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The secret to a great amplifier...
Tim, nice reasonable post.If I come home in the evening and sit down to listen to my system the sound can be a little different, even though, I didn't do anything to it. There may be some reason for it in the vast sea of space. But likely I don't ... 
One year down, two to go. What's the longest you have saved for one component?
Hey, I appreciate your evident love of music. It appeals to the creative part of us which gives real meaning to life itself. So I am saying it can be one of the more valuable and worthy pursuits. Hope you really enjoy your stuff.I mostly got my st... 
Amp repair cost — is this right?
Upfront I do not know if that is a reasonable cost for a high quality job or not. In my profession quality cost more because of the time it takes to do a quality job. So getting an opinion from someone like Bill Thalmann ex conrad johnson could be... 
What's going on with Synergistic Research fuses?
oldhvymec  made my day. Thanks 
The musical wisdom of Ry Cooder.
I have Bring The Family album. What is nice about that album is the musicians are as good as the vocals, which are very good. It sounds like they cared when they produced that. Keeps my interest up through the album. I have Ry and  V.M. Bhatt on M... 
An Odd Question
+1 onhwy61. I have a guitar in my room and do not notice it in the listing spot. But I am sure if I go over to it with some music on it will resonate a little. I know because I have heard a piano do it before. A piano I think is a bigger culprit. 
Outstanding service from MusicDirect in the USA and Avid Hifi in the UK, read on please!
thanks uber, I like to here great things in our hobby! 
Sam here.l realize now why so many people think my ideas are crazy?
Dekay cool. guitarsam if you don't think your crazy that is all that matters.So 'don't worry  be happy mon' 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
Not floor standing speakers. But if you heard these under optimal conditions it may not matter. Spica TC-50 or TC-60  
Belles Virtuoso power amp
Curious also. It sounds like a very good match among what you have. Please report back. I am a Belles ref 150a v2 owner. I am very very happy. 
Shall I move away from Devialet ??? where to go?
Put the lime in the coconut . Then call me in mor or or  or ning. 
Tekton Design Moab
MC thanks for sharing your journey. I heard them at RMAF last year and they were on my top 5 of all rooms. Maybe you do this. I try to listen to a speaker weather it is a 127,000 dollar one or a 5,000 dollar one without knowing what it costs, and ... 
Counterpoint SA20
pm Bigkidz. He was a repair person for counterpoint and now builds his own electronics. 
RMAF 2020 is Cancelled
Thanks for the heads up. That's reality 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
This hobby is not a need. It is an inspirational(albeit that some take to seriously) hobby for sure. And reading about good sound is inspirational to me.I think of good art(it can be very expensive). We don’t need it but it can be most inspiration...