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Have a tube that gets really bright when turned on and then dims quickly
I have a pair of Telefunken ECC81 tubes that test the same and have the same construction. One flashes brightly on startup and the other not at all.   
Upgrade Internal DAC of Node or go with Atoll ST120.
There are three output options on the back of the Node -- - A pair of left and right analog outputs that use the internal DAC in the Node and connect to the right and left analog inputs of your amplifier. - one coax and one optical digital outpu... 
Upgrade Internal DAC of Node or go with Atoll ST120.
One very important consideration in picking a streamer that often doesn’t get enough attention when discussing performance is the user interface, how easy it is to find the music you want and control it. That’s one of the best arguments for keepin... 
What am I doing wrong? Can't play from Macbook air to home speakers
I have a Macbook Air and just tried analog output to an external powered speaker connected through the 1/8" headphone jack . The external speaker shows up and worked fine when selected. Then I tried output from one of the two USB C ports on the M... 
What am I doing wrong? Can't play from Macbook air to home speakers
If you haven't already, try this -- Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of the Macbook Air screen and choose "System Preferences", the second item in the drop-down menu.  In the System Preferences window click on the "Sound" icon, it'... 
recommended speakers for Raven Blackhawk 3.1
I have the Raven Blackhawk LE with a pair of Ref 3A MM De Capo i speakers and it's the most satisfying combination I've ever owned. That includes Dynaco, McIntosh, McCormack, Cary and Rogue amps (with probably a couple more I don't recall) and Adv... 
Best sounding Johnny Cash CD(s)?
I haven't listened to all of his many albums but "American Recordings" sounds exceptionally good on my system. It has some of his most iconic songs done in a style that's more spare than some of his earlier stuff.   
Nice Entry Level Streamer for $79 - Wiim Mini Streamer
I'll second the recommendation of the Wiim Mini as a way to get started in high-resolution streaming. The optical output bypasses the internal DAC of the Wiim, allowing you to use your choice of a higher quality DAC.   
Audio people you've had contact with that proved to be good people.
Carl Marchisotto (NOLA Speakers) Dave Thomson (Raven Audio) Jim McShane (McShane Design)  
IPad Pro to preamp
One option would be the WiiM Mini. It would let you stream over WiFi from your iPad to the WiiM and use the headphone analog jack on the WiiM Mini to connect to your preamp with a headphone to 3.5" RCA cable. If you have a DAC in your system the W... 
Rant against the industry with hopes for discussion on positive change
Everyone starts somewhere. In the late 1950’s, from the age of nine to fourteen, my "system" was a battery powered portable Sylvania transistor radio with seven (7) transistors that in the high altitude air of West Texas would pull in AM stations... 
Jude-not Julian Lennon
Another possibility for the inspiration for "Brown Sugar" is that it was about the singer Claudia Lennear. There’s a segment in the documentary "Twenty Feet From Stardom" where she talks about her relationship with Jagger. And she appeared in the ... 
inexpensive streaming setup
The advantage of the Bluesound Node over other devices I'm aware of is the user interface. Finding the music you want to hear and directing it to your downstream components is simple and reliable. Adding a quality external DAC rather than the inte... 
Help selling Krell 700 CX
If you need more information than Audioshark.com provides you can subscribe to the Audiogon Bluebook function on this site see average sale prices tracked over time. https://www.audiogon.com/bluebook  
Helping friends/relatives with system purchases, your experience.
The most difficult but most productive part for me is setting aside my own preferences and prejudices. Without that I'd tend to recommend what I would buy for myself with whatever money they have to spend.