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Full Range speakers for a living space
My system is in the living room and my wife loves the look of the quatros very room friendly you have a lot of placement options  and the bass can be dialed to the room Vandersteen has some great finishes to choose from 
Who's done it besides me ?
Wow just a handful I thought it would be in the hundreds if not thousands or are people embarrassed to admit that they have done it tooI still have not made the decision on the cartridge enjoy the music   
Who's done it besides me ?
tubehead120 I had no problem with the sound of my turntable really loved the sound of it my musical surroundings nova II is very flexible the problem I have is that I broke the @#$% cantilever off  and I'm most likely going to replace it with the ... 
Who's done it besides me ?
millercarbon went by the one you had listed the Koetsu black goldline  What is the reason that you painted the cartridge with total contact 
Who's done it besides me ?
millercarbon doesn't look like a Stanton on your tonearm  LOL 
Vandersteen power cable upgrad
Thanks everyone for your input I will have to borrow some from Johnmillercabon I don't know any company that give you anything but an off the shelf power cable for any component Enjoy the music and be safe  
Seems like a lot of folks are putting their Primaluna amps for sale...
Lookout its the big PrimaLuna selloff there is four for sale now 
Aesthetix Pallene
My Aesthetix Pallene has arrived after week and a half at FEDEX John and I got our hands on it unfortunately delayed by the covid19Now about the Pallene what a preamp and match with the Atlas amp I won't be missing the sound stage of my all tube R... 
Favorite Linear power supply
I have MCUR LDA linear power supply for my Clearaudio turntable you could see the difference on the the strobe disc with the wallwart the speed fluctuated ever so slightly with the linear its rock steady I have the upgraded one cost was about $425... 
OMG, just removed my speaker grills and the sound just opened up to a new level!
Vandersteen are designed to be played grills on  
Do you know of 5 HiFi manufactures that have been in operation for over 40 years ?
I have seen a picture of Richard loading a pair of 2s in a Ford Pinto so Vandersteen Audio qualifies  
Aesthetix Pallene
Thanks for the review drew_k I would have respond sooner but I been under the weather for the pass week on to more important things the Aesthetix Pallene congratulations on both the Vandersteen 5s are a great Speaker I have Quatros once you get Jo... 
ways to store your records
what ever you pick make sure it can grow as your record collection grows and the capacity of most units is about 1/3 less  
What’s a 10k to 15k speaker from smaller company that performs well?
Vandersteen Treos and Quatros  I own the latter 
Reasonable integrated amp for Magico A3
Check out Aesthetix MIMAS great integrated hybrid $7000 you can add DAC and Phono