What's your latest album purchase?

I like to read threads about albums like "the greatest soundstage", "greatest vinyl" etc. There's a lot of great tips to pick up in those!
But I did'nt find a thread here where you can post "your latest purchase".
Well.. last purchase:

Artist: Roger Waters, Album: Amuzed to death.

So..now is this "must have" album also in my possession. :)
Paul Rogers, The Royal Sessions.

A few years back I picked up Amused to Death, the most expensive album I've bought. How much did you pay for yours?

I do have the same album on preorder from Acoustic Sounds hopefully they will get it made soon , latest info states October this year.

Good Listening

I spend between $300-$500 a month on vinyl, but here are my recent purchases:

Los Lobos-Kiko on MOFI

The Gaslight Anthem-The "B" Sides

Lucinda Williams-Lucinda Williams (Red Colored Vinyl)

David Bowie-Rebel, Rebel (7" Picture DIsc)
Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain (MoFi)
Simon & Garfunkel - Concert in Central Park (used)
Oregon - Out of the Woods (used)
Allman Brothers - Live at the Fillmore East (Reissue)
The Knee Plays, David Byrne
An excellent recording. My third copy.
Muddy Waters Hard Again promo copy.
Daniel Avery, "Drone Logic"
Nomad, "Bombino"
Tame Impala, "Lonerism"
Blood Orange, " Cupid Deluxe"
Broken Bells, "After the Disco"
Sinkane, "Mars"
I take it you mean vinyl. Like Mofi I spend a good deal of cash each money buying music, though my purchases are typically on CD.

I do buy some vinyl. The latest vinyl purchases, all from Amazon:

Led Zeppelin III (pre-order)
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - 'Will the Circle be Unbroken' 40th Anniversary edition
Grateful Dead - One from the Vault

The Doors: Morrison Hotel *QRP 45
Tedeschi-Trucks Band: The newer live one 3LP set
The Beatles: Revolver: Orange Label *used
Joni Mitchel: Hejira Have bought 2 used copies lately
David Crosby: If I could only remember the title.

Rich: I just saw One From the Vault at AUX 33 in Montreal and passed. It was actually higher priced there, or I may have grabbed it. How does it sound ???
From Popmarket I bought the Tool Vinyl Bundle which included
classic studio albums Undertow and Lateralus PLUS the Platinum-selling EP from 1992 – Opiate!
Mark Murphy - "That's How I Love The Blues" (Japanese pressing)
Marian McPartland - "Portrait Of Marian McPartland" (unopened)
.... both from Bullseye Records, Milwaukee.
Little Feat-Live in Holland!

Best band ever...imho
"for Your Ears Only" by proteus 7 on Dorian CD label.
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the royal sessions--Paul Rogers
kiko--Los Lobos
Lucinda Williams-- red vinyl

Rogers' Royal Sessions is one of the best records-- sq wise--that I own.
Los Lobos is another great sounding one
Lucinda is pretty good sound and great music
Doug Macleod Theres a Time
Amazing recording.
What fun to see all the responses in this thread!!

I will definitely look into what you bought and see if there can be any good tips for me there!
My original intention was not that it would necessarily be vinyl albums. I thought the CD and possibly high res. downloads could also be involved.
The idea was that the music itself could be the center of this thread.

But I think it's great that you who bought vinyl records also gives us this extra information that is exciting and interesting to other vinyl lovers ... f.ex labels, price, quality and where you bought the album etc! And me who think that the vinyl world is exciting and attractive but have not yet taken the plunge into the world among arms and needles it`s also exciting and fun to read! I guess it's very addictive! ;)

It was not long ago I approached the high-end world.
Right now I'm about to get a better dac with more analog feel, bigger soundstage, better details, clearer sound bodies, more blacks, 3D, etc to get some closer to the sweet and liquid sound.
But later on, it may well be a vinyl player on the shelf when I have some vinyl left over from the time when I was young. Just have to convince my wife that we need one first .. ;)

So my last purchase (Roger Waters "Amuzed To Death") was a CD that was ripped to my computer and my musicprogram JRiver (I'm afraid to listen to this amazing album on vinyl when I think I get stuck and will put family finances under hefty pressure!;).

I really hope that you continue to share what you buy for music and even commenting in this thread and maybe others, so we can get advice from each other about quality music that embellish life!

Thank you all! And I wish you wonderful days with wonderful music!

Trainleader / Daniel.
agree that the Doug McLeod is really good, just got Brand New Eyes. Also

Wood Brothers, Ways Not to Lose (CD)
Brian Bromberg, Wood II (CD)
Gregory Porter, Liquid Spirit (HDtracks)
Hans Theessink and Terry Evans, Delta Time (CD)
Lorde, Pure Heroine (HDtracks)
Phoebe Snow ($2 LP at Half Price Books, pristine and sounds great!)
Tedeschi Trucks Band, Everybody's Talking (CD)
Trace Bundy, Adapt (CD and bonus DVD shows his astounding technique--fun!)

I rip the CDs to FLAC lossless digital files and play them thru my Bryston BDP1 and NAD M51--think they sound better that way.
Henrik Gunde "Gunde Now " CD

Lou Donaldson "Alligator Boogaloo" Hdtracs.com

And I will also get Doug MacLeod "There's a time" soon I hope. Great sounding album! Thanks for the tip!
First UK press of Floyd's A Nice Pair, which is a two-fer of their first two albums. The matrix numbers on Piper at the Gate are the same as the original pressing, which is now unobtanium. The two-fer, released in the early 70's, is gettable and by comparison, cheap. (Look for the one with the 'Dr.Phang' image on the cover (which was later deleted for legal reasons) as well as comparing matrix numbers.
Opeth "Watershed" Record Store Day 2014 release!

