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What Makes your System Special?
The time we spend together. And it never forgets my birthday. 
Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?
3k is perfectly reasonable.....if it's the one between the nuclear power plant and the grid. 
This forum is antiquated.
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Cat Scratch Fever?
I can't believe I'm saying this, but MC is right on point.  7 universities just checked 1500 "confirmed" C19 cases using SEM from KOCH Laboratories and were unable to detect C19 in a single sample. A CDC paper states they have been depending on 37... 
MQA is for chumps
@fuzztone  I'll take heed on your advice, thanks. If/when I get another DAC I like for it's properties alone, and by chance it includes MQA, fine. It will give me something to play with and offer hands on advice later up the road. 
My Terrible Emotiva Experience
mastering 92?  Is that the IQ level you hope to attain someday? If so, by the examples of your previous posts, you are heading in the wrong direction from the already cool room temp IQ you've displayed so far. The OP offered a rational observation... 
Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music 
MQA is for chumps
Does anyone have any experience with CDs encoded with MQA? I have a fair number of the Japanese MQA encoded discs and have wondered if I would get a benefit in purchasing a DAC that has the capability. 
Suggestion for Audiogon Forums
@artemus_5   +1 Are you familiar with the Dunning/Krueger Effect?  It seems to be prevalent with a few posters. 
EXTRA! EXTRA!! Millercarbon Proven Wrong!!! Read all about it! EXTRA! EXTRA!!
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New turntable: TW or Obama?
@bobbydd   Are you sure you want leftwing opinion? Most I've seen would have you loot anything shiny off your system, then burn the rest of it to the ground......oh don't forget to flip over your car and set the trash can on fire on your way out.🙄 
Low gain dac!
I find it humorous that the OP specifically ask for DAC recommendations, then posted several times he is going to keep his pre regardless (I completely understand that), and the posts keep recommending he delete his pre. Maybe some can't see the q... 
Can anyone answer this? What is a blue skinned cable??
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moving from house to an apartment.. goodbye 802D's
I was worried when I moved into an apartment with my AR9lsi, until I discovered all the neighbors had screaming kids! Wait 'till after you move and find out what your environment will be like. 
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Three MoFi OneSteps. Release:  TBA=☹️