looking for easy tester for kt-88, 12ax7, 12au7

Is there a good tube tester that I need to look for that will test most of the crucial things on these tubes? I am looking for something good and cheap. I am not ready for anything top shelf.

I am starting to gather up a few tubes and figure I better start learning a little bit about them.

Is there a Vaccuum Tubes for Dummies Book out there?
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Lets Google and find out,cheers,Bob Going to Amazon now
At first glance I see 826 books for tubes but I didnt go further out to testers,your turn,cheers,Bob
Inside the Vacuum Tube by John F. Rider is one of the best introductions to tubes and tube circuits. You can download it for free as a pdf at Pete Millet's site. Or buy a hard copy here: http://www.audioxpress.com/bksprods/products/bkaa64.htm
Thanks guys....
Pete Miller's site is a gold mine of info.