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What size power cable?
I have a Audioquest Thunder powering my Ayre Codex was Amazed at the improvement it made  
Buying New TV Need A Soundbar Recommendation
I have Sonos sound bar with two rear and sub for TV and the wife use it for music  
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
Ordering Aesthetix Pandora for my self soon to go with my Aurender N10 demo it in my system it was glorious   
Best room EQ?
Vandersteen Quatros and above have EQ room correction  
Replacement platter mat for Rega RP8
I Had a suede mat on my Rega on static  I have Clearaudio and it has a POM platter with no mat  
Large speaker recommendation
Vandersteen Quatro under 20k or if you can stretch your budget to 40k Kento           I have Quatros powered with Aesthetix   
Pigskin or jico leather mat
I had got a suede mat from MusicDirect years a go  
Bookshelf dilemma
Vandersteen VLRs or if you can rise the budget  VLR CTs   
Ripping CD's to load onto a new Aurender N20 Server/Streamer
cjlundgren you are really going to enjoy the N20  I have a N10 myself  sense you rip all your CDs into the Sony and does it have an external hard drive for backup that is how I transfer from my Bluesound to the N10 curious of what Dac you are us... 
Cornwall IV – tube (amp) choice
Quicksilver M120s $ 4500      Rogue good stuff too better PL  
Volume matched inputs on a preamp?
marlin38  Its not listed on the Aesthetix web page but it is the preamp out the Mimus the base model starts around 5K you can add phono and Dac at any time   
No frills speaker manufacturers
Vandersteen model 1  2  3s  
Volume matched inputs on a preamp?
The Aesthetix Pallene lets you do just that   
How do you make a final decision on a DAC
You left out an important detail which bourbon  
How do you make a final decision on a DAC
If you can't demo it don't buy it