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CD Transport Question
soix 5,485 posts 09-22-2022 at 01:26pm  "Thought I heard a while back that Schiit was going to introduce a transport.  Am I just making this up in my own mind?"   No you're not. Someone posted about that a while ago. Haven't heard anything s... 
Equalizer APO/ preamplifier question
That's very helpful. Thanks.  
Name this wonderful system
carlsbad: "I'm always impressed by people who can judge the sound of a system by listening to a recording of the system on their system.  I won't say how I'm impressed, but I'm impressed." I have always been equally impressed by people who can j... 
Best progressive rock album side
cincyjim 86 posts Uriah Heep Look At Your Self Pink Floyd Meddle Led Zeppelin III Yes Fragile Black Sabbath paranoid   Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath are "progressive rock"? I did not know that.  
Please settle a bet!
Apparently they think people here are concerned with the political opinions of anonymous strangers?  
Audio nonsense
"whatever happened to Millercarbon? Is he OK?" I understand Tekton MOAB sales are down significantly since his last post.  
My budget system and a speaker question
Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
"They look like they sound great!" What does this mean?  
Does anyone know how to do a search for a component review on 6moons.com?
No one finished 'Atlas Shrugged'.  
Buying refurbished gear....
"Never buy refurbished gear." Because?  
Focal vs dynaudio
Hey everybody look.....Kenjit's back! Where ya been, buddy?  
What Recordings Of Yours Did Not Age Well?
Rush 2112 side one. At 18, I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever heard. Rock + Science Fiction? What's not to like? Now, no.  
In your experience, is there any indoor FM antenna that is better than the stock T-Robbin?
"I’ve also had pretty good luck with an inexpensive Radio Shack Cat. No. 15-1874 sturdy rabbit ears antenna" I use RCA ANT111E Indoor Antennas (rabbit ears) on 2 of my tuners - about $10. Not sure if they are any better than a dipole but they are... 
It's time to do it! Please, your help....
Been using an off the shelf Dell (which I rip CD’s to as well as stream) to an Arcam DAC for years and and while it may not be the ultimate in sound reproduction, it is certainly not "dreadful". I do not hear the computer noise that many complain ... 
What are some of your favorite "COLD" songs?
Standing in a phone booth in boxers at -175°?   Kiss: 'Cold Gin'