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Well, it looks like we won't need The Forum anymore..
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Who are they to tell us anything ? Second rate company by audiophile standards.
Don’t worry we will still repeat everything a hundred times here. Plus they won’t be covering Schumann and fuses I’d bet.   Or white hot stampers.   That will still be exclusive AG high end domain. 
Thank goodness,  I was afraid MC would become
MC often has a lot of good info. He is just blunt which shocks the new generation who were taught how to be politically correct & how to be easily offended and that disagreement - hate. One thing about @millercarbon is that you know what he thinks. I bet, if you met  him, you’d  know whether he likes you or not if you hung with him awhile. Those are generally men you can trust. They don’t surprise you, when you are vulnerable. I like those kind of people. But then again, I’m not a whole lot different. But I’m older and have mellowed. There are other’s of us here too.

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 Don't get me wrong, I enjoy MC. I look forward to my nightly email from the Forum to see who gets beat up. LOL
You know what he thinks because of repititious infinitus.
I am sure this book will be very informative....

Thanks OP for the information...

I am not sure about the erasing  of the need and necessity  for an audio  forum tough...

Try to look for a book called : "TRUE audiophile experience for the poors"

If this book exist it will cancel the need for a forum...

In some great extent i have already an audiophile experience for peanuts... But i am not competent for writing a book about audio... Self help, creative homemade low cost ideas will not suffice to write it competently...

But i know enough to affirm that an audio forum is necessary and NO BOOK could replace it...

Creativity cannot be contained in any book....Anyway....
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"Well, it looks like we won't need The Forum anymore.."
Just a little sarcasm here...
MC is a joke! He posts his system equipment on his posts thinking it’s something special. It’s low-fi to a little bit better than low-fi at best. His claims that his speakers are better than $1M Wilson’s and $1 springs will do wonders whereas real isolation devices like iso-acoustics are a joke. There are similar sites like Audiophiles-North America that have similar people posting and replying their audiophool ideas like: something they never heard or owned is worthless or sounds like crap, ring a bell with MC? Quite a few of us have left that site and others like that only to visit occasionally to get a good laugh.
Pauls daily posts are pretty good as well as his videos.
As for PS Audio being 2nd rate, maybe you need to join the audiophile-north America site.
Sure doesn't take too much to stir you folks up. I like Paul & listen to his videos even if he is a Lefty.  Sounds like MC got under your skin sometime.
Paul can actually design.....

Those with any sense of history and intelligence that exceeds ego, will be aware of his contributions 
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Very bad Book reviews  in Amazon
The audio Mecca for misguided, self-congratulating fanboys and their alphas?
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I started this thread for a few laughs & snarky worked!
Hey wolf,
I feel the same way about left wingers. At least right wingers don't try to cancel Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head.
One look at the posts following mine (which was deleted) speaks volumes about hypocrisy and projection re: snowflakes and the like. It's the same, tired, usual suspects holding grudges for having their butts handed to them, time and again.

All the best,
It’s content marketing, nothing more. These are the tactics one must resort to when peddling mediocre, overpriced products. 
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No cure for " Lefties " game over.
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Is it that hard for you geniuses on both sides of the aisle to understand that this is not the place for political debates?

Priceless. Thank you.


I agree with you 100%. This is a hi-fi forum. I come here and I'm sure most of you come here to get away from that crap, not to see more of it. In my 20 years on Audiogon and my 15 years on Audio Asylum I have never started  a political conversation. When you insult the people and things I believe in and call them names I take it personal and I'm going to fight back. I'm sure someone is going to say don't let it bother you and you may be right. I've been letting things go for a long time, but enough is enough.  This is an audio forum. I don't come here to be insulted. If this was a left wing political forum or that sewer we call Twitter and Facebook I would expect that behavior, and if I would be stupid enough to go there then that's on me. What may be appropriate there is not approiate here This all I have to say on the matter. There is nothing else to be said.

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And yet you know just what to mimic what you've been fed. Don't start what you can't finish. By the way, I'm not going anywhere so no favors for you.

