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Streamer upgrade?
Same boat here, my Aurender N-100H is running just fine and has been trouble free since I have had it. Now that it's been discontinued not sure when to upgrade to the N-200. Aside from the high cost, the only thing that I am interested in is the S... 
Why do Tube Amps sound more romantic v SS amps
I didn't have any interest in tube based amps, until I purchased an efficient pair of speakers. After researching various amps, I went with an 845 18W SET 'A' IA, and have throughly enjoyed listening to the music it conveys. I also replaced my SS ... 
Ohio - Over the Rhine
Haunting track....I am from NE Ohio, but there is a town in Cincinnati  named Over the Rhine.   
What Power Cords for Rel S510 Subs?
I have a pair of S/510s, been using the stock power cords for a while.  I replaced them with an older set of Pangea cords, that I wasn't using, so far I haven't noticed any difference. I have no desire to try different cords, I am fine with the su... 
SVS vs REL and experiences with both: your comments and preferences...
@egrady  The placement of my subs follows the guidelines recommended by REL. There is no room to place the subs inside of the speakers, with others subs I have tried front firing placement and placing the subs opposite to one another.....  I thin... 
For those that have separate Streamers & DACS
I prefer a separate server and DAC, compared to a combo server. I am using an Aurender N-100 and a Lampizator Atlantic DAC and am pleased with the overall sound.  I will say the HiFi Rose looks very interesting and my be something to look at down ... 
SVS vs REL and experiences with both: your comments and preferences...
@ryder, Thanks for the kind comment.  I looked long and hard at SVS SB-3000 subs, I read many reviews and peoples comments about them and determined that SVS was a better fit for H.T. This is strictly my view.  The most common complaints about  ... 
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
I moved away from separates several years ago and have no regrets.  Since my system is all tube based, I have been considering adding an A/B IA to my system and Luxman would be a fine addition.   
How do you use Tidal with you local library?
I keep my CD library separate from what ever I stream from Tidal, using an Arender server, it's easy to switch between the two.  
GIK Vicoustic and others
Timely thread, I have some basic room treatments,  two corner bass traps and four 244's base traps all GIK. I went thru the room analysis with GIK, placed an order for two more corner traps.....to start. Based upon GIK recommendations,  I put two ... 
CD transports
I use a Cambridge CXC transport with my DAC, and it  sounds just  fine. As already mentioned,  your existing Luxman CD player is a fine piece, so it might be better  to do nothing.   
Speaker shootout question -- do you position the same or differently, depending?
I set my speakers equal distance from the rear and side walks, then fine tune adjustment with a set-up CD.   
Best streamers WITHOUT a DAC
Aurender N-100C has a S/PIDF connection,  I use the USB version and enjoy it. Good luck with search.   
Transmission line speakers!
A number of years ago I had a pair of PMC's FB1I, used in a small bedroom driven by a Bryston B-100. I remember them as being well built and very good sounding speaker.   
I had a pair of JL Audio E-112s, very fine subs but I couldn't take advantage of the built-in XO...I replaced them with a pair of REL S/510's...and was able to get much better integration with my mains using the high level inputs.