Crazy crazy crazy

If we ever get through all this craziness and Axpona kicks back up meet me on the second floor at the bar. I’m buying the first round. Stay safe friends.
Wake up. There’s a reason they call it the new normal. Geez where have you been the last year??? Two weeks to flatten the curve was..... a year ago. No sooner does the vaccine come out then oh gosh look there’s a new strain! Do we not get a new flu vaccine every year? And you think its gonna be any different with this one? What planet are you on? WAKE UP!!! There is no going back to normal! There is either severe war to stop the communists or the great reset goes on. Either way ain’t gonna be no freaking Axpona!

There is by the way no such thing as staying safe. Never was, never has been, never will be. Life is not safe. Period. Full stop. And hate to be the one to break this to you, but no one gets out alive. No, not even if you wear a face diaper and virtue signal all over the inter web.

Guess I should mock your virtue signaling and close with stay oblivious sheeple!
Michélle 🇿🇦
Millercarbin, I’m not buying you a drink.
Miller, have you ever thought about refilling your prescriptions?
M, calm down.  It's just Mom Nature pulling our collective leashes and thinning our hoard down a bit.  The Japanese have been masked for years already, since any mass collections of our species tend to brew all manner of physical calamities.  Covid just happens to be just another in a long history, and 'herd immunity' takes time to take hold.....

Go get vaccinated when you can.  Keep the mask on, it hides the scowl.
I'd buy you a drink just to see if you can be made to smile...;)
What's up MC? Dishin' out a double dose of Boohoo. You aught to be thankful. Things will get better, just have to look  little harder sometimes.
It takes a while to train people, not to slobber on each other.

Though the occasional drool, get's me to the front of the line. :-)

It's a whole new year
So be of good cheer
Be thankful we're not stuck with Vladimir!

Honk Honk

I'd comment but have decided I will not engage in anything political on THIS site. 
Say miller, when you sit down, does your voice get muffled?
I’m not sure which of my incendiary words took this thread into such a dark dark place so quickly. Was it craziness, Axpona, free drinks, stay safe, or friends? Perhaps it’s the fact the bar is on the second floor. How this turned political on comment number one is mind blowing. To say I’m shocked may be the understatement of the year. 

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I have seen some obnoxious things said on this site but @jeffvegas makes MC look like a rookie in insults.”

This post from @dadork struck pretty is fighting back for his crown 😂
Infinite Einstein MC

´´ Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ´´
It’s a political posting, in the op itself, even if the op did not realize it.

Like accidentally talking about poisoned rats on a cat forum. whoops!

The problem for many is the DNA aspect of the force/offered vaccine. (mRNA, IIRC)

It’s not a vaccine, it requires being stored at -90C, minimum, without a second’s drop below that.

Instead of making us immune, it’s supposed to... alter our DNA. (Havard Medical link)

It’s like opening the door and welcoming in Lucifer himself. And, please note, I’m not even remotely religious, but I see it that way, for all the right reasons. Do not open that door.

As once that door is open, they can put anything in there. Including a complete re-write of humans, period. So humanity goes out with a whimper, oblivious to the fact that it used to be something else.

That is the huge giant monstrous gorilla sitting in the middle of the room, on this whole thing.

It is not a vaccine, it is an alteration of humans that is genetically passed down.

I, for one, am not ’up’ with the idea of forced genetic changes upon us..the public... all coming from giant global corporations that are in league with national governments and global political organizations that they support and create.

Like any of those three are any friends of any single human or group. I mean, really.....

So MC’s post, is not some off the wall conspiracy post, it’s a human alert post. Wake up, please. This is more serious than anything you’ve ever dealt with in your entire life. This moment and time defines that life.

Essentially...that all moments before and all history that has passed, has nothing at all - on this moment and time, and what is going on in it. See it for what it is. This is the biggest potential fork in humanity that has happened since the dawn of human existence, for one.

It’s about having a backdrop to be able to be who you are and have a forum and have your children not be DNA modified by major corporations in cahoots with governments.

