My most remarkable service experience ever.

This is probably the most remarkable service I ever got, so I thought I should share it with all of you.

I bought a second hand PS Audio DirectStream DAC here on A’gon and it was slightly damaged in shipping. The internal packing insert failed, and one of the corners was chipped. I thought about purchasing the piece and install it myself, but even though it is at no fault of their own, PS Audio told me:
If you cover the shipping of the unit to me and the cost of parts. We would be able to update these parts as well as cover the shipping back to you.
This is no small deal as you practically have to take the unit completely apart to replace that corner piece, but wait, it gets even better…

My correspondence with the original customer relation manager somehow got lost when he left his job and was replaced. I waited for a reply regarding shipping of the unit to them which never came. At that point, I also had a minor issue with my PerfectWave Transport, and a concern about my P5 power re-generator, so I asked about servicing those units as well. I wrote PS Audio again and received the following response:
Hi Ami, I’m the new customer service manager here at PS Audio. Thank you for the very detailed email and the sorted action items. Let’s get your problems solved.
1.     I am going to create a new RMA for each of your products.
2.     Because you have been so patient with working with us during our transition and because you have been so organized with your needs I am going to process your repairs under warranty at no charge to you.
Unbelievably, the did the following:
  • They sent me new shipping boxes, complete with new original packing materials and prepaid shipping labels for all 3 units free of charge. Remind you, these are large, heavy units in even larger double boxes…
  • They serviced all 3 units at no cost, replaced several components of the transport, and the damaged DAC piece. They also polished the top marble-like panel of all 3 units to as-new condition. I think they replaced the DAC’s clear screen cover. It looks new
  • They shipped all 3 units back to me at no cost within a couple of weeks.
Thank you PS Audio and Mr. Jeremy Bretey, customer relations manager. I wish more manufacturers will learn from how to treat their customers with service above and beyond the norm.
Your products sound amazing, probably the best of their kind, and your service quality manages to even surpass it.
You have me as a proud and loyal customer forever.

I also have some horror stories to share with service I got from other manufacturers, but I thought I’ll make this a happy thread, and perhaps keep the bad experiences for another time.

Do you have similar good stories to share?

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I own a Perfect Wave Transport and a Premier Power Plant and now I am even happier that I do. Thanks for sharing. Paul runs a solid company.

That's good to hear. I just bought Power Plant Premier, and though I hope nothing is going to happen with it, you never know. Yeah, Paul was nice when I once had an email exchange with him.
Wow! That is truly over the top service.
@ami  Good move sharing your exemplary service experience with others in this forum.  I too have had positive experience with PS Audio standing behind their products.  I have found a strong correlation between the behavior and attitudes of leadership and the efforts of those who work for them.  Looks like the culture at PS Audio is customer driven, wanting to engender the loyalty of lifelong customers. Hopefully other companies will take notice that we value that positive relationship.

Wow, very accommodating and smart! They sound like a great company l.

I love hearing stories about companies creating raving fans. 

Thanks for sharing.
That's great but remember less affluent companies can't afford to offer the same service. 
I've been involved with PS Audio products for decades.  Back then it was a very small enterprise.  They got to be the more affluent corporation they are today because of the culture of customer value that trickles down from Paul McGowan.

I'm not talking about 'customer value' but the ability to offer free components & labour. 
Thank You- Ami for the shout-out.

it is imperative that we post both positive/negative experiences when dealing w/ these companies. The same can be said in dealing with retailers as well.

I too have had some very positive experiences with PS Audio. They really are a Class A company.

Ps audio stock is up in my mind. Nice to hear things like this.  
It's great to hear the good as well as the bad. Pass Labs operates in the same way.
That's going above and beyond what is expected. It all boils down to the mindset of the individuals at the top: how they expect to be treated is the way they treat others and that way of thinking becomes part of the company milieu.

All the best,
Nonoise, I agree, it comes from the top. I'm very fortunate to have worked and retired from such a company. 

I'm thankful for the experience and the values I learned and adopted. It's more than just 'business'.


some things really do "trickle down".

I have experienced similar customer service from David Janszen when I blew a woofer. I couldn't believe how fast I got that speaker back and didn't even pay for shipping.
It also means that they're in the black as this sort of service does cost money. Cross your fingers and hope they aren't bought out in the near future!
           I owned a Pass Labs pre amp a couple of years ago. I had it for at least 6 or 7 years. At about the ten year old period, it needed service. I sent it to Pass. They called and said that it needed a new display board. My unit was an early version so the displays they had wouldn't interface with the replacement part. They said I would have to buy a main board also!. I was prepared to take a hit on my wallet. They replaced two circuit boards, made a new shipping carton, included a calibration report and new manual. $125.00!!!! What a company. I felt guilty when I sold it as Pass Labs is exactly the kind of company I want to do business with. Joe
Yes Pass Labs service is excellent. I emailed Desmond inquiring about a component & he sent it for free. 
When I bought my boat 12 years ago, I also purchased of a pair of Taylor Made Boat Fenders from the same dealer.  9 years later, one of the Fenders would not keep air and kept deflating.  That Spring I had my boat in for service and mentioned the faulty fender and said I wanted to buy another.
The dealer asked if I had the fender in the boat.  I said yes and he then gave me a brand new one for no money in exchange for the old one.  No problem he said - life time warranty!  That's what I call customer service and standing behind a product.

