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Your last concert was to see who and when?
Last night had the pleasure of seeing the Doobie Brothers at the Palace Theatre in Greensburg PA. The boys still got the musical goods...and then some!!! 
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
Quotes from Paul McGowan on the soon to be released Snowmass OS update for the DS dac."Getting close. Listening to Red Cloud in comparison there’s just no contest. I am shocked at how two dimensional Red Cloud now sounds compared to Snowmass. They... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Move over boys....Snowmass is coming fast and hard. 
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
Fsmithjack...PS Audio uses the Colorado fourteeners to name the updates after... 
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
Interesting thread... How are you all getting the AQ splitters to fit two pair of cables into the preamp inputs with space constraints on the rear panel between left/right connectors? Seems it would be to close for comfort.    
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
There will be a new DS dac firmware update out very soon and according to PS Audio's Paul McGowan... "without a question the most significant code Ted’s ever written. It’s a new ballgame."  Bring it on... 
Speaker Recommendation: 20K range
I see Focal released the Kanta 3 with larger drivers than the Kanta 2. They might be a more encouraging pop/rock speaker.If you ever get a chance to hear the Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2’s... I think you may be mightily impressed...they do many things... 
big_greg... That cd was recorded in Q sound. It will give quite the 3d effect to any recording using that method... 
Many seem to be talking about their last system .
brayeagle.....thank you sir for the wonderfully explained snippet of your life’s journey from your own personal musical time capsule... you are a true audio made my day sir...God bless. 
HEGEL - Is it really made in Norway ?
I don’t think you can categorize all Chinese made audio equipment into one basket full of rotten apples. I own the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp which is also made in China and with full disclosure about it from P-L. It is a superb product in ... 
"Dead Can Dance", what is your impression?
Don’t forget Brendan Perry’s two solo albums.“Eye of the Hunter”. and “Ark”... Two outstanding efforts. 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
If I want to see some iconic bands of my youth...the first thing I do is google the most recent concert utube videos for a look see. This way I can get an idea of what my money is actually buying. If the singer is bad I generally pass on a ticket ... 
This review may be of interest also. 
All Quiet on the Oppo front?
jonasandezekiel  asked..."As of now, does anymore know if the unobtainable Oppo is actually obtainable??"Sure you can get them. If your willing to get totally gouged in the process... 
All Quiet on the Oppo front?
Hmmm... the rocket scientist in me says...putting out feelers.