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Cartridge recommendation around $2k?
Yes, and I don't think he ended up keeping the Zephyr, or at least I know of someone who didn't... not sure it's the same person. I only have 58db of gain so I'm on the outside looking in on the ATs although maybe it's worth a try- but if I'm look... 
Phoenix Eagle Versions?
Haven’t talked to Bill but I found out from a long time user: The Falcon was 5W and the Eagle 15W. Later, 25W Eagles were made and I was incorrect that they say 15W on the PSU. Apparently really rare. At least I know what mine is now.... 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
I think he’s referring to this one? Looks pretty good for that price!https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08H5DBZTK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1  
Which VTF Scale are you using?
I use a 20 year old WallyScale.  While it is somewhat Rube Goldbergish, it still works quite well.I noticed they were bringing it back but their other stuff is SO expensive so I'm guessing it will cost an arm and a leg. 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
  Built like a piece of jewelry,Definitely one of these in my future! And probably an Ortofon scale. 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
Still have my Transcriptor just because, but use a digitalas my go to.That is such a cool vintage piece! 
The best TT system for under 30K
I am convinced now that I've upgraded to a Fatboy Arm on my VPI Aries that the two most important parts of a vinyl audio system are the arm and the phono preamp. All the 4Point suggestions are really spot on. One of the best arms available. Then I... 
New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning
Been enjoying a Klaudio KD CLN LP200 ultrasonic cleaner for a few years and really cannot image going back to a conventional cleaner like my old Keith Monk record cleaning machine. Today, the fact that we have so many more options by way of ultras... 
Anyone Know Where I should Look to Figure Out This Hum?
Still using the cheater plug and have since heard from two Lamm owners that have had to float a ground for some reason and a few that haven't in old homes. It's all a mystery and yet it really doesn't matter. I would be hard pressed to imagine a b... 
re-tipping Dynavector17D?
Which retipper are you using? 
Any Fatboy Unipivot Users?
@mijostyn I love your absolute terms. "A lot better" "Compromised". As if you've heard a single one of them in your home with your system. I doubt it. I'm replacing an SME M2-12r, not that I give two **its to justify myself to you. I change things... 
Any Fatboy Unipivot Users?
Thanks for answering a question I did not ask. I've used a few unipivots in the past and had none of these issues you speak of. I understand they are tricky for some but my Naim Aro, Moerch DP6 and JMW 10 all sound great and are easy for me to han... 
Got a new (to me) VPI Aries for Xmas... what’s the arm upgrade path?
Went with the Fatboy Unipivot. It's a great match for my Decca cartridge and works well with the Denon 103 too. Figured I would be upgrading there eventually so why not just pull the bandaid off and do it! 
What's your "buy one of these and get it re-tipped" cartridge suggestion for a DL103 fan?
A friend has one and I am trying to get away from that sound. Great cartridge but I already have a Decca Super Gold with a paratrace stylus that sounds similar, but better to my ear. I’m trying to find more of a less is more cartridge like the DL103. 
What's your "buy one of these and get it re-tipped" cartridge suggestion for a DL103 fan?
I'd like to keep the cartridge and the retip under $800.