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Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?
Here goes: A pair of Celestion  66 Studio Monitors: $5 at a Goodwill Outlet center with one missing stock tweeter that had been replaced with a $2.00 tweeter, but still sound very, very good. I replaced the $2 tweeter with a rare find stock unit (... 
Looking for a hybrid integrated to do it all!
just saw the the Synthesis Roma was mentioned  above I heard that one  also   it was very good but the more powerful Synthesis Titan was amazing and $$$ 
Looking for a hybrid integrated to do it all!
Rumor has it Bob Carver is teaming up with another well know but younger audio  electronic wizard to build a high powered tube or hybrid  integrated amp with DAC. While I was in San Diego, I went to Deja Vu audio and heard an Italian made 150 wpc ... 
Mesa Boogie Strategy 400
I just got me a strategy 400 amp today to run in my home stereo. It came with two Mesa Boogie 2X10 cabinets and a Digitech RP7 valve foot board effects pedal/preamp. Will probably sell the cabinets but for now.......Dam I forgot how much fun it is... 
Most Effective Tweaks?
the music you play #1room acoustics positioning  and treatment DYI mostly.  transformationalspeaker cables significantspeaker stands, points,  proper coupling and isolation (I use both right now) significant to transformationalGreen pen the edges ... 
Mesa Boogie Strategy 400
looney_tunes, how often do you re tube the Mesa? Are you using stock mesa tubes? 
Floorstanders designed to be against the wall?
You could go vintage with Linn Isobarik or Sara's.I ran Isobarik DMS (passive xover not bi-ampable model) with a custom tube amp sporting 2 6L6 per channel at 3" from front wall with good results. If you find the Isobarik PMS you can go active Xov... 
Best bi-ampable monitor against rear wall $2500
There is the Guru speakers from Europe (Sweden I think). I Got a friend that is listening to them, and like them. Those LRE's look very interesting. 
Anyone with Kyocera CD player experience?
I went through the line at Hawthorne Stereo (Bellevue, WA) years ago, each one dusted the $1500 Denon and they got noticeably better going up the line, I got the 710 but it had skipping issues I later replaced it with a superior Pioneer Elite PD-9... 
Mesa Boogie Stereo Simul-Class 295 tube amp
Viky do you still have the 296? email me 
I have a problem with my Linn DMS Isobariks.
I have had a similar problem with my DMS Isobarik's. An old time former Linn dealer Suggested that you DO NOT pull the bass drivers (Kef b 139's) Start easy: the Brik's are made to be close to the back wall (not out in the room) and on stands that... 
Klipsch love them or hate them.
I have heard the rumor from a very good source (former owner of the Stereo Shop in Boise ID, that said when he work at another shop they put in a set of K-horns properly (big room appropriate dimensions, placement, tube electronic etc) for a custo...