Eg, Moderena itself admits that it is not a vaccine they are looking to inject into you.

That it is an ’operating system’. Think about that for a few minutes hours or days. Please.

You are being forced into a gauntlet where the exit sign is poised over a doorway where the passing though makes you a commodity in all of the senses and ways possible to imagine.

Germany, for example, is looking to quietly go after the sputnik vaccine and have pushed back the Pfizer vaccine.

They don’t want altered humans for a population.
Ok, here’s a thought. if my intent wasn’t political why are you people making it so? I was hoping to hear a “what kind of drink do you prefer?” to which I would reply “bourbon on the rocks. EH Taylor small bath. Absolutely tasty if you can find it.” Or maybe something like, “yeah after drinks I sure hope Yamaha shows up with the new 5000 speakers.”

Intentional/unintentional if you choose to go political beyond this point it’s on you.
@arch2 -- What are you drinking, my friend? I'll buy the first round.

And yet again, someone has expressed a simple, human desire to get back to normal and has wished for camaraderie again, and straight away posts about conspiracies, Communists, etc. Grow up, man. Angry politics is your *first* impulse? Rather than saying, "Me too" or "That would be nice"?

None of this kind of "reasoning" shades into his audio advice, right? On that subject everything is balanced and rational, right?
You can't talk about a future that has everyone taking these sorts of permanent DNA modifications....via taking the total insanity in the middle of the sandwich out of the actual equation.

As that would be either blank, or crazy.... or both... :)

No offense intended.

It is just that..talking about a normal 'future thing' after humanity has been put through a literal meat grinder, as if the forced meat-grinding is not in the middle of the trek to that future, is..just ...well..more than a bit off.

It is normal to do this though, as people are generally very poorly informed of what these mRNA injections really are.

If they really understood the potential it has, they'd very likely turn it down. Until they had a better handle on what it is, exactly and could vet it properly, and be directly involved with full choice in what they do to their body and mind and future children..

Anyway, that is the first and last time I'll talk about this on this forum.
“You can’t talk about a future that has everyone taking these sorts of permanent DNA modifications”

OP isn’t taking about the future of humanity....wake up people. A simple and kind gesture of let’s meet n have drinks is blown way out of proportion.


I’m in whenever AXPONA happens! 2nd round is on me. 
@hilde45 - Thanks! As mentioned I'm a big fan of EH Taylor small batch but it's so doggone hard to find. As my backup (and much less expensive) is Buffalo Trace. A glass or two a couple of times a week always puts a smile on my face.

I have a number of Yamaha products (AS-3000 integrated and NSF-902 Speakers) that I thoroughly enjoy and last year at Axpona the Yamaha NS-5000 speakers were going to be displayed. I was bummed not to be able to get to hear that system.
I've felt the same as MC and Teo do from the beginning of this Plandemic. It SHOULD be obvious to everyone by now after witnessing current Political events. All truths are being uncovered. Don't be the last one to find out. Btw, I got rid of television in early 2006. Try to stay away from all propagandize stimulus and seek the truth. We are all in this together.
I can tell this thread was aptly named.

Oh brothers...testify....let it all out! Maybe lay off listening to the blues and death metal for a bit. Just a thought. Try some Bach. Music can be uplifting and soothe the soul.  The best always ends on a happy note.
This seems like a competition to see who is craziest. I have teo_audio in the lead by a nose over MC.
@arch2   Although you didn't use the phrase "return to normalcy", your mention of "get through" and "kicks back up" was more than enough to trigger the knee-jerk [I use the term advisedly] reaction in MC, whose  fantastical bunkum seems to get more strident with every passing day.
Took a week off from Agon to see if a fresh set of eyes would restore some joy to visiting the site.  Nope, MC is as triggered as always and steals any semblance of joy I could ever get from participating here.  I will try back in a few months perhaps.  Much better forums than this out there for sure.
Chucky is a constant. He tries belittling everyone nonstop.
But no one else could possibly be any smaller.
Laws of physics.
Axpona is pushed from last April to this August.
Hope to see you there.
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If the bartender knows how to make a Shirley Temple, count me in!

