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Why bookshelf type speakers are not high end
Kenjit - has never bought or sold anything here on Audiogon.Draw your own conclusions. 
Favorite cover?
Shawn ColvinTenderness on the Block - Warren Zevon song.Featuring the Subdudes on backing vocals and accordian. Abosolute Killer Cover..  
Why bookshelf type speakers are not high end
Upset by what you cannot afford?Why not just enjoy what you have?Does making these assertions make you feel better?These are just rhetorical questions so no need to respond please.  
Martín Logan choice help
Good choice on the LRS's - great speaker.Listening to them as I type.  
Favorite cover?
YYZS - "Just played Hot Buttered Soul by Isaac Hayes and I thinkWALK ON BY just kills"+1 on Hot Buttered Soul.I like your taste in music. 
Power Conditioner, which of these 4 and why?
Here is one I have -seems to do the job plus lots of positive reviews and a small investment. 
Bought a pair of Magnepan LRS. Should I buy a Schiit Vidar or Bryston 3B-ST?
I'm running mine off a Crown XLS 1502 525 watts into 4 ohms.Surprise surprise they sound fantastic. My Peachtree Nova 150 is serving now as a preamp. I just added a Schiit Modi 3 DAC (out curiousity for $99). Again, believe it or not this combinat... 
RMAF 2019 Arrival
"Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAA-mbulance! ;^}"That's funny. 
Integrated Amp Advice - Rogue Sphinx or Peachtree nova150?
" How is the DAC and phono stage in the nova? "I'd say respectable / good sounding. Quiet without any background noise, Preamp has exceptional S/N ratio.Overall a solid unit. It will drive the 4 ohm load / low sensitivity very nicely.   
Integrated Amp Advice - Rogue Sphinx or Peachtree nova150?
Great price on the Peachtree. I personally would snag it for under a grand. Plus you can upgrade to a different amp down the road using the Nova 150 as the front end preamp / DAC combo. Excellent with room to upgrade worked for me. 
A moderate priced dac
The Schiit Modi 3 is an awesome bare bones DAC.Pay more money if that is important to you one way or another.But you may be very surprised by this one, 
The Music Room is Hiring - Audio Repair Tech Wanted
Schubert -So curious to know where are you from ?and have you ever been to Colorado?just wondering... 
Jump off the upgrade carousel for a moment and listen to this
Excellent album.Also recommended is Beth Hart - "Better Than Home" 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Another vote for Magnepan LRS.Right room / Right electronics = true high end sound / experience. 
DAC: Before I jump in...
My vote is for the Schiit Modi 3.Hands down excellent DAC for a mere $99. I just got one this week and I am loving it.Pick one up I bet you will feel the same way.Doug