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Herron NOS Tubes
I had a set of bugle boys in my system and to me they sounded great but not better than the 7DJ8s.  
Lyra Delos Stylus Crud on top of cantilever
Did that just now. All it did was push the dirt up the cantilever. I was able to use a toothpick to knock it off. Don't think I killed it. Definitely sounds better.  
Neil Young - Guitarist
I know from interviews that Neil Young isn't even in Neil Young's top 100 guitarists of all time.  
Can anyone who has heard Raidho X-1s and Harbeth M30.1s discuss the sound?
Thanks for the spot on advice. Managed to hear X1s again last night and I can confirm Dave and Troy's assessment.  
Good Used Speakers ($8K-10K) For A Little Listening Room
Another vote for active pro monitor in a small space. I use ATCs at work and the immediacy is exceptional.  
Lyra Delos A truth teller or what?
J Carr has voiced the Delos to have a slightly bright top end to match more warm systems that need some detail.Thank you for this. It's the whole point I think. In this environment, the Delos is pretty tough to beat. Everything is system dependent... 
Herron VTPH-2 12ax7 Recommendations?
One final update. I grew tired of the Telefunken 12AT7. Too analytical and I still wasn't able to match the balance very well with them and I found out why: it's the middle 12AT7, the one supplied as an Ei tube. It's the single output tube and tha... 
Herron VTPH-2 12ax7 Recommendations?
Another update for people searching the archives for tube advice on the VTSP2: Telefunken 12at7 are a HUGE upgrade from the stock EH. In the end I’ve found this unit to be very sensitive to matching. Trying to get a solid center balance with NOS r... 
What makes tape sound better than vinyl ?
nmps, i think you have to accept that we all hear differently. There are characteristics of analog reproduction are a more pleasing to people, just as there are characteristics of digital reproduction that are pleasing to others. I am also in a bu... 
Loricraft PRC3 Noisy
Thanks. I did this and tightened everything and now it's back to normal. New issue is that I want to take the arm off and clean it but because I live at the beach, the arm is corroded in place. Hopefully some 3 in 1 oil will seep down into the sha... 
Thoughts on best budget phono pre-amp under $400?
I think if this guy would take $400, it’s a no brainer. Even if you have to stretch your budget a bit, it's worth it.https://www.audiogon.com/listings/phono-mk3-2017-11-09-preamplifiersI’ve had a P75 that I use as a back up in a really expensive v... 
Recommend which SPU?
You would recommend the Spirit over the #1e if I'm just thinking about getting a taste before I commit to a large investment? 
Recommend which SPU?
Is there a difference between the Royal G and Royal GM? 
WTL Simplex II>A23 Interconnect>& Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II Hum
I had a Simplex with hum too and the solution was to buy shielded phono cables. I ordered a set from Grover Huffman and the hum went away. 
5 meter Speaker Cable Recommendation - flexibility important
I see now-- the answer to my question is yes.Is the Duelund flexible enough to bundle up to a 1' circle when I'm not listening? I have a small space and have to move the speakers and wire out of the way between listening sessions.