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Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store
A good move, businessmen also have to survive in e-commerce world. A nominal fee per hour is welcome both customer & industry doesn't feel guilty. Everything costs to run demo in a business.  
Why are audiophile high end speakers expensive?
High end audio has gone global that’s what makes it expensive in some way. Particularly manufacturer who follow of High labour cost country like Germany. When German product sells for x price, equal/higher quality product of US/UK will take cue to... 
Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...
Do you think people who charge $2000 dollar for (remote) control are in music business?  
Interesting Fed Ex encounter...
Ha Ha  
Audio reviews: too many analogies, never simple, but most of all, never clear.
Yes, true. clever art of Beating around the bush. never committal to serving truth to reader, never surgical reality. 
Child Damage Mitigation
Man, The most precious thing in the world you have is your daughter everything else is nothing, can come n go. Your daughter is your future, your caretaker when you are old. preserve her not other asset. Whenever in the room hold her and listen to... 
2 way, which are the best designs?
@kenjit Tell me, which speaker is NOT some  drivers in cheap mdf boxes?There are millions od drivers to choose. "Anybody could do that"May be? Yes, but very very few can make into Market in that Very few will be appreciated by Audiophiles.  
Blind fold hearing test
Some one had done that experiment I am not sure BBC or Discovery or NatGeo... I remember at about 20 years back  had seen a video where a blind folded listener made to hear an artist live performance, a high end 2way (white small Bookshelf) stand... 
Cable insulation, graphene, electron flow... how does it work?
For any observations should be substantiated by measurements, If not It is snake oil, pure & high quality snake oil.  
Better sound with ethernet cable?
Instead of taking Ethernet cable or Mesh router Take your modem/router next to system. I hope your home has telephone point everywhere or extending new OPC is more economical & easier.  
Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far
If many agree here PS speaker is BS How can they approve & release it? huge dent in brand.  
Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far
Thanks for brutally honest opinion. It shows there are few good reviewer who cannot be influenced.  
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
In beginning Pulsar price was below 5K , as more positive review came pricier it became. Point to be noted that it is regular advertiser in Stereophile.  
High resolution digital is dead. The best DAC's killed it.
I think this forum is only for sound engineers.  
A new chapter has begun.
What are you mumbling audilover718? Seems you are tooooo exited to articulate your thoughts.