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Integrated amp recommendation for Maggie .7's
Why an integrated? As a fellow .7 owner, I can assure you that a pre-owned Parasound A21 and a decent SS preamp will perform better than any <$5K integrated. I used a Topping A90D with the A21 and it was far better than Hegel.   
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
Anything performed/written by Pennywise, though it won’t take you over the moon.   
UPS. Friend Or Foe?
I had to mention the likelihood of litigation in order for UPS to finally pay out my recent claim. IME with carrier insurance, their default policy is to deny each and every claim and make the process a nightmare in hopes of discouraging the claim... 
Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+ -OR- Moon 110lp v2 -OR- Parasound ZPhono XRM Phono
I sold my JC3 Jr. after comparing it to the XRM. The XRM is actually quieter and I couldn’t detect a difference otherwise.   
Help. System sounds thin and bright or harsh
Sell the Harbeths. There is nothing wrong with your upstream gear, the problem is the Harbeths sound like studio monitors. Studio monitors are not “warm.”   
Warm and accurate bookshelves that can handle volume
Harbeths really? Yes they are fine sounding BUT turn up the vol and they fall apart, at least in my experience. Local dealer sell them so have heard them many times. Same experience here. They sound nice at moderate volume. Even with high curr... 
Warm and accurate bookshelves that can handle volume
Outside of the M40s, Harbeths do not handle high SPLs so well. The 8” midwoofers have weak motors not designed for long term high power handling. Search around the web and you’ll find quite a few reports of blown drivers, even cracked cones. The ... 
Best turntable under $4000
I switched from a >$4K Acoustic Signature setup (w/ $1600 tonearm) to a Technics 1210GR and have no regrets. The former was a more elegant looking turntable for certain but the GR looks better in person than I expected. Definitely less DJ-esque... 
Coaxials - Reality vs. Experience?
Hard to beat the imaging of some of the KEFs and Tannoys IME. Otherwise there is nothing particularly remarkable about the scheme.    I owned the previous Spatial Audio M series which consisted of Eminence woofer with a coaxially mounted compress... 
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
I auditioned their GaN 400 amp in my home, using a Benchmark LA4 as preamp. It was mostly underwhelming. It had decent highs and mids but the bass was a joke compared to the other amps I had on hand at the time (Benchmark AHB2 and Parasound A21).... 
HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range
Good choice. Parasound amps are unequaled in value. I recently bought an old A21 off a friend and am stunned at how good it can sound with the right matching equipment, better than many amps from the boutique brands.  
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
Those older Nautilus 800 series B&Ws actually measured fairly flat compared to current models and were arguably better speakers than the current series.   As for the SFs, I auditioned the Nova IIs and thought they were quite neutral. They we... 
End Game Turntable suggestions
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
Now if you could just get that A100 back on loan from TMR for a level-matched A/B comparison. Then the real moment of truth could commence. 😉  
Protip: Using a sub? Plug your mains
Some drivers can handle both ported and sealed enclosures, some cannot. Also, when plugging a port, you want to plug the whole length. That applies to more than just speakers ;-)