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Walmart, 97 cents, for Vibration Control
You could even put em on tree roots!  MC  
DISCUSSION: "It only comes out at night". Does anyone else have this experience!?
New tweak, cut down all trees. Darn roots.......  
Your Favorite Christmas Song-One only Please-
Alan Jackson.......Let it be Christmas  
Need help buying new speaker cable
Go to Home Depot & buy some stranded #12 to use while yours get fixed.That's why I get the big bucks.  
Aged components / service!?
Bought my Carver in the 80s. I sent in to the Carver repair & they vastly improved it. Better than new. 
Bluetooth adapter..
Thank you 
Bluetooth adapter..
Thinking I'm a jinx.. 
Bluetooth adapter..
Preamp is powered off after use,  tubes 
Bluetooth adapter..
Haven't tried Auris yet. 
Bluetooth adapter..
I had an Audioengine & it quit also. Different system too. 
Recommended cheaper vintage SS Integrated Amps?
My first amp was the AU 717 Sansui also. Next was & still is a TFM 45 Carver.  It's rebuilt now & very tube like. 375 wpc.  Great amp. 
Shipping floor standing speakers
Shrink wrapped to a pallet. Standing up. That's how my Focals came. 
Upscale Audio and Primaluna
life's too short to listen to assholes trashing your gear.  Click 
Focal Kanta NO.3 Speakers Spending More Doesn't Matter !
I really like mine. I got em on sale for $9000.. 
Where are the young audiophiles?
I offered a system to my son, 31yrs, & he didn't want it. B&Ws & Rotel stuff. He uses Ear buds & phone music. I don't get it. He's up & coming, runs the family business & has money.  Where have I failed!