Discussion Forum - 'Ignore User' add-on

I’ve noticed that some recently designed online discussion forums have a function called ’Ignore User’. It simply ’hides’ posts by that User from your display. Kind of a troll deterrent. The functionality can probably be programmed to ’hide’ the posts for a particular thread or for all threads. Do you think this would be a good add-on for Audiogon’s discussion forum? I would use it. For some threads, it would filter out pages and pages of diatribe - allowing the informative posts to be read more easily.
I don't need an "Ignore User" button to be able to ignore a user.

Besides, I sometimes enjoy reading a response from a user I don't ignore directed toward a user I do ignore. If I used an Ignore button, I wouldn't understand the context. 

Not understanding the context occasionally? Of that I plead guilty. 

If that function was in operation I wouldn't be able to read your post steakster...!