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Are there any DACs that can go low?
PS Audio NuWave tilts up on the low end. It doesn't sound bloated. It just sounds full and rich and I enjoy it very much. For what it's worth. 
Micro Seiki TT problem
Unless you're willing to fork over a ridiculous amount of money for NOS feet, you need to be creative. Sorbothane is an excellent vibration damper. 
Micro Seiki TT problem
More than likely, it's the control unit. I don't have a recommendation for a repairman, but Vinylengine has the service manual. This should help a technician diagnose the problem. 
Do I need a DAC?
The DAC in the Airport Express is low quality. I agree with Mesch that it's your weak link. I'm sure your system is capable of showing an improvement, but whether you can hear it is the question. I was in your shoes a few years ago and I replaced ... 
Apple Airport Express won't play WAV files
This thread on Apple forums sounds similar to your problem:Airport Express - Digital audio output - and Jitter 
Apple Airport Express won't play WAV files
Apple Support will help. It sounds like you need someone to walk you through the situation. 
Apple Airport Express won't play WAV files
Have you contacted Apple? They are very good at helping. Go here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4437 and click the phone icon in the upper right hand corner. Select Mac->Wireless 
Special edition Nola Boxer
I'm sure they sound nice, but Nordast wiring shouldn't be the main criteria why you are interested. 
60Hz humm in Sunfire SRA.
Glad to hear you solved the problem. Thanks for sharing. It might be helpful to others down the road. I'd like to replace all the electrolytics in mine, but it's a project I just don't have time for right now. 
Which OPPO?
For streaming, Apple has a much better choice of movies than Netflix. We use our Apple TV for both services and it works great. Does Oppo have access to sites other than Netflix? 
Super Cheap Upgrade
I've often wondered about this. Is the wax way in the back where it's hard to reach? My ears are clean with no obvious sign of wax buildup. I suppose I should just ask my doctor to look at them. 
Shahinian Diapason
It's obviously a Seas driver. I bet you'll get more information from Vasken if you call him rather than email. My friend Rpfef has talked to them a number of times and was able to get the model number for his Hawk woofer. Email is easy to ignore. ... 
Entry-level speaker cables
Canare 4S11. 
Looking to Improve Music Played from Apple TV
I haven't seen any jitter measurements for the Apple TV, but if it's anything like the Airport Express, you'll get better sounding results with your computer connected directly to your DAC. That would be my first suggestion. Unrelated to the Apple... 
Some speaker cables produce lower/higher volume?
You should use an SPL meter to measure the difference. Please report back.