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Some Love for the Spatial Lumina L2
Spatial makes some great speakers.  
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
For playing EDM with a small, spouse-friendly form factor, try a stereo pair of Devialet Phantoms. They can play deeper than any stand-mount speaker mentioned thus far and remarkably, without any enclosure resonance. They're not as well-suited to ... 
Odyssey integrated opinions?
Not to mention Odyssey's customer service sucks @$$. 
Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities
The Rogue Stereo 100 produced the deepest, most articulate bass I've heard in my system - better than any SS amp I've owned including some rated at 2x the power. 
Using a regulated power supply with a Pro ject Pre Box S2
Based on Stereophiles measurements of this DAC, I highly doubt you'll get any worthwhile improvement from a linear power supply, nothing that's audible anyhow. A cell-phone charger is essentially the same thing as the wall-wart that comes with it.... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Vandersteens - all of them. I honestly prefer the 2s to the 3s, even though the 3s are more accurate, and the 2s with a pair of the subs over the 5s, for the same reason.Funny, I prefer the 1s over the 2s. 
Tool Fear Inoculum impressions
@helomech ...you say you listened to it three times and you find little worth celebrating. Then you say you love 10,000 days. Just goes to show you... I listened to 10,000 days when it came out and couldn't stand it. I've listened to it on and of... 
Tool Fear Inoculum impressions
I agree with uberwaltz. Many Tool fans have a hard time accepting anything after Aenima, which I fully understand. It’s really interesting to hear the progression that the band has made over the years. With each album you can see how they get more... 
Tool Fear Inoculum impressions
It’s a shame how compressed the new album is. Also sad how compressed the remasters for download are. Looking at the DR DB it’s easy to see the affect of the Loudness Wars; Tool CDs released in the 90s have lower compression, thus better dynamic r... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Magnepan are my absolute favorite for the money.  I just upgraded from 1.7i to 3.7i and couldn’t be happier! The sound is really hard to believe. Unfortunately, unless you have a truly powerful good quality amp, you will be very disappointed.  My ... 
I like my music systems like I like my baths ...
Did you have the cabinets built by Taylor Speakers, like the ones in the link?  
I like my music systems like I like my baths ...
Cool system. I bet it sounds phenomenal. 
Tool Fear Inoculum impressions
You asked, so here is my opinion: it's the least good album they've produced, and by a wide margin. I didn't much care for Lateralus or 10,000 Days upon initial listen but felt they had enough potential to draw me back for subsequent listens and t... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Spatial Audio's speakers can compete with many at 2X the price, not so sure about 3X the price. There are plenty of vintage and near-vintage speakers that compete with current offerings of 3 and 4X the price, Spendor SP100s for example.  
My “Dream” system needs a preamp
I suggest auditioning both the 1.7i and .7 Maggies. I prefer the latter.