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Polk L100s - tube integrated recommendation
Check out the LSA VT-70. You can return it if you don’t like it!    
Speaker Stand Help
Check out Sound Anchors!    
Phone preamp question
+1@ sleepwalker65   Passive Preamplifier In essence is merely a volume control designed to attenuate the signal going from the source (usually a CD player) to the amplifier. Since it is passive, it has no inherent gain because it has no active c... 
Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage
The Falcon IMF-100 can be had for under 2 grand. It is sold factory direct in kit or factory built. It is a Transmission-Line and goes down to 40hz. It is an outstanding speaker! 
Help me spend $6000
"I enjoy being ridiculed, talked down to, and reading posts that have nothing to do with the original question. " Could it be that you had two separate threads about the same subject?  Good luck with the new speakers!    
Best speakers for a small room
Another for the Harbeth P3ESR!!    
Audiophile Tool Bingo
Stethoscope and blank record!  
Help me pick a new pair of speakers
+1 Harbeth P3ESR There is a dealer selling a demo Maple pair here for $1900. You should make an offer on them!!    
Volume Control Too Sensitive
@newbee In my neck of the woods we have a word for that! IN-GRATE!  
Buying from Canada!
I bought from England with no fees. The question was about Canada!  
Buying from Canada!
Thanks for the information!    
Question about byamplification
@yogiboy +1 That SYS is all you need! @ elliottbnewcombjr is making a Mountain out of a Molehill!  
Vintage Integrated Amplifiers With Great Sound
Yamaha went retro with their newer amps. This A-S1200 looks like a vintage amp and it also has power meters!!    
recommendation for phono pre amp and mc cartridge, around 1000$ each
How about this?  
recommendation for phono pre amp and mc cartridge, around 1000$ each
 Here ya go! The Well-Tempered Arm Specifications |