Remarkable systems on a budget

I recall reading interviews of equipment designers stating how it is much easier to design equipment at high price points, but to make equipment for the budget minded audiophile was tougher due to the limitations related to including less expensive electronic parts.
Was wondering what systems have been assembled on a budget and represent remarkable performance.
Does the system sound organic and easy to listen to for long periods.
What is your budget?
I could probably build (not for you Peter. I know your taste) a pretty good rig for around $2000.
-single driver double mouth horn speakers $800
-tube integrated amp $500
-used Oppo DVD player and new NOS DAC $500-$600
- rest on cables and such.

I'm sure you would be very surprised what can be achived on tight budget if someone is willing to do some of the work and put some time in research.
For $2000 you can put together a quite good sounding system, especially if you take your time, and narrow down your listening wants and needs, and are willing to buy mostly used components. Granted it won't be SOTA, but nevertheless it should meet your criteria for "sound(ing) organic and easy to listen to for long periods"
I thought I would add what I recently discovered to be pretty good for the money: jbl arena venue series monitors, powered by an old NAD 2200 with the oppo 980 as a source. Simply amazing for the money!!
Total cost: ~$100 for used Jbl's, ~$200 for used Nad, $170 for new Oppo. = $470.
My thoughts were towards something more exotic, full range and really special ( sonicly and visualy ).

I saw Oppo used on AC for $100. That would make (your system exemple) the total of around $500.
For that $$$, it is hard to beat.
- Pair of Cain Abby ($1200 used)
- Almarro 205A amp ($550 used)
- Audience Conductor speaker cable ($150)
- Audience Au24 IC ($250) +
- MHDT Paradisea DAC ($500)
- 1000 hours of break in time for the Fostex drivers

Just about $2500...

Unfortunately you misspelled the last word in the subject of your thread. It's spelled B-U-N-G-E-E not B-U-D-G-E-T ;-)

Anyway here is my favorite remarkable system! (Sorry, I could not resist playing a little pun and poking a little fun!)
Exotic is welcome I just don't get exposed to it enough.
I should have bought stocks in bungee international, not only do I use bungees in my stereo but on my way to work down hill I tie some bungees to the rear of my car and would you believe now we have a surplus of petro.
By the way those Jbl's are remarkable for the money!
Oppo 981/Winsome Labs Mouse/Radio Shack LX-5 IIor LX-10/Parts-Connection IC/HD-14 SC.Under $1000.
229/419/85 or 160/80/15.If you want phono,maybe another $3-400.NAD/CJ Walker or Rebel??
It has taken me a while to put together, but my system comes in a just under $2K for everything and I am very happy with the results if you care to take a look.

I am sure there are better, but I feel very fortunate.