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What does the term "Speed" mean in a speaker?
By the way, horns use conventional drivers so they are probably the same. surroundings which hold cone and magnets(alcinico,neodium) usually is different  
Why do Harbeth speakers have such a cult following
harbeths are more popular today than it was 3years ago.It was easier to sell them this year than 3 years ago:) Shl5 might lack body if they are in big free space .If harbeths speakers are new ,they can sound bright and lean.Some people in this for... 
Considering Harbeth C 7ES-3
it looks you have powerfull amp,it can be too much for harbeths.Dynaudio speakers like powerfull amps.For $4000 you can get dynaudio platinum c1 with stands.If you won't like sound,dynaudio has good resale value. 
Seas 2.5 Way Graphite Kit - Delling
for that kind of money audiophiles can build 2way or 3way horn type speakers  for the average living room. Highly efficient.Midrange to die for.3D soundstage.Bass,punch will depend on of  inner construction, ports placement,front ,rear..etc.. 
List your state of art headphones for smart phone use!
Do headphones get any better than the Koss Porta Pros? Not heard Stax, not heard HD600s but out of all the ones I have heard up to 4/5 times the price none of them have spanked the Pros when it comes to sheer joy and life in the music. In fact som... 
Why bookshelf type speakers are not high end
they had palpable realism and authority sufficient to make the music feel real. That’s enough to convince me of the possibility that a stand mount could be a legit high end reproducer I was always wondering why some japanese audiophiles listen... 
Integrated amp for Dynaudio Special 40s
krell kav500i or S500i.I have contour s1.4LE mated with krell kav500i.Good match.Powerfull sound. 
difference between studio and hifi speaker
Masking is is caused by loud low frequencies removing the ability to hear higher frequencies. The key to a sealed box speaker is the quality of the bass - it lets you hear more mid range. A typical audiophile ported speaker will mask the mid range... 
difference between studio and hifi speaker
Atc used ported as well in some of their designsport creat noise,front ports creats realistic beat,rear ports creates punch:) 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
you can try jbl eon 615 with big woofers :) wedding and instrumental music or something like that sounds great on them 
People That Have Upgraded From Harbeth 30.1s....
well I see my rave impression on shl5 9years ago ,but good to know that manufactures improve things in sound over the time.I moved back to Dynaudio,updated to contour s1.4LE.because it gives punch and dynamics shl5 never had. 
Decisions on standmounts: ATC, Dynaudio, ProAc, Sonus Faber
I disagree that dynaudio exite and special 40 is better than contour S1.4LE . S1.4LE limited edition compares to confidence c1.If you can, get Limited edition,not original S1.4:)  
How close dynaudio s1.4 to c1
time flies with music faster,passed 9years:)well the real contender to c1 is  discontinued  s1.4LE. It has new capacitors from mundorf.May be it is the reason why separation between  instruments in soundstage is very good in acoustic music 
Modern Integrateds with Tape In/Out?
denon pma 2500 
Big speakers in small room at moderate volume levels
in this case all you need is sensitive big speakers at least 100db with 15inch woofers and tube amp