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Gryphon Diablo 250 vs Hegel390
The Diablo, no contest. The Gryphons are some of the few integrateds that can compete with TOTL separates.  
need cartridge suggestion
Checkout reviews of the Clearaudio Concept MC.  
Tube phono preamp vs parasound hint phono stage
I would merely focus on upgrading your phono preamp rather than adding tube character. I once did an A/B comparison between the Hint’s onboard phono stage and the Parasound Z-Phono. The $200 Z-phono came out on top. My advice is to get a JC3 Jr. i... 
Harbeth P3ESR vs the new XD
It I can’t find a pr of P3ESR are the Mofi LS3/5a just as good?How is the Spendor 3/1? Is Harbeth still king?Were they ever king? Guess I wasn’t around for the crowning. My experience has been that they’re closer to the level of a Duke. I would ex... 
Harbeth P3ESR vs the new XD
Mr. Shaw turned to a marketing company for his new business model. Any bets that soon they will have a new model called P3ESR Classic? Back to original design they discontinued.Seems there are quite a few who prefer some of the older Harbeth model... 
All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!
glupson I dare you to prove to me right now that the Magico has better measurements than a cheap speaker. I dont care how much effort went into making the Magicos. It all comes down to whether the Magico is superior or not. Mr Magico. If you are r... 
Harbeth P3ESR vs the new XD
^It would have to be a significant improvement in clarity and detail to warrant such a statement. I auditioned the “SE” variant not that long ago (a precursor to the 40th but essentially the same I was told), and even they were not that impressive... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Ella FitzgeraldMeiko (talk about a sexy voice) 👌Dusty Springfield  
Musical fidelity M6SI problem.
Not surprising considering they use cheap parts compared to other manufacturers in respective price classes. One should expect Nichicon Muse capacitors in this class but MF uses cheap Taiwan caps.  
The secret to a great amplifier...
Synergistic Research has been known to rebadge and decorate cheap Chinese junk FYI. The ultimate purveyor of snake oil products.  
Dynaudio Special 40 vs B&W 805 D3
Yes, they’ll be an upgrade in both resolution and refinement. The B&W diamond tweeter is better than Dynaudio’s Esotar2 and likely better than the tweeter in the 40s There are others I’d prefer at that price point but you can do worse than the... 
Constant noisy tubes maybe go solid state?
Try the Mullard 12AT7s from Upscale Audio, the gold pin versions. Otherwise call Vintage Tube Services, just be prepared to wait a good couple weeks to receive your tubes.  
Planar speaker characteristics
Get a pair of .7s — more balanced tonally and not as fragile. The downside to maggies is a lack of midbass punch/slam, however, the .7s suffer this much less than the other models for whatever reason, probably because they don’t have any crossover... 
Thoughts on the most difficult instruments for speakers to reproduce?
Most piano recordings are terrible, unfortunately. 
Devore Fidelity Orangutan O/96
I haven't compared them back-to-back but I find their tonality and response rather similar (O/93 and SHL5+). Based on your recent O/96 assessment, I doubt you'd like the Harbeth sound better. With exception of the P3ESRs, the Harbeths I've heard s...