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Considering used towers under $1000..
A pair of used Vandersteen 1Ci's should fit the bill! 
Preamp tube
Sylvania-Baldwin green label circa 1960’s is a nice sounding 12AX7. They can be had on ebay at reasonable prices! 
What solid amp to pair with DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier ?
Check out Van Alstine! 
Vinyl System Upgrade Path Recommendations
+1 yogiboyReplace that old worn stylus. You will be surprised with the improvement a new stylus will make. BTW, you will damage your vinyl with a damaged stylus! 
What Amplifier would you recommend to power KEF Q350’s?
How did a 110 volt power cord fit into a 220 volt outlet? Just curious! 
2.0 Mv Hana Shibata H enough output for Croft Phono Integrated?
There is no compliance spec on those Hana cartridges. Why would they exclude something as important like that? 
Magnepan SMGa - what are they worth, best places to sell?
If you clear 400 bucks consider yourself lucky! Craigslist would be your best place to sell them!