Looking for a hybrid integrated to do it all!

Hi everyone, I'm sure this request will draw some ire from the "separates only" crowd but here goes! I'm looking to transition my separate preamp/DAC/amp stack to a more minimalist setup fairly soon but have had some trouble turning up possible components. Here are my rough requirements:

  • Needs to be a hybrid tube/SS design as I like the tube sound too much to let go
  • Needs to have a high quality integrated DAC
  • Should be well built and competently designed with good components
  • Has to output a decent amount of current (around 100wpc @ 4 ohms)
  • This is subjective but it needs to be aesthetically pleasing
  • Bonus points if it has a high quality integrated phono stage (not a must since I'm willing to go separate on this)
  • Bonus points if it has a remote
Pretty much the only option I've found so far that checks all the boxes is the Heaven11 Billie. If anyone has any suggestions of other products to look into that are like this, definitely let me know! For what its worth, I will be using this with a pair of Dynaudio Contour 20s and my budget is no more than $2500 (but I would consider used gear as well). Thanks!
Check out the Unision Research Due. It is a hybrid design tube/solid state with internal dac and phono stage. I think it's 100 wpc. Fidelis in New Hampshire is a dealer. I think it retails for $3500.00 but, you might be able to find one used or a demo. Good luck
many hybrids actually simply use a tube buffer...the BAT VK3000SE uses a real tube preamp but does not offer a DAC. It does offer an optional phono
How about a Rogue Sphinx


Ticks all of your boxes minus the DAC,
plus it gets great reviews and has a good phono stage.

Plenty of money left over within your budget for a DAC.

Heck the Schiit Modi 3 is excellent at $100. 


If you can find one, the LSA Statement.

Edit: and any of the higher end by Pathos will do as well

If you can find a used Peachtree Grand Integrated X1, it ticks off most of your boxes, sort of.  It has a tube buffer and is Class D amplification.  I like the newer Peachtree Nova 300 better.  It has a really good DAC and a decent phono stage and takes up a lot less space than the Grand Integrated.  No tubes though.

I recently bought a Vincent SV 237 integrated, which is a true tube/solid state device.  The preamp section is tubed and the amp section is class AB with the first 10 watts in class A, 150 watts at 8 ohms, 250 at 4 ohms.  It does have a USB DAC, but I've never used it and have no idea whether it's any good or not.  No phono stage.  It does have a remote.
See the Vinnie Rossi L2i ‘Signature Edition’ Integrated Amplifier link below:


"The L2i-SE is our response to “what if?” What if we could combine our L2 Signature Preamplifier and L2 Signature Monoblocks into one chassis but with absolutely minimal concessions to design and performance? Could we still offer all the flexibility, build quality and stunning appearance to truly stand in a class of its own? The L2i-SE is Vinnie Rossi’s realization of that dream.Unlike the L2 Integrated Amplifier (L2i), which runs a simpler 6SN7 linestage, the L2i-SE inherits from our L2 Signature Preamplifier the direct-heated big power triodes. Only one pair of the finest sounding 4-pin, directly heated triodes (DHT) are run in a dual-mono, class-A, grounded-grid topology with zero feedback. They feed a true dual-mono, high-bandwidth class-AB MOSFET output stage making the L2i-SE a DHT hybrid integrated amplifier and likely the only one of its kind in the world! L2i-SE  Features (Linestage)
  • Vinnie Rossi’s latest Class-A, ultra wide bandwidth directly heated triode (DHT) preamplifier design, compatible with: 2A3, 45, 300B, PX4, 101D, 205D, and SV811 DHT families with one-switch filament voltage selection
  • Dual-mono layout using multiple patented Belleson super regulators for ultra-quiet linear voltage regulation of the triodes, and the (optional) L2 DAC and L2 Phonostage modules
  • Discrete, 64-step resistor ladder volume control using Pickering England silent signal relays
  • True active balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) line level inputs and preamplifier outputs
  • Internal “DHT bypass mode” switches (replaces DHT stage with a Class-A JFET stage)
  • Yamamoto solid Teflon UX-4 tube sockets
  • Mesh tube covers for added noise shielding and tube protection
  • Included tubes: EH300B Gold-Grid (matched pair)
  • Full-function aluminum remote control handset".

I heard the Vinnie Rossi L2i ‘Signature Edition’ Integrated Amplifier at THE Audio Show and it sounds excellent.  I do not own the unit and suggest you give it a look.  I think it has most of your requirements.   

All of these enthusiastic responses indicate that integrated technology and performance is exemplary. I've both separates and integrated and with the former, it's all about the pre-amp. With the latter, it's all about the pre- end of things. Maybe contact Larry Staples (Lursky here on audiogon) or atmasphere here on audiogon to get their views?
I build hybrid power amps but if you want an all in one go with Vinnie Rossi plus he is a very good guy.

