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What can anyone say about Quarter Wavelength transmission line enclosure design ?
Acoustic Zen loudspeakers utilize the transmission line design. They sound phenomenal!!!  
Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
With my Merrill Audio Veritas class d amps I do not hear any musical shortcomings as some here/hear have speculated...That is of course within the confounds of my system and my musical priorities..The Veritas amps can produce that magical qualit... 
Preview: CODA Technologies new generation number#8 Stereo Amplifier
"The Pass Lab sound is slightly "warm and velvety" while the Coda is "smooth and silky" in its overall presentation."teajay...could you elaborate a bit more on this statement please...Sounds like 6 of 1 and 1/2 a dozen of the other.   
The Future of Audio Amplification
Here is another GaN amp to add to the list...http://agdproduction.com/gantube.html 
The Future of Audio Amplification
Hello guidocorona...Any time frame on the Rowland M535’s review release? I’m very much interested on what you have to say about them. Wondering how they may compete with Merrill’s Veritas monos. Thanks... 
The Future of Audio Amplification
kosst_amojan said... "people replacing SMPS's every day and every guy who's ever worked on CNC machines. There's nothing cheaply or poorly engineered about Mazak or Haas machine tools and they can't seem to make these power supplies last."    H... 
Tune of the Day
The HU - Wolf Totem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM8dCGIm6yc 
PS Direct Stream latest firmware, "Snowmass"
Wait until you get 750+ hours of break in time on the DS...you may have to hire a housekeeper. 8) 
The Future of Audio Amplification
Not at any rock concert I ever attended...8) 
PS Audio DS Jr vs. SR
Sale has been over for awhile... 
What solid amp to pair with DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier ?
I would not consider analytical a definition describing the musical merits of the PL preamp. If you mean how the preamp responds to tube change I guess you could have a point but on the whole this pre is a true music maker when used in a properly ... 
Skeptic or just plain hard headed
djones51 said...“ I prefer my cables grilled over a nice base of apple wood coals. Ummm smoky.”I prefer my steelhead/salmon grilled over a nice base of apple wood coals. Ummm smoky....And delicious. 
What solid amp to pair with DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier ?
I have owned and used my PL Dialogue Premium preamp.. almost 4 years now..on a daily basis and have had not one issue with it..period! That does not mean some parts failure can not happen from time to time...just like any manufactured product ou... 
The Future of Audio Amplification
emcdade said..."Then we auditioned it in the dealer room next to all the Class AB amps and it just fell on its face. Dry, sterile, and uninvolving when you really go head to head with Class AB."Being a realist... your description of the class d am... 
The Future of Audio Amplification
kosst_amojanListening preferences are in the ear of the beholder. If class d doesn't float your boat,that's fine with me. Enjoy the journey...