More crazy audio tweaks?

An audio equipment designer/builder suggested this site; not sure if it was "tongue in cheek" or otherwise. I’m not passing judgement (just passing along the site info) as I haven’t tried any of these products. In terms of a personal hierarchy of audio tweak "needs", however, these are probably lower down the list for me.
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Looks like Coconut Audio has been reborn. 
 those products rock, the crystal valcano looks like candy
The Crystal Volcano melts in your mouth not in your hands. Well, actually it melts your mouth and your hands.

how kooky is TOO kooky?
The artwork is very pretty, but come on...they're rocks.
Just looking at the Crystal Volcano I have an uncanny craving for cupcakes with red icing and sprinkles!
Real garbage a big joke tell this dude to get a life.
ebm have a sense of humor it's obviously done tongue in cheek. and yes the products all look more like baked goods then anything else.
These pretzels are making me THIRSTY.
Geoff, I thought it's your 'kitchen' :-)
No worries, czarivey. Just another copy cat. What can you do? 
I always wanted a pet rock
Look at there Best Products,

$28.000.00 for 3m speaker cables.
$6,400.00 for 1.5 m power cable
$4,400.00 for there USB cable.

Watch the pretty rock....see how it are getting're mind can't ignore the're getting sleeeeppppyyyyy.....................
Smart man. 

We don't have a white paper or proof that our products work, because this is something that is obvious after you listen to them. Most of our customers already have a long background in trying cables and tweaks from other manufacturers before finally settling for our products. For those who want to know how they are built, continue reading."
well , if it wasn't tongue in cheek you can bet he has stock in the company/sucker born every minute.   I could go for a Snickers.      
That's an awful lot of trouble for just tongue in cheek. 

They think we are IDIOTS! $14,000 for a pair of RCAs? I am insulted. I wonder if anyone has ever actually paid for this crap. They are the oned who brand us as easy marks.
Maybe you're not an ideal candidate for his products.