The bartender will be able to figure it out thecarpathian. Join us.
thecarpathian, that drink is/was known as a Roy Rodgers if it is for a boy. Although maybe you called it right, (nothing wrong with that) with maybe an added touch of Grenadine for your. 🕺🏻 :)
Ah, thank you.
A Roy Rodgers it is!

arch2, lalitk, hilde45,

I am a little late to this thread so fourth one is on me.

As far as thecarpathian's Shirley Temple goes, I do it daily so, if the AXPONA bartender does not mind, I will mix it right there.
"We are all in this together."

You would have never guessed by reading this thread.
glubson, (fourth) if this thread goes much longer, ya'll (maybe we) will be in the bag!!
oops, glubson and carp, hyperglycemic! :)
"His presence creates a joyless experience..."

I disagree. I think millercarbon is misunderstood here. I think of him as an entertainer. You cannot write those posts without joking.
Glupson, I'll be a little loopy by four but I'll hang in there. I just get happier! Four in and I'm looking for the VPI room to play with their tonearms.

Feel free to join. I will not count.

By the way, I have never owned a TV. That makes me less prone to propaganda, I guess.
If there is one thing to learn from this thread, it is not to let teo_audio mix your vaccine.
... with that, even though I might enjoy jabbing the needle in a couple of you (HA) I couldn't at all vaccinate any of you with a clear conscience.
I disagree. I think millercarbon is misunderstood here. I think of him as an entertainer. You cannot write those posts without joking.

Wow that is so close to correct I will break radio silence and acknowledge one of the Founding members of the Hateful 18. Millercarbon is your resident Milo Yiannopoulos: militantly politically incorrect, unafraid of tackling any subject, able to weave pointed humor in with deep philosophy. Like Milo people are constantly trying to take me down but always with personal attacks never really addressing the meat of my many arguments. Which is probably to be expected, them being so tightly reasoned there’s seldom so much as a chink exposed.

If a chink is even permitted. Probably get banned just for saying that.

But seriously, does anyone really question any of the substance of my first post? Now in the waning days when the Speaker has gone missing and the greatest of all time is about to give a momentous speech at the Alamo might be a good time for some of you to finally wake up and pay attention, doncha think?
I'd bet there will be AXPONA. Maybe not this year, but at some point. When people get slightly more courageous within a reason and venture out? At least I hope so.
My hope exactly glupson. 
I can see you guys getting a lot of use out of your MAGA hats. Make Axpona Great Again!
I am a little late to this thread so fourth one is on me.

As far as thecarpathian’s Shirley Temple goes, I do it daily so, if the AXPONA bartender does not mind, I will mix it right there.
I don’t know, after four maraschino cherries, I’m liable to put a room treatment on my head....
I disagree. I think millercarbon is misunderstood here. I think of him as an entertainer. You cannot write those posts without joking.
Agreed. As I've stated many times, I find miller's posts quite amusing.
Thank you for the positive outlook and offer. I as well will take you up on it asap.
Would you mind if mine is a water & water on the rocks though? That's the way I roll in my senior years.
Really looking forward to meeting you there!
Ipretiring I make a mean water & water on ice. Look forward to meeting you my friend.
Those who feel the vaccine is a DNA-altering communist plot, PLEASE don't subject yourself to it.   That is clearly a socially-responsible thing to do, and should help thin the herd considerably. 
I'll bet after a few of those mean water & waters on ice I will have to change my tag to Ipretiring. lol
Darn no tag caps!

@arch2 I'll buy round #10 this way I'll be so lit that I won't care if Yamaha brings out their new speakers, plus I'm only 25 minutes away from AXPONA so if I have to I can crawl home. @lalitk   
I'm more of a single malt Scotch guy or even Bulleit Bourbon.