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New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
7K for a small monitor speaker is way over my budget.I’ve owned a few entry level Dyns and appreciate Dynaudios in general. But 7K? I guess if one buys them and keeps and enjoys them for a very long time...Makes the LS50 Meta seem like a bargain. 
Bi-wiring B&W 607 Suggestions
CANARE 4S11 Yes very good cable for the money.  
Whats your favourite track to play to the non hi-fi visitor?
Birds - by Dominique Fils-AiméIf you are not familiar with this one I urge you to check it out. 
What Do You Think?
Magnepan LRS for $650 (60 day in home trial).when you’re ready.☺️ 
Magnepan + live music = 🔥
Magnepans don’t always meet expectations right away.It usually take a while to get the room positioning right.Use masking tape to mark out the position when you’re gaining on it. Also the room size and shape is more of a factor than most speakers.... 
Equipment purchase that made you want to get off the Merry Go Round (good or Bad)
“So what does that mean? You are keeping the speakers you don't like? Or you are keeping your old speakers? “Sent the speakers back that I auditioned, decided that my current setup is just fine.Staying put with what I have (old speakers / current ... 
Equipment purchase that made you want to get off the Merry Go Round (good or Bad)
@raysmtb1 Good luck with your return to the Tekton's.As Joni Mitchell sang " Don't it always seem to goThat you don't know what you've gotTill it's gone" 
Concert halls from around the world. What have been your favorites.
In Philadelphia - The Academy of Music. In Colorado - Red Rocks Amphitheater   
Bluesound Vault 2i, with external DAC and hi-end CD player
You can rip your CDs to a hard drive (NAS) but it is a bit tedious and time consuming.  
I think is time for new speakers..
Yes agree with the Klipsch and Elac recommendations. Specifically the RP 600M and the Debut Reference. 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
Crosby Still and Nash debut album.Bought at the Singer Sewing store at the MacDade mall in Holmes Pa. (Suburb of Philly),I was so excited to be buying it. That album (music) still holds up for me today. 
Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---
Yes-As others have mentioned - Carver Crimson 275 - 
Keith Jarrett may never play again
That is a tough stage in life to be in, all the best to Keith. 
Have you changed your mind about a brand? Was it you, or them?
Klipsch.RP 600m - first pair of Klipsch I ever had (just got them this week).Shied away from Klipsch because I was hesitant horn speakers were too bright.Well, these aren’t. Early in the break in stage but showing mucho promesa.  
A good time to buy now, or in the near future?
Is this question about audio equipment or in general?