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RIP Leon Redbone
+1 bdp24'He was a welcome reprieve from the noise of the mid-to-late 1970's, when he appeared out of the blue.'   
Colorado-Based Manufacturers
Zenwave Audio 
Colorado-Based Manufacturers
 Green Mountain Audio, Colorado Springs, is not on the list Yogyboy provided.. 
Why do contributors delete their own posts?
Just following the '007' precedents, we always delete our messages after they've been received. 
Speaker of the Century Award Goes To ....
Enjoy my 2.5 way Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grands very much. Well more than that. Erik with your parameters I agree a 2.5 way has a lot going for it. It can be looked down on by some because it makes a few more compromises it seems like from an expla... 
So just how much vinyl do YOU own?
Grew up in the 60's and I only have about a hundred LPs. Have about 400 cd's. I don't collect a lot but do listen to them a lot and don't get tired of them. 
My system sounds better than ever.......Yet, I STILL bought another preamp!!
Good for you on seeking more fun in this hobby. Sometimes I get to a point and have it sounding so good I get afraid to make a change, but then as time goes by I do it and am glad I did for the most part. But when I make one change it leads to mor... 
Hi facten. I am not making fun of you, I apologize if I did. Seems you had a way with teo's words and I thought you may have fun with my last statement in that post. And your question- Did I say that Belles doesn't make good equipment? I did not ... 
Nice to hear audiozen. It is good to get excited about things like Belles.I am a proud owner of Ref 150av2. Musical as in or does or has or not wanting musical. I will let facten figure that one out. 
Manufacturers pushing their products and agenda in the forums.
+1 Cleeds on all your posts. Reasonable. Thanks 
Machina Dynamica New Dark Matter CD and Blu Ray tray treatment?
+1 Michael but with out the tickling. I don't want to see what that would do to Geoff, he is kind of like, on the fence (of sanity that is) as it is. michaelgreenaudioA few days ago I received my sample from Geoff and my responsibility is to find... 
How many audiophiles do you need to change a lightbulb?
An audiophile needs to understand light itself better before they install or start doing anything with it. Then the games begin. Where can I buy and audiophile light bulb? Is it real or imaginary, what I am seeing? Will my system sound brighter? W... 
Thanks. I am looking forward to hearing it and maybe more than that.  
Turntable that will be around heavy foot steps?
Technics SL 1700 works pretty well for peripheral vibrations. 
Denver Area "Vintage Voltage" show this Sunday!
Cool. Thanks