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Audio Research Ref 3 VS Mark Levinson 38s
I agree with 4425's assessment and add dead silence and an inky black background.  I also am not a fan of replaceable items which deteriorate and impact sound over time - tubes.The 326S projects a big, deep soundstage that is rock solid and stable... 
Audio Research Ref 3 VS Mark Levinson 38s
I agree with 4425.  I’ve spent a lot of time with the REF3 and while it’s a great unit I prefer my 326s for a variety of reasons. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Hank Jr. - 35 biggest hits 
VTL TL7.5 series lll VS VAC Master Line Stage VS AR Ref 6 VS Nagra Classic Preamp
It would boil down to the ARC and the VTL.  Depending on system synergy, choose the best.  I typically prefer VTL over ARC.Have fun choosing!! 
Dan D'Agostino Momentum amplifier- which preamp?
I'd certainly consider VTL linestages as well.  I've compared several of the ARC Ref's to the VTL 7.5 II and III and preferred the VTL's.  The comparison was done on a friends system using Rockport Altair's - fantastic speakers by the way. 
High Current Outlet for Amps?
I had dedicated circuits put in (2 x 20A for my amps, and another 15A for my source components) and would recommend it.  My amps draw a lot of amperage but more importantly is that the circuits are isolated from other sources of noise that share t... 
Aragon, Parasound or Bryston
Easy.  Parasound. 
Cary Audio: Tube preamp (SLP-98) paired with (SA-200.2) solid state amplifier?
I've used the SPL-98 with a Levinson 336 and it was a great combination, assuming the 98 is the sound you're looking for.  It leans more toward the tubey end of the spectrum which is not necessarily a bad thing.  The extreme frequencies aren't the... 
Problem with Esoteric service
I had my laser replaced on my DV-50 not too long ago and went through a local Esoteric dealer, even though I did not buy it new or from the dealer.  He handled everything and it shipped back to California for repair and was turned around quickly.I... 
Upgrade from Emotiva XPA1 to Bryston 28bsst2 or Pass X350.8
Depending on your budget... I'd look at all of the following.Pass XA seriesMark LevinsonAyreParasound JC1's 
Warm-up time for amps and preamps
It takes about an hour for my all SS system when "cold", meaning unplugged.  My gear has a standby setting which dramatically reduces the warm-up time, but there still is one. 
Interconnects, some have directional indicators, why?
I'm just guessing here, but I imagine it also may have something to do with the magnetic fields which are created anytime current moves (right hand rule) down a conductor.  I imagine that the geometry of the conductors are used to manipulate this ... 
What SS preamp compares to a tube preamp
I second Jafant's recommendation of the Levinson 380S.  If you can stretch for a 326S do it.  It's a fantastic preamp. 
Parasound JC1 vs Plinius sb301
You're welcome.  I feel the 336 was a little bit dark and subdued on the top end, however utterly smooth and extremely listenable which I am extremely sensitive to.  I get all of the same attributes with the JC1's but the top end is all there.  No... 
Pass Labs amps questions
I'd choose the XA mono's over the X350.8 although both are excellent.  The XA amps are really something special, and once you get a taste of Class-A operation it's hard to get enough of it.