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Audiogon’s transaction fees
I got the same results as yogiboy on my iPad. It’s quite simple. You shoudn’t be having these problems. 
Tonearms: Ripoff?
br3098,Check again. It’s probably CNN. 
Dear Audiogon,
The ad was on the top of the page in the same space where you run your banner ads. I haven’t seen it in awhile, so hopefully it was pulled. 
Dear Audiogon,
Discussions about clothing, trips, food, cars, etc won’t get deleted. Political discussions will get deleted.  
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
Toothpaste is Elizabeth. 
Store auditioning and then buying on-line from others. How do you feel about it ?
That "huge tax refund" will be in April 2019 when the new tax laws are in effect. The refund you get in April 2018 will be based on the current tax laws. 
Tekton DIs or Legacy Focus SEs?
I've seen the Focus SEs on various websites and the MSRP is over $10,000. Are we talking about the same speaker? 
Where were your audio components designed/engineered?
I thought Parasound gear was designed in California and manufactured in Taiwan. 
I guess I have to sell my Tekton Enzos
"I have the Enzo 2.7's, the DI's and now the Ulfberhts. Yes, the DI's do indeed kill the Enzo's. Listen to them side-by-side, and it's not even close."It's okay for an owner of the speaker to say that, but it is inappropriate for the manufacturer ... 
I guess I have to sell my Tekton Enzos
"They are not similar to each other and one is more than twice as small."That's my point. You are comparing two totally  different speakers. In that context to say one slaughters the other is not reasonable."Same specs as the original Enzo with a ... 
I guess I have to sell my Tekton Enzos
"Anyway, the Enzo was created years ago and has ABSOLUTELY ZERO to do with the Double Impact of today so everyone can rest easy. The DI’s absolutely slaughter the original Enzo! I created the original Enzo for one reason only... a viable alternati... 
How will I know when a Krell KSA-80b needs to be recapped?
I'm pretty sure the KSA-80b is more than 14 years old. It's probably closer to 25-30 years old. 
Pass Labs
If you want to talk about history go to a history forum. 
New Release CD Players $1000 - $1500
The op was asking about a CD player. He wasn't asking about a DAC. 
Pass Labs
I agree 100%. Any post having to do with politcs or relgion should be removed (including mine) ASAP.