All the best,
Agree with Nonoise.  He didn't start the political slant and name calling.
Insulting or trashing people, especially entire groups of people, that you label yet don’t even know is bad behavior and bad manners. Period. Has nothing to do with political views. It’s just destructive and bad behavior and nobody here there or anywhere should do it or tolerate it.
And yet you mimic all the talking points of CNN, MSNBC, not to mention The NY Times and the Washington Post, and probably countless others. You have turned hypocrisy into an art form. 
I don't start anything. I'm finishing what you started. That remark about ditto heads (which has since been deleted) was the straw that broke the camels back. It was totally uncalled for. If you can bring yourself, I know it's going to be very difficult, but if you can just bring yourself to show a little self control and stop bashing conservatives every chance you get with those snarky, uncalled for and hateful remarks this whole thing could have been avoided. You've been doing this for years and nobody had the guts to call you on it. Now that someone has, you resort to name calling. How typical.
Onhwy61 the post that started this has been deleted. People should have all the facts before they comment.

And here, rsfphil displays the ultimate form of projection, and cops the victimhood angle as well. What a piece of work. All these offhand remarks that are "only snark" are the calling cards of cowards. 

Racism, sexism and other forms of hate live on in such quaint and innocent comments when treated as throwaways and only meant for fun, or so you'd have people believe. 

And talk about "cancel culture". Your kind thinks that by deleting my posts that it's now safe for you and yours as you're now "owning" me. Thanks for the laughs. The points were made. Others have read it. You've achieved nothing. 

My comment on ditto heads was in response to all the lefty wise cracks which have since been deleted or erased (depending on whether the mods did it or the originators wanted to erase their tracks). Also, glad you've noticed that I've been standing up to the right wing blowhards all these years. I'm proud of that. So, to the point of self control, practice what you preach as I'm only responding, not instigating. 

All the best,
Ah, sorry to tell ya nonoises but there's still a couple of " L" cracks on here..
So it's okay to respond to anti left remarks, but it's not okay to respond to anti right remarks.Your hypocrisy astounds me. When all else fails play the race and sexism card, right out of the lefty playbook. Everyone knows all right wingers are racists, sexists and homophobes. We hate everybody and everyone knows that left wingers just love everybody except of course if you're stupid enough to disagree with  them. Then they will defiantly hate and try to destroy you. There one thing the left is very good at and that is bullying.One more thing they are very good at is lying . They can lie with the best of them. It looks like the leftys hate over half the country  When it comes to hate you should know. After all you are the expert. Why would anyone in their right mind want to "own" you or anyone like you. The left does "own" the cancel culture. Disagree with the left and they will do their best to destroy you.There are some people on the left who are talking about putting Trump supporters in re-education camps. That will never happen. Believe me they would if they could. I guess you would be okay with that. I don't care what your politics are, just keep it off of Audiogon.
So it's okay to respond to anti left remarks, but it's not okay to respond to anti right remarks.Your hypocrisy astounds me.
Actually, it's your density that astounds me and anyone who's read this  thread in it's entirety. I'm perfectly fine with you responding to me and not the least bit fine with you canceling me, which you've done and still try to do.

Keep digging that hole you're in with your silly talking points. Tell you what, I'll follow Napoleon's advice for awhile:
Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.

All the best,

rsfphil “I don't care what your politics are, just keep it off of Audiogon.”

That was a whole lot of politics you went through just to tell the rest of us not to talk about politics. I suggest you heed your own advice.
Well, Napoleon ended up poorly. Not that what he said was wrong. He also often created enemies to have someone to defeat. But he did a lot for France before leading it to humiliation. Very controversial historical figure. In fact, he was not really French, as I remember, he was from Corsica. 
Your thoughts on Napoleon took me back to my high school days. Back then, all we had were board games and there was a line of them from Avalon Hill. One was called Waterloo and it reenacted the events leading up to, during, and if successful, after, the event.

These were not your typical board games and used hundreds of pieces depicting small and large arms, troop strength, medical support, etc. all played out of the actual map of the area, done in grids. There was a time table that you had to adhere to and it was the role of dice (chance)  that permitted when to use the piece and how far you could deploy it. Even the terrain was depicted and it could slow one down, depending.

Now my friend was a big Waterloo fan and challenged me to a round choosing the role of Wellington, leaving me with the role of Napoleon. I beat him twice and went onto Brussels, which pissed him off to no end.
These games took hours to complete. Thanks for stirring my memories to something better. 👍

All the best,Nonoise
Nonoise, good story, thank you.

In 3.....2.....1.....
I disagree with about 90 percent of what he says in his videos, plus he comes off as smarmy....never owned ps audio, and most likely never will.
I have his tube pre-amp & am well pleased.