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Why are Ayon tube amps not mentioned very often?
I have a Viva Solistino integrated Amp, but the Ayon Crossfire was a serious contender. That was before the Ayon dealer mentioned the cost to replace some of the tube's.  
Does a Tube Dac make sense?
My integrated amp and DAC are both tubed based, no issues and both sound great.  
Enjoying New CD Transport Purchase
Check out Joan Osborne's "What you are" , off of Pretty Little  Strangers, beside being a great track,  it is also a great test track.   
SVS vs REL and experiences with both: your comments and preferences...
I replaced my JL Audio E-112 (2), with a pair of REL  S/510, due integration  issues. I was running my speakers full range with the subs working underneath, altho the subs sounded very good on some material I just could not eliminate some bass boo... 
Looking to buy a quality integrated $10,000 budget.
Maybe consider a Viva Solistino,  very well designed 18W, SET amp. With your speakers being so efficient this IA, will sound wonderful. I also agree with the other recommendations on the Luxmans. 
Pass Labs x250.8 vs tube amps
My Viva "Solistino" is an 18W class A integrated  amp. I usually  turn it on for 10-15 minutes for warm up, it does sound a little better after 30 mins. And the IA runs very hot.....can't imagine a system that takes 5-6 hours to warm up. 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
+2 for Daedalus,  and add to it Selah Audio. 
Rel vs the world
I am using a pair of JL  Audio  E-112 subs in my two channel rig, so far they are sounding  very good, but still working on getting them integrated  to my mains. Several years ago I was using a pair of Rythmik, F-12G  which I found to be excellent... 
Viva Solistino Amp
@charles1dad Again thank you for your kind reply and your spot on advice. As I originally stated, I had read many of your tube related posts and respect your insight.....@joeinid Thanks, I appreciate your coments. Yes my Viva is a keeper. 
Viva Solistino Amp
Yes the D input is a direct connection for a preamp and S is for the sub should be self explanatory, but with no info from the OEM, it was trial and error.  
Viva Solistino Amp
Well the Viva is still front and center in my system. I am still using the stock tubes that came with the amp, but I plan on replacing them early next year.The Viva mates very well with my Daedalus speakers, in its ability to drive them. The spea... 
unbeatable Class A integrated
If you like tubes and have efficient speakers, then take a look at Viva Solistino  IA. This IA has 18W pure class A, it's a very fine piece. 
Recommendations on a big 3 way bookshelf - new or vintage - speakers, have stands 17" high
Selah Audio "Tempesta " is a fine 3 - way large monitor speaker. They are well designed and sound great.  
New integrated amp
I had a KWI-200, Dan's products are first rate, very well made and exceptional  customer support....If needed. At the time it easily beat my Bryston B-100, a fine IA in its own, the MW has greater grip, headroom and of course power.  
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
I agree seperates provide greater flexibility and separation, but I have always liked the convenience of a good IA. As such I have owned both, like many others,  I moved back to an IA, Viva Solistino,  and have no regrets....its a fine IA and if I...