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Any small Horn speaker? Horn speaker lovers. (Piano sound)
 piano reproduction also depends on amplifier.Onkyo p3000r m5000r is very good at doing it. 
Women who enjoy quality speakers
To my suprise,woman bought speakers from me ,dynaudio contour s1.4 LE When we talked on the phone abaut speakers,I could not tell by her voice if it was girl or boy or teenage girl :))) When she arrived ,I was a litlle bit dazed and confused. A wo... 
Best 6x9 Speakers
Actually I am using pioneer  ts-e6902i car speakers in self made small towers ,love the beat, dynamics and midrange at work place:) 
Optical Cable recommendations
Using sonicwave glass tosslink cable from cd player to dac,bought on ebay long time ago,7years ago 
Dynaudio Special 40 vs B&W 805 D3
It all depends of sound signature you like ,2 different sounding speakers 
Amplifier upgrade advice under $2000
I would recommend change preamp to onkyo p3000r if you can find it used.Rock,classical music sounded amazing ,excellent midrange with big horns speakers 
Old vs New, an experience with Dynaudio.
are you joking here:)?   
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
Onkyo p3000r m5000r     
Best cheap integrated amp
My vote goes to Onkyo a-9150 one of the best  sounding uo to $1000,you can connect cheap speakers or more expensive,even horns sounds good with this amp.It has decent dac inside 
the smoothest sounding speaker
don't blame cd  or speakers for for harsh sound ,sometimes the problems are in amplifiers,many of them are tuned with harsh highs in order to make illusion of clean sound 
SEAS Excel Magnesium Midwoofer 51/2 inches ROCK SOLID BASS
it is not always abaut bass,18inch woofer can produce better midrange than 8 
From floorstanders to standpoints? Who's done it?
such movement will be big improvement in soundor you can move to even bigger standmounts spendor sp100r2 or klipsch horn speakers heresy ,forte for bigger midbass and better midrange definitionmany people like midbass of standmounts 
M900U vs the world
luxman mania:)p 
Focal sopra 2/Gryphon Diablo 300 not good match
Pro midbass audio drivers have nice midbass expression.Dynaudio contour ,confidence also have nice midrange and midbass.Some amplifiers has nice midrange,some not.Not sure abaut gryphon 
Dynaudio Contour 20 impressions
why not to try,dynaudio has very good resale value with low loss or no loss at all