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Straight out of the box doesn't work.
Is it just 1 red light next to a particular tube or are all the red lights on next to all the tubes on the right side of the unit.If it is only 1 red light next to a specific tube, turn off amp then remove that tube and also remove 1 of the other ... 
Looking for a new phono preamp
Parasound JC 3 + easy to adjust, very versatile and under 3K in price, many positive reviews.Or you can cut that price in half and go with a JC 3 Jr.I currently have both of these in my systems and also a Parasound ZPhono XRM pre in my 3rd system. 
Better XLR/RCA adapters
Parts Express Neutrik NA2FPMF 3 Pin XLR Female to RCA Jack Adapter $8.90 Sound good and won't break the bank. 
Is Luxman a poor man's D'Agostino ?
Forget D’Agostiono, just get Burmester amps, or integrated amp.That is a better comparison. 
Need speaker advice
Check out the Decware speakers, they are made for tube amps and can be driven with as little as 2watts. DECWARE Radial Hybrid Loudspeaker model HR-1 this model can be driven with as little as 6 watts. DECWARE High Efficiency Reference Loudspeaker ... 
Searching for an amp to pair with Rockport Atria II
Try the Anthem P2 amp 500 watts at 4ohms, 675watts at 2ohms and it will go down to below 1ohm if needed without a problem $4,500. new. 
Suggestions for New CD Player
check the reviews for this one Rotel RCD-1572 new for under $1,000.  
Newbie Can't Decide Which Tube Amp
You could try the Decware/Zen Mystery Amp DECWARE / ZEN MYSTERY AMP model ZMA You can't get much better. 
Looking for a CD player
You might want to try the Rotel RCD-1572 new for under $1,000. or the Audiolab 8300CDQ  open box @ hi-fi Heaven for $1,399.99 
Better Integrated Amp?
3rd, the Yamaha A-S501 85 WPC + it's 4 ohm compatible which let's it be used with a wider variety of speakers. 
Schiit - shipments stopped?
@ emergingsoul You are lucky, try to order something from Decware their waiting list as of today is 22 weeks according to Steve Deckert.I will be ordering an amp within the next few days I won’t get it until August, all good things come to he who ... 
Crazy crazy crazy
@arch2 I'll buy round #10 this way I'll be so lit that I won't care if Yamaha brings out their new speakers, plus I'm only 25 minutes away from AXPONA so if I have to I can crawl home. @lalitk    I'm more of a single malt Scotch guy or even Bull... 
Raven Audio Nighthawk
MC, The Decware is 20 weeks as of yesterday when I talked to Steve,I will be ordering the Decware Zen TorII MK IV sometime next week and I should be able to pick it up by late July or Early August.I will probably end up getting the Zen Triode Prea... 
Preamp choices:Short list
Here is the info for the Decware Preamp DECWARE Zen Triode Balanced Preamplifier model ZTPRE  or if you want to use a tube preamp for your 5.1 surround you could try the Decware Zen Ultra Preamp. DECWARE - Audiophile Home Theater 6 channel all ... 
Preamp choices:Short list
You might want to give Decware ZEN Triode preamp a listen, made here in the USA with lifetime warranty to original purchaser, $2,995.00 custom made, they only start to build it after you order it truly a work of art, no circuit boards all hand made.