There are some decent ones but the new Krell K300 is natural ,warm ,dynamic and class.  A  Ibias circuit 150-300 wpc 
very respectable dac, hdmi inputs and outputs spdif, optical, to play all your great movies concerts , as well as picture sound great 5 star , A rateing,and not too bulky can be bought for around $7k with discounts .without question the best integrated under $10 k 
nothing mentioned on these pages is as musical , and so  versatile. Just check it out go hear it in person ,start by reading 
all the great reviews ,and it also has a app streams all top services 
as well as Flac,wav and other files.
BTW the K300 Krell is all Solidstste  but being a Patented sliding glass A bas it sounds very tube like but having much better defined detail and dynamics Huge soundstage .
A pure class A preamplifier section with 150 position cirrus logic volume.   The standard Amplifier class  A runs the current output at 100% a lot of wasted heat .
krells sliding Ibias  monitors the current output and increases the current as needed  as well as other technologies ,it does it all !!
btw I do not own it yet .i own their just discontinued Vangard that is excellent .
the new K300 is a bit more resolved and warm sounding a tube lovers 
Solid  State  Integrated !!
that's not the budget for what you are asking for my suggestion is the Aesthetix Mimas with Dac and Phono
Good luck in your Quest 
He says his budget is no more than $2500 and folks are suggesting a $19000 Vinnie unit? 
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Below your budget is the already mentioned Rogue Sphinx.  I run one and find it more pleasing than my older NAD ss.  Has the tube pre amp and Hypex class D amplification.  Rogue's Pharoe amp is also tube and Hypex D but (directly from Rogue) uses a different topology.  It "integrates" class A in the Hypex circuits.  Beyond my pay grade, but I'd love to know if Gon crowd can comment on audible differences and character.  It's around your budget.  Plenty of power. 
Check out the Lector VM 200.   100 wpc with the first 20 in class A.  No current limiters or couple capacitors in the signal path.  It easily drives difficult speakers and I’m considering it for my ESL Solutions refurbished Quad 57s.   It’s a True Hybrid Tube/Mosfet design.  This amp truly gives you the best of both worlds. 
Here’s a couple of videos which may be helpful... they both have a "tubey" sound... and they aren’t too far above your budget, if you find them used on Audiogon, or USAudiomart, or Ebay.

What System for <$5000...

Hegel vs McIntosh...




One of these would be my choice - They both sound great!
The MOSFET Yamahas sound more like a real tube amp than most hybrids -- tube sound with none of the drawbacks.
Phew, thanks for all the awesome responses! Can I say that this community is amazing for giving advice like this? Just going to address some of the comments:

  • The Unison Due looks like an excellent amp but unfortunately lacks the connectivity I need (optical or SPDIF). It also looks like it doesn't come with a remote which is disappointing.
  • The Vinnie Rossi suggestion is exactly what I'm looking for....minus $16,000! Lol
  • Peachtree has always been on my radar but how do they typically sound?
  • Vincent has also been interesting to me, but I've heard mixed reviews on them! Some say they sound mushy and thin for a tube amp.
  • The Pathos Logos is probably the closest to what I'm looking for in this thread. I cant decide if it's beautiful or ugly though, at the end of the day audio equipment is also furniture and has to look the part. Very nice piece of equipment though.
Anyways, keep the suggestions coming!
Peachtree has always been on my radar but how do they typically sound?

Peachtree uses Class D amplification, and has a pretty neutral sound signature.  If there's any defining characteristic to it, it's just a little rolled off in the highs.  There's plenty of detail there, but perhaps not quite as sparkly as some amps.  I found that speaker pairing was pretty important.  It sounded a little "dry" and "boring" with some speakers.  I have it paired with Focal 1008 BE speakers now and it's very dynamic, detailed, and easy to listen to.  I'm not familiar with your speakers and can't guess as to whether that would be a good pairing.  Peachtree has a 30 day return policy.  You'd only be out the shipping costs if you buy one and don't like it.

Rumor has it Bob Carver is teaming up with another well know but younger audio  electronic wizard to build a high powered tube or hybrid  integrated amp with DAC.
While I was in San Diego, I went to Deja Vu audio and heard an Italian made 150 wpc  Synthesis Audio tube integrated with built in DAC on a pair of Anniversary  Harbeths that did me right but its $$$.  For your price range the Chinese made Jungson  80 wpc class "A" J-88 (09)) (google for reviews) or better still  the JA-120  integrateds are great and there is also a killer tube version that was also marketed by Grant Fidelity called the RITA  but they don't have the built in DAC  they will drive your Dynaudio's  very well  as I have the JA-88 (09) running Paragon Acoustic Regent's  ( Dynaudio drivers in an MTM configuration in a 145 lb cabinet) Also Shenya, who makes Vincent.
just saw the the Synthesis Roma was mentioned  above I heard that one  also   it was very good but the more powerful Synthesis Titan was amazing and $$$
I felt your pain...I too decided to go the same route as you are choosing to do now...a quality integrated that 'does it all'.

My budget wasn't as restricted as yours is and after extensive research decided on a PATHOS INPOL REMIX MK.II.  

I am so impressed with it that now I am saving up for a  PATHOS INPOL HERITAGE TUBE HYBRID INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER.  

Speak to Kevin at UPSCALE AUDIO if you desire more information.
If you can skip the tube requirement then Hegel h190 should work. Integrated with built-in dac and streamer. Has gotten a lot of good reviews. I have only heard the h590 briefly but that sounded good.

I used a Peachtree 220SE for a couple of years.  It is a slightly older model that had a tube buffer.  I am a tube guy and the buffer did not sound good at all to me, but it was great without it.  I never did roll the tube.  They did away with the buffer on the newer ones.
I have the Vincent Audio SV237 and particularly drawn to this model because I wanted and bare-bone Tube Hybrid Integrate unit that will allow me to upgrade the auxiliary equipment as the digital and phono technology is always improving. Just like a tube amp, I’ve rolled the SV237 to tailor to my ears. The SV237 has more than enough power and plays very well with my high efficient Klipsch Forted speakers and having the bass & treble control and a loudness switch to allow me to tailor the sound to my listening room and add more bass at low volume when needed. The SV237 amp is a sleeper workhorse that is designed meet all my needs.
It does not answer your question but I felt that I had to say something.  I understand the urge to simplify.  A good decision.  What I would resist is the urge to include a DAC in your “does it all” system.  DAC technology is changing so fast and with prices coming down that you will soon find anything you buy today will be “dated” very soon.  When I simplified my system stayed with an external DAC.