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Solid State Low powered Amplifiers
Schiit GJALLARHORN 10 watts Solid State.        
All speakers have a little EQ built in
How about single driver speakers sans any crossovers. I think there is a purity and simplicity there that is another avenue to pursue. Your hearing also has some inherent frequencies deficiencies especially as we get older. The pursuit of audio ... 
Whats playing on your system today?
@mitch2  Listening to the Shelby Lynne trac as I am typing, very nice! 👍         
Vinyl is back for good and that’s exciting
@rdk777  $6 in 1976 = $32.08 in 2023.   I don’t know how old you are but I remember paying $6.00 for an album and thinking it was a good deal. If you look at the conversion $6.00 back in the day to the equivalent value now - $30.00 (believe or n... 
Lifting the Christmas veil
Awesome —  special time of year.  
No sneering Please
Without question I love the sound of the 3255 amp chip. To my ears it just sounds right. I have several Aiyima A07s  one of the first small inexpensive amps with this chip. I Immediately enjoyed the sound and continue to do so. I have replaced two... 
when your hearing is not as good as it was . . .
Check out speakers like a Martin Logan's with a Folded Motion Tweeter. I have a pair of ML 15i and they seems to keep the hi frequencies more noticeable  as compared to a soft dome tweeter. Electrostatic and Magnepans speakers will also be an imp... 
Tidal or Qobuz
Tidal or Qobuz The answer - Yes. Or which ever one suits you best.  
Made Major Upgrade at $0 Cost in 1 Minute
I have always said "I'm not a big bass guy". So, interesting revelation for me was I have no trouble hearing the bass it was the  high frequencies that were missing. Consequentially the bass was making the higher frequencies even harder to hear s... 
Getting into the music
The truth (for me) is good equipment can be had for not a whole lot of money.  Buying used can get you there too. The trick is once you get that system in place stay with it long enough to appreciate the sound and the music. I recently noticed a... 
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
Okay - another 3 Lp list: Props to Stevie Wonder here: 1. Talking Book 2. Innervisions  3. Songs in the Key of Life       
Golden Ears?
You do what’s best for You! With all due respect Worrying about other people systems / opinions is really just  a waste of time.   
Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps
Jabra Enhance Select 200 HA - Over the counter. Just got these - good product - great support. Worth it for mild hearing loss.      
Better hearing
Get  a hearing test?  
Malfunctioning SMSL SU-9n
I’ll stick with Schiit audio for DACs I don’t think Schiit would leave you hanging like SMSL did to me.