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< $3000 speaker recommendation for tube integrated amp?
I agree that used Devore speakers aren't seen as often as higher volume brands but the Gibbon 8, Super 8 and 3XL all sell for around $2.5K used.  
< $3000 speaker recommendation for tube integrated amp?
I’ve owned quite a few speaker and tube amp combinations over the last few decades.Dynaco, AES, Rogue, Cary, Cayin and now Raven Audio ampsProAc, Merlin, Devore, Soliloquy, Thiel, Monitor Audio and other speakers, and now Nola Boxer S1s.The two sp... 
Connecting mac osx laptop to denon avr3300W..no audio
Open the System Preferences item under the Apple icon at the left end of the top menu bar. In the window that opens click on the "Sound" icon near the right end of second row. It will show you the available outputs for system sound. If there aren'... 
Hifi or no Hifi that is the question
The only escapes from the misery of life are music and cats. - Albert Schweitzer 
USB B to anything else
Since you've made the decision to buy the Musical Fidelity DAC you should contact Musical Fidelity directly for guidance. While there are Lightning to USB B cables the DAC you use has to have the internal chip required to access Apple devices dire... 
USB B to anything else
Yes, there are Lightning to USB B cables. I haven't used one and can't comment on the performance of any but doing a search for "Lightning to USB B" will bring up a number of them. You'd want to do some research about the quality but here's one as... 
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8...OMG!!
I can't say my experience was a dramatic as yours but I'm very impressed and satisfied with the AP Oval 12 cables I switched to after trying many others. 
What was your first system? When was that?
When I went to college my sophomore year in 1965 my roommate showed up with a KLH Model 11 portable. Growing up, I’d played piano and trumpet and sung in a choir but we never had any music at home, AM radio and jukeboxes were my standard. I was sh... 
Music Direct - Audio Hardware Seller?
I bought a refurbished integrated from Music Direct which arrived with one channel dead. They immediately shipped a replacement, before receiving my return. When it arrived it was a new unit, not refurbished. I called to tell them I had expected a... 
Buyer request to delay shipment after purchase
I’ve been in that situation a few times both as a buyer and seller and it’s never been an issue. As long as the item is paid for, both parties have good feedback and a clear agreement is made I wouldn’t expect a problem. 
Cambridge Audio CD Player Has Died
You're right, that's the obvious question and there's no right answer.As with almost every question that's asked on these forums the first words of the answer should always be, "It depends."Advantages of the one-box solution -- Simplicity, takes u... 
Cambridge Audio CD Player Has Died
Your player has both optical and digital outputs so you would connect one of those outputs with the appropriate cable to the input of a DAC and it would bypass the internal DAC in the player. But, since the output of the player is intermittent the... 
My Triad of Integrateds
If you have any interest in tube amplification I'll second willgoff's recommendation of Raven Audio. I've owned amps from Rogue, Cary, Cayin, AES and Dynaco and my Raven Blackhawk is remarkably better than any, at a very reasonable price. 
Spectral Audio DMC 10 Quality
The price of the DMC-10 in the bluebook is between $850 and $1,050 depending on the version. It would be worth paying for an Audiogon Insider account if that would convince the insurance company.https://www.audiogon.com/learn/insider 
binding post replacement nuts
Thanks for the reply, that would never have occurred to me. What a strange choice of a connector for a binding post. These might work if you have spade connectors on the speaker cables and a small wrench.https://www.amazon.com/Pack-Four-Hex-Nuts-S...