Oh yeah, and The Muppet Movie Soundtrack Record Store Day 2014 release :)
Found "Oldies.com" poking around online and ordered a few just to see what they were about.

Bonobo, "Animal Magic"
Saint Etienne, "Foxbase Alpha"
Thievery Corporation, "Saudade"

Like the Saudade lp the most.
Most Recent:

Bob Dylan-Highway 61 Revisited ( MOFI 2LP, 45RPM)

Bill Evans & Jim Hall-Undercurrent (MOFI Silver Series)

Garcia, Jerry & David Grisman-Jerry Garcia & David Grisman (MOFI)
Dylan Highway 61 --mofi 45 rpm
Springsteen--American Beauty
Sam Cooke--Ain't That Good News--ABKO
The Zombies--Odessey and Oracle
Elton John--Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (40th ann ed)--Yellow vinyl
Sharon King and the DapTones--Give The People What They Want

Steve Miller--Fly Like an Eagle--first prssing
Diana Ross and the Supremes Greatest Hits

Have not put Dylan on the table yet but all of the Dylan mofi 45s have been spectacular. Sam Cooke album sounds great. Elton is also excellent--close to a match on my original first pressing and better than all digital formats and redbooks I have incl mofi gold, sacd, hi rez and 40th anniversary reissue all of which I also have. Incidentally, the 40th ann redbook bests only a few prior digital versions so only purchase if you want the extras. Springsteen sounds like the usual slightly better than hash sound he produces for some time now. But the songs are good. Sharon Jones sounds like analogue Motown coming out of DapKing studios. Zombies sound great. Diana Ross-you all know how those Motown records sound. R.E.M.--not yet on the table.
Jaco Pastorius - The Criteria Sessions (RSD special re-release)
Santana - Moonflower (used original CBS release)
Thelonius Monk - Solo Monk (CBS re-release)
Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (MFSL remaster release 1-377)
Zappa & The Mothers - Uncle Meat (Zappa Records re-release)
Joan Osborne "Love and Hate" very good CD.

Also " Live in Tokyo ~ Portnoy, Sheehan, MacAlpine and Sherinian excellent prog rock CD.
Joan Osborne's "Love and Hate" great CD.

Mike Portnoy and others "Live in Tokyo"
I just bought an RCA 1s Al Hirt Music to watch girls by,a Tina Turner 12" 45,and a Sting 12" 45 yesterday.I have the Al Hirt on CD and LP but the first side of the LP has been damaged by previous owner.I compared side 2 which is a 6s I think to the CD and went right on Ebay to buy the mint 1s,LP much better.
LPs all from Black Friday Record Store Day:

New Order - '81-'82
American Hustle - Soundtrack (Red and Blue Vinyl)
Judas Priest - Fifty Souls (10" Red vinyl)
Genesis - From Genesis to Revelation
Duke Ellington Masterpieces and Joe Henderson Page One
Elvis Costello-Goodbye Cruel World (MOFI)

Elvis Costello-Blood & Chocolate (MOFI)

Steely Dan-Greatest Hits (Import...one time pressing)
Mel Torme "Best of the Concord Years".

I've never heard anyone resonate notes like this guy. When he does it, it sounds like the room might explode.
Shubert, it is the most eerily otherworldly thing I think I have ever heard on any recordings. The sound just seems to transcend the physical realm I'm listening in. One has to hear it to understand.
What freaks me is to hear Mel instantly fill in an error from a player with his voice with the same harmonics and pitch of the player.
I have no doubt, leaving vocals aside,that Mel was the
finest pure musician of all jazz vocalists.
I can only echo Mapman and Schubert. Mel has a very special vocal presentation. Eerie comes to mind in his ability to hold a note and be more accurate than the brass instrument. The horn section could tune there instruments to Mels voice. :)
I know tuna fish but not tune a horn :)
When he does it, his voice does not sound real, more unreal or synthesized, but I am pretty sure that it is just him. I also have his Classic Concert live recording from Carnegie Hall on Concord jazz label and it is on display there live.
Try his Christmas Album, some unreal feats on it.
Charles Mingus Ah Um - This record is very addictive. Good Listening
That's very well put, Needlestuff.
Whenever I put Ah Um on the TT I feel compelled to play it 3-4 times.
Burton Cummings at Massey Hall
Muscle Shoals
REM - Unplugged 1991/2001
"Swing swing swing" by Keeley Smith and "jazz in the afternoon".
Bob Dylan and the Band: The Basement Tapes--Complete
Rhiannon Giddens et al.: The New Basement Tapes
Johanna Martzy - Bach Partitas on Coup D'Archet. A bit pricey, but enjoyable.
I bought this LP from Todd Garfinkle over at MA Recordings.

J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations LP 20th Anniversary Edition



Really good stuff from Ito Ema and MA Recordings.
Miles Davis - E.S.P - Impex reissue
The Thelonious Monk Quartet - Monk's Dream - Impex reissue
Duke Ellington - Masterpieces by Ellington - AP reissue
Attaignant: Suites. Bendusi: Cortesana. Ensemble Ricercare Harmonia Mundi HM 573
Mahler: Symphony No. 3 In D Minor - Mehta/Forrester - AP reissue
Gregory Porter- Liquid Spirit on vinyl pressed in Germany.
A great contemporary singer who is both soulful, jazzy and insite-full.
Compared to the CD, the vocal is more natural, organic, the bass is deeper and richer, the horns are more brassy.
So many contemporary LPs suffer from digital sourcing. In this case, the transfer is very successful.