Remarkable New Vintage Audio Store in Austin, TX

While in town for SXSW I stumbled across an ad in the Austin Chronicle for The Sound Gallery, 4930 South Congress.

This photo on their website tells part of the story, but doesn't begin to do it justice.

It as if a stereo shop that was open from 1972 to 1986 was frozen in time and thawed out in 2014 intact. Hundreds of turntables, receivers, speakers, tape decks and more, all displayed as you would want them to be, each with an info sheet prepped by the staff. There's espresso and vinyl too. I saw several pieces of gear I owned in my teens and 20s. It was a wonderful time machine, but all the gear has been rehabbed and readied for sale. I haven't had that kid-in-a-candy store feeling in many many years. Worth a look if you love vintage gear. It's like a museum where you can buy the pieces.
Cool! What a great store. Reminds me of my first store that I owned which was a Team Electronics store back in the late 70's to early 80's.

Thanks for the link, (btw, the link doesn't work).

Here is the correct link:
Thanks, Butterking, great link. I moved back to Austin recently and will get down there to check it out as soon as the streets are clear of SXSW craziness.

Hell, they probably have some of my old stuff in there. From '66 to '77 I haunted High Fidelity, Inc., on Lavaca St., to the point that they offered me a job as a salesman.

I went through a lot of the gear they sold, Dynaco, AR, Advent, early Kenwood SS, Tandberg, McIntosh and more I can't remember.

Should be a fun place to visit.
I know where I am heading the next time I go to Austin. Thanks for the heads-up Butterking.
One of my students mentioned this place to me (I am teaching part-time at UT Austin). Thought I'd drop by for a visit after SXSW, since town is going to be a bit crowded these next few days.
Very, very cool. I live about an hour and a half away in Fredericksburg. Will definitely have to make that trip. Any idea if they buy/trade? I have some old classics that need a good home.
I wonder what kind of prices they have. Austin hipsters will pay an awful lot for something "cool."

High Fidelity on Lavaca was pretty cool. Seemed to remember they had good tech service on tube gear.

I bought a Mitsubishi receiver there probably around 2004.

Jorge's margaritas right next door, limit 4 before heading down to 6th street lol.
Caramba! Four Margaritas? I would not be able to walk out the door, let alone "head down to 6th Street".