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Integrated amp with high pass filter
Rogue will put in high pass filters  
DAC? how much more $$$ to get a significant improvement over Bluesound Node?
Innuos mini is a big improvement at $1400 or Auralic Altair G1 for $2999  
Best speakers around $130k?
second tomic601 on the Vandersteens as at Audio Connection with Richard for the demo just jaw dropping amazing   
Integrated vs. Separates on a Budget
Belles Aria preamp and amp $3500 new  
New streamer or dac?
Enjoying my Aurender  
Sound System on $10K Budget
Speakers Frontend Amps Cables    
Down To The Crunch
I would buy Vandersteen Quatros at that price   
Vandersteens-- Removing M5-HPs for a Digital Xover?
I have Quatros  and Aesthetix Atlas which has high pass built in but the M5-HPs sound better    
Dedicated Music Server/Player
tomic601  no Pandora yet after the New Year  
Dedicated Music Server/Player
Me too Aurender N10 and when I upgrade my dac to Aesthetix Pandora it will probably surpass my analog Enjoy the Holidays Tom  
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
pdreher You are in the majors all the way with the Harbeths ,Music Ref and that room must sound amazing  Big upside more detailed larger sound stage and haftier bass but it comes with a cost at $8000 I think it was worth the price for the sound ... 
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
Started with Bluesound Vault and Ayre Codex  Now Arender N10 and Codex upgrading  dac to Aesthetix Pandora You can check out my system in virtual system Enjoy the Holidays Tom  
Interesting information from Analog Planet on Stylus Cleaner Onzow Zero Dust.
stop using mine years ago you could hear the sound degrading   
Your Favorite Christmas Song-One only Please-
Peace on earth /The Little Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby and David Bowie  
Your Favorite Christmas Song-One only Please-
aka_ca thanks for the videos  I have never seen the one in the church