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So how do these new bots make money?
Bots aren't in it for the money, it the Ones and Zeros the want. 😳  
How to prevent visitors from touching your system
I used to keep a couple of charged condensers sitting on my tool cart for those people who just had to touch other peoples stuff. Typically it took just one time.   
Would It Be Possible To Get Help Finding This Song?
lol Amazing, someone asks for help finding a song, then all the libtardians crawl from the sewer ranting TDS delusions.   
So you just took a gummie...What song is on the menu?
The entire Spirit "Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus"   
Perfect Vinyl Forever
@grislybutter    What a coincidence! That's what I was using it for. I sure do miss it.   
Perfect Vinyl Forever
@grislybutter    Thanks, I lost one yesterday. Please return ASAP, it's my favorite nail.   
Picture worth a penny LOL!!!!
@j-wall  Correct! And the only thing bearable on all of Reddit.   
Picture worth a penny LOL!!!!
I seem to be a stupid Reddit fetish.   
"But it sounds better at night...."
@carlsbad2    Yes, please. 🥴  
Why are these called 5 way binding posts? I count four!
@nonoise    +1   But what a way to go!   
All Stocked Up and Nowhere To Play
Sad... So sad. 😢  
Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables
@soix    +1  Do not support the Chinese regime.   
Do You Clean Your Ears?
@wolf_garcia    Well he is full of, and has to come out somewhere. 🥺  
Bose 901 VI flat?
@russ69  . What you said +1      
What are some good things to do when going to an audition
Stretch. You don't want to pull a hammie