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Solid state amp to go with tube preamp; used ok; budget: $3k max
Those neg’s on the SET400 were deal killers, and I ate the shipping to get my money back. (No disrespect to AVA lovers, this was just my experience.) You expected not to pay for shipping on a return? What's that all about? 
Monitor suggestions?
Here ya go! 
Need parts for vintage McIntosh 2205
Give this place a call! 
Need a new FM Receiver that works very well
This Sangean HDT 20 for about 200 bucks is worth looking into. You will not find many new tuners anymore. Ebay has close to 4000 vintage tuners if you care to go that route! 
Inexpensive passive pre
This Schitt SYS 50 Bucks! 
Need a high-WAF stand solution
 @fuzztone What a wit! Zzzzz! 
TT and cartridge choice
That Mac only has a mm phono section. The only mc that you can use is a high output one! 
Are Quicksilver power tube amps in the same league as VAC, VTL, BAT, ARC, ...?
@ arafiq Quicksilver is no flash-in-the-pan. Mike Sanders has been making great gear for 40 years. He will support anything no matter how old it is. My buddy tried to get his 10 year old Audio Research Hybrid HD220 power amp fixed and was told tha... 
Looking for new preamp to pair with active speakers...
That Schitt is solid state! 
Looking for new preamp to pair with active speakers...
This might be worth a try. It is returnable so you have nothing to lose! 
Rear ported speakers?
.@roxy54 I know what the speaker should sell for. I gave the seller a fair offer. I did not lowball him! 
Rear ported speakers?
@ elliottbnewcombjr I have owned many LS3/5a type of speakers that are a sealed design. I love my Harbeth P3ESRs. I came across this used pair of the Spendor 3/1 and was just curious if it would be problematic if close to a wall. I don’t want to g... 
eBay secretly over charged sellers
@ jasonbourne52 Why would you not list on Audiogon? You do a lot of posting here. I guess you want a free ride!! 
How to buy Emotiva CD player
This is stated on the Emotiva site. The passionate high-end audio products from the people who enjoy music and movies just like youBespoke high-end audio qualityDirect to consumer, no retail markupsUp to 5-year warrantiesUpgrade Gear with our Tra... 
Budget Phono preAmp
+1 Sutherland!