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Tubes for Schiit Saga
I ended up with a Tung-Sol from Upscale Audio, and am very happy with it ( under$50 )...I just went with their top recommendation... 
Driver breakin period, what’s the science?
Zu does the break in at the factory, 100-200 hours before shipping out...I did not like the Vandersteen 3 after only a few hours playing (at a friend's shop), thought they were awesome and bought them after they had played about 200 hours... 
Last Audition - Blown Away By A Lottery System
SimAudio and Focal make some great gear in your price range...but Yes, a well put together, top of the line system can be incredible... 
Suggestions for New CD Player
please update us after a week...Thanks and good luck 
Suggestions for New CD Player
I've never had any problems using my 3 prong cords on products with 2 prong receptacles... 
Killer used integrated for
the M2si is rated at 75w/ch into 8 ohms, 135 into 4 ohms... 
Killer used integrated for
Musical Fidelity M2si 
OPPO-BDP103 vs. CD Transport
I preferred the Cambridge CXC over the 103 running into a Simaudio DAC. I noticed after that a few reviewers also preferred the CXC to the 103...and I do like the 103, currently using it in second system as a CD Player...and the CXC with a Denafri... 
Suggestions for New CD Player
The Rega is excellent. I also am very happy with Cambridge CXC Transport and Denafrips Ares ll DAC. 
Blue node 2i vs other devices
the Node 2i gets listed often ands sell fast...so not much to lose in trying one...and they can also be improved with a better DAC, worth it for Tidal but not Spotify 
The anachronistic CD Transport? And do I really need one.
The CXC bought directly from Cambridge as refurbished comes up often and is a great buy...the differences between the v1 and v2 are purely cosmetic, color only I think... 
CD or DVD player to use as a transport
What did your system look like 30 years ago?
Fried C/3L with Fried Subs, Aragon Amp (4004) and Pre 24K ?), Thorens 321 TT...friend has the Thorens and it's going great,. wish I could have kept the C/3L 
Placement of Dual Powered Subs with Tower Speakers
Thanks to all...second sub arrived today. After initial set up with one in between mains but closer to left, and the other outside of right speaker, and closer to side wall...after fiddling with settings it is sounding quite good..know it will tak... 
Schiit amps, freya preamp
very happy with Vidar with Magnepan LRS in small room...just purchased an original Saga pre and after a few days think it’s a great pre for the price...Vidar and Saga used in different systems