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recommendation for phono pre amp and mc cartridge, around 1000$ each
How about this?  
recommendation for phono pre amp and mc cartridge, around 1000$ each
 Here ya go! The Well-Tempered Arm Specifications |  
recommendation for phono pre amp and mc cartridge, around 1000$ each
The mass of that arm is 10 grams. With this chart you can find the capability of the cartridge that you decide to get! With a Japanese cartridge you will have to multiply the results by 1.7!  
Need advice: Hegel V10 phono stage and Sumiko Blue No.2
@yogiboy Gave you the information that you are looking for, all you need to do is change the gain to a higher setting and 47K load. With a moving coil capacitance is a non factor! In the case of moving-coil cartridges, their coil inductance is so... 
Speaker Recommendation Help Please.
+1 ATC! Its sealed cabinet design ensures excellent timing, useful low frequency output below the cut-off and that the speakers can be placed relatively close to walls without excessive low frequency output or ‘boom’. Both the mid-bass driver and... 
I want to move from Rega Planar 6 help me to pick a new turntable
@unreceivedogma Really!    
Subwoofer Choice Question SVS, Majico, JL Audio, REL
Add Vandersteen to your candidates!  
What Is So Special About Harbeth?
The Harbeth P3 is one of the best sounding small monitor type speaker that I have owned. IMO, there are many others that don’t come close!!    
Tiny Room (6' x 9') speaker advice
Here are some LS3/5A options! The Spendor A1 is another nice shoe box size speaker that I would include! Compared! Harbeth. Falcon Acoustics. Sound Artist. LS3/5a - YouTube  
Buyer Dispute
The OP gave the seller positive feedback. A PayPal dispute is only good for 45 days. The speakers were purchased 6 months ago. I doubt very much that the OP will get any kind of a refund. This is the PayPal  rules! PayPal requires you to file all... 
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
The Harbeth P3 is my favorite stand mount! And I don’t use a subwoofer! (1) Harbeth P3ESR Review! - Bing video   Another review!!    
Upgrading my system
If you are an anglophile you should check out Exposure gear!  
Connecting a sub to amp pre-amp outs?
Yes, yes and yes! 
A move has me thinking of a CD changer....?
This Onkyo would fit the bill! 
Marantz AV7005 - Widow w/question
If this site has helped you out so much why would you not list it here?