No one said the experience had to be about audio.
Two experiences, both with Zu Audio.

1) The inboard bass amps from my "original" Zu Def 2s failed after several years. Rather than shipping replacement amps for me to install or asking me to ship the speakers back to the company, one of Zu's representatives came to my home and replaced the amps. Gratis, of course.
2) When I upgraded to my current Zu Def 4s, Sean Casey delivered them and set them up; and that included dialing in the bass amp controls so that the output was flat down to 16Hz.
Awesome experience, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing.
I also had great experience with Zu Audio.
Always super friendly and willing to help.
When My iPhone's mission cable broke (probably at my fault...), I sent it in for repair, fully expecting to pay for service.
Within a week Gerrit sent me a brand new, later model cable at no charge.
Their products sound amazing, and their customer service is equally good. 
They too have me as a loyal and proud customer.
Their speakers and cables are phenomenal, and unbeatable value for money. I own a set of Druid speakers, and quite a few of their cables.

Excellent to hear about PS Audio. I have also had stellar service for Von Schweikert Audio, Ayon, and Nuforce/Nuprime
I wish I had been as fortunate as you, Ami.  My only PS Audio purchase was a Quintet.  First, the unit failed, and PS Audio sent, free of charge, a new power block (the replaceable a/c input unit).  Then, two of the five outlet sets failed, out of warranty.  PS Audio offered to repair it for free, which was nice of them, but I had to cover shipping to PS Audio.  That was expensive due to the wieght of the Quintet.  It was returned functioning properly, only to have the same two outlet sets fail again about 2 months later.  I decided not to go through the expense of returning it a second time.  I went with another power filter brand, which has been trouble-free for about three years now.  I use the workign outlets on the Quintet for less critical gear.  The customer service was good, but I have concerns about quality control and product durability.  YMMV, of course. 
Nice to hear Ami.
PS Audio is customer driven to the nines...I am a member of their forums and you can see it every day... in the way Paul and company talk the talk... and walk the walk... I’m a very happy DS and PWT owner...And the sound quality these two make together... are nothing less than superb!!!
I've had a similar albeit much smaller experience with PS Audio and was very pleased indeed with their Cust Svc.  Other companies could take a page out of their playbook...

I sold my DS last month after purchasing Lampizator Golden Gate Balanced. Well, I should say, one of their dealer in UK, Mark Coles of Sablon Audio, is a great man with great customer service. 

He provided all information clearly before I decided to purchase and even after I got the product. He is still in very close contact with me, asking how it was running in, what other things to purchase (not from him) but would surely make additional improvement.

We started out as customer and dealer relationship and end up as friends. :)
I have a number of good ones, but when I moved from New Jersey to Arizona, and needed my Vandersteen 5A's to be retuned....Richard himself held my hand and spent a few hours to properly voice my spekers.  Great customer service.
I’ll cast my vote for PS Audio as well. Great customer service when I was troubleshooting a Power Plant P600.

There have also been a few company owners/engineers that have grown into friendly personal relationships, those being Nola speakers and Synergistic Research.
 In a pinch, I had a music instrument dealer drive to a competitor, purchase drum heads we needed and then drive them to the competition site to earn our school music department's business. He only charged us his cost. Needless to say, this vendor and this sales rep earned our business for many years.
Over twenty years ago I purchased a (used) B&K 442 amp. Later, I was having an issue with-in my system I could not pen down. I decided to send each component, one by one, back to the manufacturer for a check-up. Since I did not get a box when I purchased the B&K amp, I called them for a new one. I was charged $20.00. I paid the shipping to them, they checked the amp out (no issues) and sent it back free of charge. To me, that's excellent customer service!
...a great story.  I've had similar great stories with Vandersteen and Ayre.  When I buy an expensive box, I always take the company's customer service reputation in account.
I too have had terrific experiences with PS Audio customer service, both in troubleshooting some network issues for my DirectStream Junior and facilitating a repair and eventual return of a P5 Powerplant. They were super nice from start to finish. Never charged me a dime for it either. PS Audio is the Shining City Upon a Hill of the audio world.