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Sound improvement with DAC, or Amp update
Cambridge Audio CXA81 Available under a grand used. Should match well with your speakers, Check out TMR search integrated amps.  
Bands/artists you never got to see live in their heyday, but would've liked to.
The Allman Brothers with Duane!  
help please? connecting power amp to streamer/dac without preamp?
SABAJ A10hListed as a headphone amp but also has a preamp output.Relay controlled volume with a remote control.Excellent volume control, nice quality.I recently bought one and absolutely love it.For under $150 buck it’s a great buy. 
Whats playing on your system today?
"Dr. Lonnie Smith (R.I.P)"Big +1 
Dynaudio Emit 10 vs. Evoke 10
Understood, but nobody has your ears and knows exactly what you like. Having owned Emit 20 once myself I recall it’s a fine speaker.the Evokes cost almost 2 x the Emits, is it worth it?,Depends 😂   
Dynaudio Emit 10 vs. Evoke 10
Why not try out a pair from Crutchfield they give you a generous 60 day return policy. 
Let’s make this a better community!? One final shot?
“Now that the most antagonistic poster is gone (wink)”Wait…What, Who’s gone? 
New Preamplifier Testing (Poor sound)
Could be that the two Cambridge units just mate better together. 
Does anyone make a preamp with a subwoofer output?
Parasound P6 
Does anyone make a preamp with a subwoofer output? 
The stereo sounds fine, music is great, but Jeff Bezos came back to earth.
+1 For “Whitey on the Moon”Good stuff  
Very small, warm and dynamic speakers
The Minx XL are rear ported but come with foam plugs if you need them.  
Very small, warm and dynamic speakers
Cambridge Audio - Minx XL / Dynamic / warm / with a large soundstage for a smaller speaker.These are not talked about much but they are the real deal. 
Magnepan LRS- what amp should i consider? (sub $2,000)
I agree with Jason the Crown 1502 works well with the LRS.Sure you can decide to spend more money and be justified in that decision.However the Crown amps IMHO are good at the very least worth a try before you spend more money than you need to. 
Favorite Cowboy Junkies?
Love their version of “Sweet Jane” on the Trinity Sessions.