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Alon Model 1 mkii specs, crossover ?
Here's the Alon product brochure from the early 1990's:https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxoaWZpbWluZ2xlc3xneDo0N... 
Alon Model 1 mkii specs, crossover ?
Micro seiki dql 120
This doesn't answer your question, but you should subscribe to the Micro Seiki Yahoo group:https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/MicroSeiki/conversations/messages 
How did you choose your equipment?
What ever happened to Elizabeth? I miss her responses... >elizabeth>11-21-2008 8:29am>I place all the pictures of stereo stuff spread out on the >garage floor. I put a chicken in the garage. Whichever >picture the chicken shits on..... 
Portable DAC compatible w/ iPhone or iPod
I'm thinking of that other company that makes clever little "Toblerone candy" shaped mini DAC'sI think you're referring to this company: http://www.highresolutiontechnologies.com. Their Music Streamers used to be triangular. It looks like they've ... 
Stand out phono stages
What ever happened to Mr Pedrillo? He disappeared a number of years ago. 
DIY In wall cable : What do installers use?
If we are talking about in wall speaker cable, Canare 4s11 is a good choice: http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=65 
$15,000 Speaker Does Not List Freq Response Specs
Why not ask Mr Bob directly: http://www.bobcarvercorp.com/#!contact/csxp 
Best Minimalist DAC?
I agree with Bill_k. Steve, you have a lot to share, but this post crosses the line between info and infomercial. When I read posts that bring up Atma-Sphere, I respect the fact that Ralph doesn't jump in to beat us over the head with specs and re... 
Quicksilver amps an appropriate match for Wilson Sophia?
Looking at specs alone, the Mini Mites are ridiculously underpowered for Sophia IIs. If you consider the fact that double the power produces 3 more dB, the Mid Monos aren't going to make any difference from the Mini Mites. The Silver 88 and V4 wil... 
good diy preamp
http://www.bottlehead.com has been a great experience for me. Great fun to build and incredible sounding resuls. I strongly recommend checking them out. The kits are complete unlike others where you have to buy the parts. 
Budget Pre with 2outputs, rectifier tube and.....
I had a DJH for a few years. It doesn't have HT bypass, but it was one of the best sounding preamps I've ever heard. 
Refined SS Stereo pwr amps under 10K?
Sunfire 300 or 600. You will stop looking. 
Anyone into cassettes?
I have a BX300 I bought in 1985. I don't have a need for it other than a handful of old tapes, but it's such a nice machine I hate to let it go. I should pull it out of storage and record some cds just to remember the sound. 
Cheapest good sounding dvd player?
Just to clarify... The Denon 2910 has HDMI and it came with a remote as standard, but it's a good idea to make sure the remote is included.