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Spendor D7 vs. Harbeth Super HL5+
If you are looking for a speaker in this size range then you might want to consider the ATC SCM50 from the classic series you can find them new for just under 10k and used for $5,750.00 right now on USAM. 
Focal Kanta No 2
I just looked and they are still on sale for the Taupe color at $5,600.00 on TMR.You better snatch them up before someone else here on Agon does, (hint, hint). 
How does this picture make you feel?
I have an American wife made from Swedish and Norwegian heritage,I have had this wife for 35 years and it still runs great, buy American they last.  
WAF --
After 35 years of marriage my wife let's me buy what I want, because to her it's cheaper to let me do that than to kill me and replace me with a different model that might cost her even more to maintain. 
How does this picture make you feel?
Show me 1 audio product that is 100% made in the country that the factory is in.That means wire, solder, plastic boards,screws nuts, aluminum or steel cases, everything.This is a global economy and everything is sourced from all over the world, th... 
Need speaker cable
You might want to look into Nerve Audio cables. Speaker Cables – Nerve Audio I use their Axon 24, and Vagus 28S phono cables and they are of very good quality, sound great and are reasonably priced. 
Technics or Thorens, need suggestions
If you are looking for a wood TT that is belt drive, look at the Acoustic Solid, Solid Wood turntable. Wood  or the Wood Referenz, Wood Referenz  
CD Transports
jab,No I’m not saying that the rotel is equal to the sim audio moon360D, I’m saying you can pick up a used 360D for around $1,000.00 I have both of these CD players and the 360D is by far better, but for around $700.00 you can get the Rotel RCD-15... 
CD Transports
You can also look into the Rotel RCD-1572, reasonably priced and good reviews, I have owned one for over 2 years and no problems.I also own a Sim audio moon 360D, which if you can find one used is a very very good CD player.   
Amp Upgrade time, $6000 budget, used or new.
You might want to look into the Anthem STR Power amp, they are on sale now for $4800.00 or you could even go for the Anthem P2 for $4500.00The P2 will drive any load down to 1ohm or even 0 (shorted) and will do it all day and not get hot.Both of t... 
Equal or better tonearm than Jelco for like amount of money
The original TK-850M is a very good tonearm, I purchased one last year and was in the process of picking up one of the new MkII arms a couple of days ago when Jelco decided to cease production.I am still trying to get another TK-850M MkII but sinc... 
How many people here generally buy used?
Mostly used about 80% except for tonearms and cartridges those I always buy new. 
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
Why not just buy the bulk cable and the connectors of your choice and make them yourself.Many YouTube videos of how to do it, and it will cost you about one third as much. 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Guns, handguns mostly but some rifles also.The Zombie apocalypse is coming. 
Very small room! Help me with monitor speakers
If you can find a pair of older AR308HO speakers they would fit your requirements, front firing ports with the woofers on the side, there is a pair on sale in Cherry on Reverb for $250.00 I currently own 2 pairs of these speakers and will not be g...