reasonable price. The last unit they repaired needed some new caps.... 
GaN-based Class D power amps
And when is Ralph's class D amp going to be released, regardless of transistor topology? Asking for a friend... 
GaN-based Class D power amps
@morellihugo, Thanks for your reply, as I feared my query might get lost on all the banter back and forth with Audiogon's favorite Aussie contributor. LolI am not familiar with that speaker. I am glad you enjoy them.   
GaN-based Class D power amps
@morellihugo I did not catch from your posts the brand of speakers you were using. Please remind me again?Ralph, I agree with your assessment of the Technics implementation. I asked the Technics Rep this digital domain processing question of their... 
Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?
OP: Congrats on your research and purchase decision. Neither unit is a slouch. But the WAF bonus is terrific. Well done. Enjoy the music! 
Geoffkait - right???
Wow...this thread still kicking?  I’m impressed. But then again, I’m easily impressed. Lol 
Stumped by preamp-amp issues
OP: call me jaded, but I recommend having an independent electronics shop check out the preamp and power amp. Sometimes Manufacturers don’t want to fix a problem that’s clearly there.  
Careful if buying Purist Audio Neptune fluid cables.
Those who object to a central aspect of the cable design (whether fluid should be included in the first place) are not contributing productively to this thread.  
If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
Is the pissing contest over? Can we return to civil discourse? 
If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
Dr. John. Mike Powell Audio is the US distributor of the Jay’s Audio product line. At least that is where I obtained my CDT2 MK2.  
Ordered my new amp today... been a long road!
Enjoy, Capt.  
Colorado-Based Manufacturers
Lol, why the list? 
Schiit Freya plus. Is this an upgrade?
@mulveling, lol